Update on 4 week Diet

So, it's been 2 and ½ weeks since I began my diet. The beginning was hard, the fat free curd was something to get used to. Now, I seem to enjoy it, seem to look forward to my curd and berry moments. I'm not hungry. I eat in such clock work fashion that I don't get hungry. I'm experimenting with different recipes to keep my diet interesting.

Sometimes it's hard to watch other people eat cakes, bread, muffins, and other stuff like fruits that I am not allowed to eat but I bare it. As Kate Moss says [and I somehow agree with to an extent] " nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". Sometimes as I sit through the cake eating, I sometimes feel like I've eaten cake and I am satisifed. I leave the table feeling content and not a bloated feeling. That's the only difference between them and me :)

I have lost 22, 4kg since pregnancy- 7,4 kg with this diet. So I'm going to do this to the end, and hopefully continue with this untill I have lost another 13kg. I can do it. I can.

Looking forward to running around with my kids and not feeling overwhelmed with 'back boobs' and an out of shape sweat.

Weight 83,6kg

Praise God!


4 Week Diet

Today is the first day of my high protein 4 week diet. All I can say is that it's high in dairy products which my system is not used to. We rarely eat dairy.

This diet has been "given to me" by Finland's Gold metalist of the Body Fitness Masters, Jutta Gustafsberg. You may want to visit her website at GOJUTTAGO and have a look.

Here it is!


  • 45 g kaurahiutale/oats
  • 100 g raejuusto, rasvaton/fat free cottage cheese
  • 1,5 dl mehukeitto, sokeroimaton/sugar free berry-fruit soup
  • + Omega 3 2 kpl


  • 100 g kana, chicken / 100 g naudanliha, beef / 100 g kala, fish
  • 1 kpl kananmunanvalkuainen, eggwhite / 25 g rasvaton raejuusto , Fat free cottage cheese
  • 200 g vihanneksia vapaa valintaisesti/Free choice of vegetables
  • 5 g oliiviöljy/oliveoil


  • maitorahka 250 g/curd
  • 100 g pakastemarjoja/frozen berries
  • tai,or 1 kpl Pro-Fx lo-carb bar -proteiinipatukka / 40g Fast Dietmix


  • 100 g kana / 100 g naudanliha / 100 g kala
  • 40 g riisi, rice / 40 g pasta / 170 g peruna, potato
  • 200 g vihanneksia vapaa valintaisesti
  • 5 g oliiviöljy

Iltapala/eve snack

  • 250 g maitorahka / 150 g raejuusto, rasvaton
  • 1 dl mehukeitto, sokeroimaton
  • 10 g vehnäleseitä
  • + Omega 3 2kpl

Palautusjuoma (heti välittömästi treenin jälkeen, vain treenipäivinä)/Post workout shake

  • 40 g Fast Dietmix (kovaa treenaavat voivat käyttää tuhdimpaa palautusjuomaa esim. Fast Reco 2)
It's too early to even comment on how I feel or how my body is coping. But all I can say, is that I want to give it a try and "just do it!"

My weight now is 87kg/191lbs, I have come down from 102kg /225lbs (after birth weight) but am impatient and wanting to knock off heck more weight before my 10K run this month. Two years ago I ran (non-stop) the 10K in 1 h 13 minutes weighing 81kg/178,2lbs and unless my weight comes down, I don't think that I will improve that time at all. I am proud of myself for the fact that my running is really good taking into account how much extra weight I am carrying.