Writer: Cathy

Current weight :76kg/ 167lbs

Weight lost: 30kg/66lbs

Well! It's a happy day! I have completed my STOTT Pilates IMP Course 2 weeks ago and I have begun teaching already! This is great because not only is teaching a job, but it's a way of learning in this field. I'm loving it and so are my clients who are seeing results!

I have been experimenting on myself and my family with new recipes (RAW/LIVE FOODS) and Pilates (I've left the kids alone!). Simon and I still go to the gym but now we know it's not about superficial muscles, sure they look pretty - BUT it's about the SOUL, MIND and BODY! And the deeper muscles;-)

Soul Food for example... there's truth in that. And I'm not just talking about 'food'.

How does STOTT Pilates differ from Regular Pilates? click HERE

Private and Semi Private lessons available. Inc.Postural Analysis and Program

Nutrition advice available. Inc. Analysis and Program

Ask for a quote cathyrosepilates (at) gmail.com


Stott Pilates

Writer: Cathy
As some of you may already know, I am currently doing my STOTT Pilates Intensive Matt plus Instructor Course located in Helsinki center, at PilatesHelsinki Studio.

Well, I am so excited! I have definately found something special, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me in STOTT Pilates. After this course, I am allowed to teach and I can't wait! Especially because I am so close in finishing my courses in Nutrition Therapy at Stone Bridge College! Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me since I would love for you to be a success story! Hint hint, nodge nodge**

Have a look at the link above for what STOTT Pilates is and how it differs from the Regular Pilates.

Peace out, be blessed!

p.s I am going to post some "before and after pics" of myself and Simon! We've been our own guinea pigs and aren't finished yet!


Sugar: Sweet or Bitter?

I'm Krystal.
I'm new here.
I'm from Canada.
I have a husband and two kids.
I try to feed healthy food to my family.
That's my bio.

Eating healthy food is a constant education. It can be a chore. It can be fun. In most cases, the problem with healthy eating is that everything that is inexpensive is full of chemicals and processed so much that it no longer has any of its original nutritional value.
As my husband has embarked upon the process of "losing the love handles", we were constantly surprised that no matter how healthy we seemed to eat, he just could not move past that elusive weight plateau. Those love handles were holding on, at all costs.
Now, we had already been aware of such evils as monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame, sucralose, and soy protein isolate, just to name a few, and we had mostly eliminated those things from our diet. Of course it came as no surprise to me to find, in my research, yet another "drug" in our food that is keeping us fat and sick: fructose.
In North America, there has been a heavy taxing of sugar. This has caused an unnatural inflation in the cost of sugar and for food manufacturers, became a problem when trying to put out products that people could afford. So alternative methods of sweeteners were sought. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) was born. In Canada, this is labeled on food products as "glucose/fructose", and since glucose is actually very healthy for you, as it can be metabolized by every cell in your body, the title on the food labels is sort of misleading. Because of the low cost of sweetening foods with HFCS, it can be found in almost everything, and you'd be surprised at where you can find it in your supermarket: bread, ketchup, bbq sauce, pop, frozen juices, and the list goes on.
The problem with high amount of fructose is that our bodies do not know how to metabolize it. Thirty percent of all fructose you eat will be automatically turned into celluloid fat, a fat that your body will almost never be able to wear off. The reason for this? Our bodies are not designed to eat high amounts of fructose. Whenever you see fructose in nature, it is always packaged in such a way that makes it digestible, with high amounts of fibre. 
So what am I trying to say to you?
Switch to a low-fructose diet. Simple.
Read your food labels and be aware of the things you are putting into your body. You may not look at it this way, but food is actually a drug, with the power for good or evil in your body. When you put good food in, your body will thank you.
Getting rid of HFCS has been a challenge for us because so many of my awesome recipes require something that is made with it. We are in the process of purging our cupboards to get rid of all HFCS, will you do it too?

Here are a couple of resources which we found helpful. The video is quite scientific, but certainly understandable... take some time and listen. If you'd rather read? Try this book: The Sugar Fix. The book also had recipes and suggestions to rid your diet of high amount of fructose. A valuable tool.

Good luck!!
Krystal out.


After 4 months..

Writer: Cathy.

Well it's been quite a summer with dieting and working out. All in all I weigh 78 kilos. That is a 28kilo loss from child birth. Not bad! I got 10+ kilos to go. We will see how things start progressing.

I did that 4 week diet and i think I lost 8 kilos first try. I didn't continue after 4 weeks since it was too unnatural for me to eat the same !*?& every day, every week... I love food and I believe that eating was also created for pleasure.

The only thing that I took from that diet that I am still doing, is my 1st thing in the morning shake which is
  • 40g diet mix protein powder
  • 800ml of cold water
I seem to have lost another 2kg just by replacing my breakfast with that shake. I eat lunch, a snack, dinner and sometimes even something in the evening. More about WHAT I am eating, later. It's going good.

I did run the Naisten 10 in May. I ran 10K in 1h 3minutes which was good for an over weight person. I am aiming to lose more weight and to run it in less than a hour NEXT TIME!

I bought myself a Excalibur Dehydrator and now finally I can use my Rainbow Live Food Cuisine Recipe Book and create a new eating plan for my family. I am really excited. Have a look by clicking on the links! At the moment I am making us coconut and garam masala crackers... this will be interesting!

Well that is for that now untill SOON! Keep on visiting our Blog and you will be posted and wiser!

God Bless.


Update on 4 week Diet

So, it's been 2 and ½ weeks since I began my diet. The beginning was hard, the fat free curd was something to get used to. Now, I seem to enjoy it, seem to look forward to my curd and berry moments. I'm not hungry. I eat in such clock work fashion that I don't get hungry. I'm experimenting with different recipes to keep my diet interesting.

Sometimes it's hard to watch other people eat cakes, bread, muffins, and other stuff like fruits that I am not allowed to eat but I bare it. As Kate Moss says [and I somehow agree with to an extent] " nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". Sometimes as I sit through the cake eating, I sometimes feel like I've eaten cake and I am satisifed. I leave the table feeling content and not a bloated feeling. That's the only difference between them and me :)

I have lost 22, 4kg since pregnancy- 7,4 kg with this diet. So I'm going to do this to the end, and hopefully continue with this untill I have lost another 13kg. I can do it. I can.

Looking forward to running around with my kids and not feeling overwhelmed with 'back boobs' and an out of shape sweat.

Weight 83,6kg

Praise God!


4 Week Diet

Today is the first day of my high protein 4 week diet. All I can say is that it's high in dairy products which my system is not used to. We rarely eat dairy.

This diet has been "given to me" by Finland's Gold metalist of the Body Fitness Masters, Jutta Gustafsberg. You may want to visit her website at GOJUTTAGO and have a look.

Here it is!


  • 45 g kaurahiutale/oats
  • 100 g raejuusto, rasvaton/fat free cottage cheese
  • 1,5 dl mehukeitto, sokeroimaton/sugar free berry-fruit soup
  • + Omega 3 2 kpl


  • 100 g kana, chicken / 100 g naudanliha, beef / 100 g kala, fish
  • 1 kpl kananmunanvalkuainen, eggwhite / 25 g rasvaton raejuusto , Fat free cottage cheese
  • 200 g vihanneksia vapaa valintaisesti/Free choice of vegetables
  • 5 g oliiviöljy/oliveoil


  • maitorahka 250 g/curd
  • 100 g pakastemarjoja/frozen berries
  • tai,or 1 kpl Pro-Fx lo-carb bar -proteiinipatukka / 40g Fast Dietmix


  • 100 g kana / 100 g naudanliha / 100 g kala
  • 40 g riisi, rice / 40 g pasta / 170 g peruna, potato
  • 200 g vihanneksia vapaa valintaisesti
  • 5 g oliiviöljy

Iltapala/eve snack

  • 250 g maitorahka / 150 g raejuusto, rasvaton
  • 1 dl mehukeitto, sokeroimaton
  • 10 g vehnäleseitä
  • + Omega 3 2kpl

Palautusjuoma (heti välittömästi treenin jälkeen, vain treenipäivinä)/Post workout shake

  • 40 g Fast Dietmix (kovaa treenaavat voivat käyttää tuhdimpaa palautusjuomaa esim. Fast Reco 2)
It's too early to even comment on how I feel or how my body is coping. But all I can say, is that I want to give it a try and "just do it!"

My weight now is 87kg/191lbs, I have come down from 102kg /225lbs (after birth weight) but am impatient and wanting to knock off heck more weight before my 10K run this month. Two years ago I ran (non-stop) the 10K in 1 h 13 minutes weighing 81kg/178,2lbs and unless my weight comes down, I don't think that I will improve that time at all. I am proud of myself for the fact that my running is really good taking into account how much extra weight I am carrying.