Who Am I?

I'm a wife, mother, daughter and friend who cannot compete with the rest of the blogs around. Yet, I am here to be completely open and share my life with you. I hope that our lives can be encouraging and uplifting to you. 

This is my ministry, in Christ,

Cathy Rose

Some Facts About Me:


My 30

Last month I turned 30. I was reading through one of my weekly reads, Imperfect Homemaking blog, where I got inspired to write 30 things I have learned over the years. So here it is, my 30 things, I have learned.

  1. Everyone has an opinion on child care and how to raise kids. You can let 85% of that flow out the other ear.
  2. Food matters. You are either working for or against your body and, you are responsible for what goes in your kids' mouths too.
  3. Children are a blessing from the Lord. Psalm 127
  4. "We spend our lives dreaming of the future, not realizing that a little of it slips away every day" -B.J
  5. God created each plant for a purpose. Gen.1:29
  6. Fast food and seedless fruit/vegg are, in fact, from the devil! Ha ha
  7. I can't keep my home constantly tidy with 3 kids, 7 and under, without missing out on life.
  8. Cooking takes a lot of time away from family. Our meals are a combination of fresh and quickly cooked food. No fuss.
  9. Exercise is so important. Our bodies yearn for movement and fresh air.
  10. STOTT Pilates is a really great form of daily physical activity.
  11. My scrapbooking might have to wait. And, my other projects too.
  12. My style, "Jane Austen meets Bollywood" in fact is, simply, "bohemian".
  13. His Grace is New Every Single Day.
  14. Divorce is not an option and by believing that, makes us work harder towards a stronger marriage.
  15. Taking loans and borrowing money, is not biblical and does more harm than good. We can live a debt and loan free life and we are! It's so liberating!
  16. Refined sugar is bad, if not, evil.
  17. There are thousands of things to be grateful for, as corny as it sounds, there are. Truly.
  18. When God's behind it, it is possible.
  19. Most things we own are baggage.
  20. I love minimalism. Hard to imagine, with a bohemian like.
  21. While traveling, it's not detrimental if a child doesn't stick to a certain rhythm.
  22. There is great freedom in letting go and not trying to be in control of everything.
  23. It is far more important to be godly than goodly.
  24. I am a TCK (Third Culture Kid) and my kids are too. I have peace with that.
  25. It takes two to tango. 
  26. I love growing my own vegetables and I see it as an act of worship and a way to meditate.
  27. I love to homeschool and it feels the most natural way.
  28. With God's help, I could overcome my biggest fear of moving away from my parents. Not just down the street, but across continents!
  29. Simplicity of life is something I value, i.e writing hand written letters rather than emails.
  30. The old educational system was wrong. I am not stupid. I'm a Swiss Army Knife. 'Nuff said.  


My Top 10 Now Are

My Top #10 - oops 11! February 2018

  1. Baobab fruit powder. I have yet to get sick this year (Fall 2017- Spring 2018). I don't know whether it is because I have been religiously getting Meyer's Cocktails (IV vitamin therapy), or whether it's because I have been adding Baobab powder to my daily sippers? Or a combination? Whatever the case is, I dare not go a day without 1T of Baobab powder. This my friends, is the REAL deal. 
  2. True Lime and True Lemon sachets. I love these! water enhancers sweetened with stevia. My favourite sipper is one of these true lemon/lime sachets, 1T Baobab, 1T ACV (apple cider vinegar), and 1/4 gallon of water. Sometimes, I add ground ginger and freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  3. Grocery shopping over the border. I have been doing this for about 2 years now. Every so often, I will hop over the border (not illegally of course!) to do some grocery shopping. I posted my recent "grocery haul"on YouTube (Click Here!), go check it out! Why do I shop in the US? Well firstly, it takes around 20 to 30minutes to drive to the border, and usually we've been really lucky with the border lines. Secondly, the food I need fits better with our budget and household size (larger quantities). Thirdly, I get stuff I cannot get from Canada (just some stuff are novelties!). And fourthly, it's always fun to do a mini road trip with your "besties" and on top of that, visit our favourite restaurant! 
  4. Cat Nip -ha ha ha! No, but for real it is ridiculously cute to watch the cats go wild. We got 3 kittens last year. I almost crossed the "crazy cat lady" line.
  5. Dark roast decaf. I gave up caffeine a while ago, but not coffee. I love coffee. I love dark roast and Italian. I realized that drinking coffee really affected my night sleep, even if I could fall asleep without any problems. Also, since I'm nursing baby Alistair, he seems to be sleeping a little bit better too.
  6. Trim Healthy Mama. I'm so back on the THM plan. I have lost around 25lb so far. My post birth weight was around 231 to 233lb, my current weight is 207.2 and my goal weight is around 135 to 150lb. I am aiming to be there sometime in 2019. I cannot believe the "food freedom" THM provides you! It is incredible! If you haven't looked into it yet, I suggest you do! Do not go another day without reading about it and giving it a go! You can follow my journey on Instagram (CLICK HERE!) and see what I eat, how I feel, read about my "non-scale-victories" and more! Check out Trim Healthy Mama by clicking here.
  7. Created To Be His Help Meet by, Debi Pearl. What can I say about this book? I had several women warn me about this book. Some threw "book reviews" my way, and of course these reviews were advocating for women NOT to read this book. Well, I'm one of those gals that likes to make her "own reviews" and I'm so glad I did. I was so close to putting this book down and continuing on with my life, but there was something that really intrigued me, "why is this book rubbing so many the wrong way?" Geez Louise, mama bear! This is hardcore stuff! Sure, there was stuff that I didn't agree with in particular, but I'm really glad I didn't throw the baby out with the bath water, if you know what I mean! Our marriage has experienced tremendous healing through this book and I am grateful for that! I'm talking about 12 years of a certain thorn in our side, gone! You might not want to pick up this book, but if you decide not to, please don't let it be because of some nasty book review. 
  8. The Excellent Wife by, Martha Peace. This book is a notch down from Debi Pearls book. Ha!
  9. Above Rubies. What can I say? I stumbled across this magazine (ministry) almost 12 years ago in Finland. Above Rubies has carried me so far in my motherhood journey than any other mother support group-ladies weekly Bible study- mother or in law support- combined or imagined! The hope and strength that I possess as a mother today, is because of the Above Rubies Ministry. I have gained so much knowledge, so much wisdom, so much hope and encouragement, joy...the list goes on! Above Rubies has pointed me to the Cross, the Truth in regards to what "mothering" is all about. I cannot thank AR enough. Check them out! (Click Here)
  10. Instagram -is where I've been active recently. More than Facebook. If you want to know what's going on with me on a regular basis, check there first!
  11. Holy Temple Health products on Amazon Empty Gelatin CapsulesSilicone Breast Pump and Breast Milk Collectors. So this is exciting!!!! We've launched our own business! Who knew we would be selling pregnancy, baby and health related (my personally favourite products ever) goodies on Amazon?! We do not believe in debt so we launched our little business initially with only $500 that hubby got as a bonus last year. Starting out small and Lord willing, this will grow. Keep us in your prayers!
Whats up with you guys? Missed you!

Here are my top 10 interests, in use! Enjoy
1. Beehive products. Propolis for treating colds and building immunity, beeswax in candles for cleaning the air and in lipbalm, royal jelly for longevity and treating skin problems, pollen for the amino acids and for good health, RAW honey for sweetness etc...

2. PhytoFUEL

3. Nutribullet. This crafty little machine is amazing! It extracts any type of seeds you put in it (even strawberry!) and makes even smoothies in seconds. It's quiet and just so, so convenient!!

4. My correspondent box. I love my little "letter box" I got from Nancy for my birthday. It goes so well with my fountain pen. The paper and envelopes are so "Jane Austen" and it makes letter writing so enjoyable and pretty.

5. Scent and taste free coconut oil. I love the health that coconut oil adds to our lives but I don't always fancy eating coconut flavoured foods.

6. Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. In my drinking water, in my bath water...

7. Dried eucalyptus. I'm growing my own plants and then I'll dry them in my dehydrator. I love the scent that they give. It reminds me of being in a country home, next to pottery and beeswax candles... Soul comforting..

8. Glass containers. Economical, endurable, always shiny, non-toxic...

9. Weight Watchers app. Keeps me on track, always!

10. The gym. My outlet. Just so convenient.


My Top 10 #2

  1. Shellac nail polish. I really like this stuff! I can't really afford or manage acrylic nails, so this technique really gives me a lasting polish, SHINE and it keeps my nails strong.
  2. Frozen Cherries (COSTCO). I love eating these sweet delicious cherries, especially when I start craving for sweeties at night, or late in the evening.
  3. Woolly socks. It's autumn, rainy, cold...
  4. Juicer. After watching THIS with my hubby, we both went on a two weeks cleanse. We took this time to fast and break the unhealthy eating habits we had created. This was a great way to "kick start" our liver and kidneys and clean our tubes. We give our cars a good service once a year, why not our bodies?
  5. The Shelter of God's Promises, Bible Study by Sheila Walsh
  6. Hemp Hearts, the nutty omegas! On my salads, in my porridge, on my fruit and veg, in my smoothies...
  7. Liver Sausage. Reminiscing my childhood and Finland. I'm home sick.
  8. Herbal Medicine and Remedies, from my kitchen! I have been a busy bee, in my kitchen making "arthritis"salves, lip balms, herbal body scrubs, fruity body scrubs, "tummy-soothing" tea, nursing tea, "hot flushes and night sweats" tea, varicose vein gels, and cold feet oil. I am attending Christmas markets to sell.
  9. Genesis 1:29 and 2:9 " Through a testimony of life change and challenges, Nutritional Therapist and mother of 3, Cathy Rose will talk about how to improve your health and vitality through better food choices, and deeper nutritional knowledge. In addition, Cathy will help you build a tool box of recipes, ideas and tips in order to expand your understanding and enhance your health for not only you, but for your children and whole family.
    Cathy will discuss topics such as:
    - raw food and other remedies
    - benefits of organic
    - vitamins and enzymes in food
    - food choices today
    "                                                                                                                            I gave a talk on this and I'm looking forward to many more coming my way. All glory to God!
  10. Women's Ministry. I'm really enjoying this season of life right now, where I am able to attend a few Bible studies and ladies events at church. It's soul food. I'm blessed!



My top 10 #3

It's January. It's rainy, rainy, rainy..... ugh. Well at least you don't have to shovel it. But I miss the snow at times, for the kids' sake really.
Here are my top 10

  1. Keurig K-Cup coffee maker. 
    I got this for our anniversary present. I have been drinking so much coffee (I'm honeymooning it with this machine), I had to switch to decaf K-cups.
  2. OvuView App for android -for natural family planning (I'm sure they have that for iphones too)
  3. The Stair Master - mother of all cardio equipment. Don't bother with the rest. I dare YOU, give it a try!
  4. Scheduling like so,
  5. Budgeting like so,
  6. Savings plan like so,
  7. Early morning (before the kids wake up) bible study with my husband and bible "circle time" as a family before bed time. I am just LOVIN' it!
  8. Vitamin-C 1000mg - during this cold season, I have been making sure that my family and I stay on top accumulating this vitamin. During a cold (or any other sickness), we go up to thousands of mg dosages, and it really fights off any bug swiftly. Excess vitamin C, which your body cannot use, will be disposed of through your urine. So, it's important to keep this vitamin at full! (a little article on Vitamin -C healing around the world, HERE)
  9. Pumpernickel/Rye bread -since we unfortunately cannot get the REAL kind of rye bread here in North America, we will just have to settle with the German kinds. It's still healthy, yummy and gives plenty of healthy fiber. The kids love it, I don't complain!
  10. Weight Training - helps increase metabolism, maintains you muscle health, prevents osteoporosis, increases strength, and reduces risks of muscle tears and damage as you get older. We often concentrate on our spiritual well being so much that we completely neglect the physical aspect. After all, it's amazingly created, masterminded and given to us. Our HOLYTEMPLE.


My Top 10

  1. Financial Freedom Seminar by Embassy Institute. My husband and I have taken this seminar as an annual thing to go through as a couple. I have learned a lot, again. We feel focused once again. We're going through it as we speak and share the experience with some friends of ours. We're planning on getting together weekly to discuss it.
  2. Anger Resolution Seminar, by Embassy Institute. I went through this 20h seminar on my own, each night once the kids went down for the night. I discovered a lot and to put this in simple yet powerful words, it changed my life as I know it!
  3. Uno card game. I enjoy playing Uno with my son. It's a great way to come together and have a laugh as well as talk.
  4. Pinterest Food Recipes. I've stacked baking and cooking recipes to try out with my kiddos.
  5. Menu Planning, deal hunting... we're going through a "dry spell" and I have learned to stretch the pennies.
  6. Bear Grylls -survivor NetFlix episodes. Can't get enough.
  7. Bored Shorts TV Kid Snippets via YouTube. Quite funny. I haven't laughed that hard, ever! Too funny!
  8. My workout and diet regime HERE. Going good.
  9. Letting go of OvuView App. Again. Old habits die hard.
  10. Teaching STOTT Pilates again, after a few years break.


My Top 10... no..7!

  1. Managers of Their Homes Book - a new blessing
  2. Incense sticks- they make my home smell like an Indian Bazaar, I like that!
  3. Gardening. Growing our own vegetables and herbs. Frugal. Love it.
  4. Blogging more. - reaching out
  5. Earl Grey Decaf 
  6. Juicing -read all about it here!

My Top 10 - October

Dear blog readers, I'm so sorry I have been M.I.A! I can't even list the reasons why, I just haven't had the time.

However, I'm here now! And to pick up from where I left, here are My Top 10.

  1. De-Itemizing to the core! I am going through some rough growing pains and have taken de-itemizing to a whole new level. For those who don't know what de-itemizing is, read HERE. Stay tunes for what has happened and what is to come!
  2. Crock Pot- I can't live without these days. I am following the THM plan, mostly S's for my personal reasons (pregnancy related- and no we're not expecting -yet!) and I'm loving the recipes, and the hands free approach.
  3. Talking about the 'hands free'. I am reading this book AGAIN- can't memorize it enough! I put together a group of 10 mothers, who get together weekly at my home (with tea and cookies *wink*) and discuss each chapter, how it's affecting our lives. A life changing book. Check out the BLOG
  4. Sparkling water. Cans after cans... I would like a soda stream! Freedom from cans and freedom to create my own flavours. Sparkling vitamin water, anybody??
  5. Be Fruitful and Multiply - Nancy Campbell - a very educating eye opening book.
  6. Matthew 6:19-24 -look it up!
  7. Scentsy, I can't get enough of Scentsy! My home smells ever so good, especially now during autumn... *mmmmm*
  8. The Purpose of Christmas, -R.Warren. Yeah it may be early BUT, I'm reading it to my kids in the space of a month, early enough to focus on the real REASON for when Christmas does come around. I'm liking the conversations that follows after each chapter. I don't recommend reading it to kids younger than 6, however I do explain it simply as I read.
  9. Developing photos and going timeless. What ever happened to the time when a picture was enough without embellishments? I love scrapbooking and I love paper crafts... but right now, I love the fact that pictures themselves are enough and are in albums right away. They can be enjoyed right away.
  10. Trust and Obey -blog. Perhaps my favourite blog at the moment? Such an encouraging and information-full site for HG moms (and all moms!!) and homeschooling families walking in Christ. 

My Top 10 (May 2015)

  1. The THM Plan. Trim Healthy Mama. I loved the book and I totally agree with the "diet plan". I don't think that I will ever again embark on another diet again. Diet= the way eating. This is the way we eat from now on. http://www.trimhealthymama.com/
  2. The "Shrinker"! Home made Chai Tea Oolong Minty Chocolatey Spicy iced beverage! Which burns calories, hydrates and is going to be my best friend during hot summer days.
  3. Salmon. I can't get enough.
  4. Miracle Noodles. Just amazing. (Korean yam noodles)
  5. Love Your Husband, Love Yourself. A book that I cannot put down. A lot of wisdom, a lot of freedom in this book. I am so happy I bought it. http://www.amazon.ca/Love-Your-Husband-Yourself-Embracing/dp/0982626908
  6. Above Rubies. A ministry that is dear to my heart. I just went to one of their retreats here in BC, Canada, and by going -it was one of the best things I've done for myself, ever. I gained so much! http://aboverubies.org/
  7. GABA. In those times of chaotic home making, he he!http://overcomingyouranxiety.net/naturalanxietyremedies/gaba-for-anxiety/
  8. Collagen! Just started drinking it... http://www.amazon.com/Custom-Collagens-Hydrolyzed-Collagen-Unflavored/dp/B00LGUIOOW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1429836617&sr=8-2&keywords=custom+collagen
  9. White Collar. A clean and entertaining series on Netflixhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt1358522/
  10. 500 piece puzzles, for my own downtime.

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