Vancouver Placenta Encapsulation

During my last pregnancy, I decided to encapsulate my baby's placenta, read about it HERE. A few years back, I met a woman who was a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, something I have never heard of before -was quite shocked to be honest, yet I kept her business card! I'm glad I did.

Why did I decide to have my placenta encapsulated?

After plenty of research and browsing through testimonies, I have learned that 

  • after mothers give birth, their hormones and blood supply (iron among much more) take a dip. The placenta, used with traditional Chinese medicine, replenish this storage's and stabilizes the hormones.
  • it helps with lactation.
  • known for being an anti-baby blues capsule, a.k.a "Happy Pill!"
  • it's made by us, perfect for us. -Custom made!
  • it helps the uterus to return to it's normal size faster.
  • etc

How does it work?

I contacted Eva Li, VancouverPlacenta and gave her my due date, to which she was able to decide whether she was able to sell her services to me. Thankfully she was!

After giving birth, the midwives took the placenta and placed it in a cooler (provided by us) on ice, and kept it in the placenta fridge for either pick up, or you drop it off to Eva Li. Prices vary depending on what "service package" you purchase. In about 1-2 days you pick it up or she drops it off, depending on what you choose to do.

My husband dropped and picked up my placenta from Eva Li, and what did I see and experience from this all?

I saw.. a beautiful packaging, indeed. It had my capsules in jars with the dosage instructions. I had a keepsake token, which was a pleasant surprise- a heart made from my baby's umbilical cord. I really felt the love put to into the presentation and I had no doubt about the quality of the product. 

I must admit I was at first hesitant about taking the capsules, but after I gobbled them down and experiencing almost an instant relief and milk supply, I never looked back! I can only compare my experience to my previous postpartum experiences, and thankfully I have 3 prior experiences.

I just had a baby, and three other kids under 8 to look after and, I felt great! I was healing from my birth, which was a good one, and looking forward to the future instead of lulling around, moody and exhausted. My milk came in gushing. This too is odd for me, since usually it takes a week or two to get started. 

I am a very happy customer.

(Placenta Art)

Thinking about encapsulating your placenta? Contact Eva Li , click HERE