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I know, it's been a while. Well, I had a tonsillectomy and the first week and a half after, I was pretty much in bed, whimpering in pain. The recovery is slow. I will blog, I got a ton of cool stuff to show you next week! And, ta-ta-taa, my weight loss update!!!! You're dying to know, aren't you!!??

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DIY Create-a-Meal Fridge Magnets -Homeschool

Here they are! DIY Create-a-Meal Fridge Magnets, by Cathy Rose! The coolest thing ever! :) What a great way to be creative, meal plan, and teach your kids how to create healthy wholesome meals. This is how I made them.

You'll need
  • scissors
  • card stock
  • small magnets (elmer's)
  • sharpie, colours
  • creativity and inspiration (you ALL got some!)
  • laminating sheets and a laminator (borrow one!)
  • double sided tape
  • a fridge :)

1. I  made a list of the foods we eat. I kept it as healthy as I could, this way we automatically plan good nutritious meals for the whole family. I just started drawing, nothing fancy, just plain lines and even gave my veg faces!

No rush with the drawings. You can't think of the meals all at once, take your time, even days.

2. Name them and colour them in. And again, let your kids do the colouring, no stress.

3. Cut out the pictures and laminate.

4. Cut out the pictures. Stick the pictures and magnets together by using double sided tape.

Teach your kids how to create healthy meals, using a correct food pyramid. 

(I.P stands for "ILTAPALA" which means evening snack/bite in Finnish)


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My Top 10 Now Are

Here are my top 10 interests, in use! Enjoy
1. Beehive products. Propolis for treating colds and building immunity, beeswax in candles for cleaning the air and in lipbalm, royal jelly for longevity and treating skin problems, pollen for the amino acids and for good health, RAW honey for sweetness etc...

2. PhytoFUEL

3. Nutribullet. This crafty little machine is amazing! It extracts any type of seeds you put in it (even strawberry!) and makes even smoothies in seconds. It's quiet and just so, so convenient!!

4. My correspondent box. I love my little "letter box" I got from Nancy for my birthday. It goes so well with my fountain pen. The paper and envelopes are so "Jane Austen" and it makes letter writing so enjoyable and pretty.

5. Scent and taste free coconut oil. I love the health that coconut oil adds to our lives but I don't always fancy eating coconut flavoured foods.

6. Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. In my drinking water, in my bath water...

7. Dried eucalyptus. I'm growing my own plants and then I'll dry them in my dehydrator. I love the scent that they give. It reminds me of being in a country home, next to pottery and beeswax candles... Soul comforting..

8. Glass containers. Economical, endurable, always shiny, non-toxic...

9. Weight Watchers app. Keeps me on track, always!

10. The gym. My outlet. Just so convenient.

What are your top 10 this summer?

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My 30

Last month I turned 30. I was reading through one of my weekly reads, Imperfect Homemaking blog, where I got inspired to write 30 things I have learned over the years. So here it is, my 30 things, I have learned.

  1. Everyone has an opinion on child care and how to raise kids. You can let 85% of that flow out the other ear.
  2. Food matters. You are either working for or against your body and, you are responsible for what goes in your kids' mouths too.
  3. Children are a blessing from the Lord. Psalm 127
  4. "We spend our lives dreaming of the future, not realizing that a little of it slips away every day" -B.J
  5. God created each plant for a purpose. Gen.1:29
  6. Fast food and seedless fruit/vegg are, in fact, from the devil! Ha ha
  7. I can't keep my home constantly tidy with 3 kids, 7 and under, without missing out on life.
  8. Cooking takes a lot of time away from family. Our meals are a combination of fresh and quickly cooked food. No fuss.
  9. Exercise is so important. Our bodies yearn for movement and fresh air.
  10. STOTT Pilates is a really great form of daily physical activity.
  11. My scrapbooking might have to wait. And, my other projects too.
  12. My style, "Jane Austen meets Bollywood" in fact is, simply, "bohemian".
  13. His Grace is New Every Single Day.
  14. Divorce is not an option and by believing that, makes us work harder towards a stronger marriage.
  15. Taking loans and borrowing money, is not biblical and does more harm than good. We can live a debt and loan free life and we are! It's so liberating!
  16. Refined sugar is bad, if not, evil.
  17. There are thousands of things to be grateful for, as corny as it sounds, there are. Truly.
  18. When God's behind it, it is possible.
  19. Most things we own are baggage.
  20. I love minimalism. Hard to imagine, with a bohemian like.
  21. While traveling, it's not detrimental if a child doesn't stick to a certain rhythm.
  22. There is great freedom in letting go and not trying to be in control of everything.
  23. It is far more important to be godly than goodly.
  24. I am a TCK (Third Culture Kid) and my kids are too. I have peace with that.
  25. It takes two to tango. 
  26. I love growing my own vegetables and I see it as an act of worship and a way to meditate.
  27. I love to homeschool and it feels the most natural way.
  28. With God's help, I could overcome my biggest fear of moving away from my parents. Not just down the street, but across continents!
  29. Simplicity of life is something I value, i.e writing hand written letters rather than emails.
  30. The old educational system was wrong. I am not stupid. I'm a Swiss Army Knife. 'Nuff said.