Weight Loss #3 Part 4

Weekly weigh in

Was 205 lbs...  and am now 191,5 lbs....

-13,5 lbs!!!

I looked like

I look like

I am feeling impatient. People around me can see my weight loss, but I feel like I can't. I know it's happening, I just wish it would happen faster. I am losing weight the healthy way, but as silly humans that we are, that I am, I am tired of carrying this weight around and I want it gone. Gone, gone, gone.

It just doesn't and shouldn't come off that way. I know, I know! Besides, I am still nursing my 10 month old and I am not in a hurry to quit. So, radical, hardcore diets wouldn't be the answer for me right now, or actually, ever.

My advice for you this week would be, to keep on top of planning, prepping and meditating. I can definitely see how important it is to plan, prep and meditate during weight loss. It's so easy to get side tracked by minor things, which are followed by heart ache. Keep strong, keep going, the weight is coming off.

The recipes for this week are 1 and 2 point power smoothies! These smoothies keep me full when I feel like "munching" and I am happy that I could incorporate the seeds and nuts - which I so missed - into my diet somehow.

1 point Smoothie


  • a handful of baby spinach
  • 1 banana, either fresh or frozen
  • 1C of frozen berries
  • 1-2t of soaked chia seeds
  • 1t of ground flax seeds
  • 2 chewable vitamin C tablets (500mg-1000mg)
  • water as needed for consistancy  

Blend well, enjoy!

2 point Smoothie


  • 1C almond milk, unsweetened
  • 1T peanut butter, sugar free
  • handful of spinach
  • 1C frozen strawberries
  • half a banana
Blend well, enjoy!


Post Kids - "Getting Your Life Back"

I hear this often, "When will you get your life back?" "Will you have more kids?" Sometimes from people around me, but sometimes I hear it in my head. The question to me from others and the question to myself might look the same, but they are quite different. How?

After having our second child, I still lived like we had one. I was swamped, booked to the max in my calendar and chasing after time wasting stuff. I didn't realize that life should change a little bit to accommodate a new family member. Well, it should. However, I was determined to live like before,  carrying tons of guilt and I was at the very edge of having a melt down. I felt, then, that I couldn't give the people around me my time, and when I did give it, (out of guilt) it took away from my husband and my children and precious resting time. I think that a lot was expected from me, and that I brought it on myself by being a people pleaser.

Reading through my old prayer journal, my number one prayer a few years ago, was that I would get more time with my family and that I would learn how to be present. Well, after our big move away from a busy social life and 3 jobs, I finally got the opportunity to focus on what God taught me, and still is teaching me. 

At first, I wondered when I would make new friends and get "my life back" like it was, or similar to what it was before our move. Becoming pregnant with our third did not slow me down as much as we thought it would. I might've been less active, being sick and all, but the guilt that I carried (which activities we all should be involved in etc.) and my busy brain, still kept pushing ahead full speed.

I needed to, not only part from my life previously known, but to part from, well, nearly everything I made a habit out of. It was like LIFE spring cleaning. Out with the old, and little by little, after lots of  thought and prayer, in with the new. Bringing in what was really important and good. 

If this is the season for me to not make friends and not be active with the women's ministry, but completely serve my family, so be it. I have the perfect opportunity to make my surroundings my LIFE and my JOB, which I love. What am I here for? What could be a holier calling than to raise my children and mould mankind? It won't go to waste.

What from my life, then, do I want back that is so important? 

A few weeks ago, I realized that I'm just running myself into the ground by trying to do things with three kids, that I did with two kids. It's not going to happen and that is OK. If you struggle with guilt and high expectations of yourself, get rid of them and let go. I encourage you to take this step. It is very liberating and you will also gain so much more out of life by doing so.

I have more time now with three, than I did with two, and it is nice for my husband to not live life at 300 mph. He also feel comforted in the fact that the kids get their mother and the attention that they require and deserve, which is opposite to pulling them from one appointment to the next as baggage.

I would try to pack our days with everything possible, so I wouldn't miss life. What I was actually doing, was in fact, missing life. I went from overbooking to underbooking, from one extreme to another, because I was afraid of choosing the wrong thing (what ever that could be?), and ended up choosing nothing. This too, wasn't good. Where is the balance? What is worth doing and where do the standards come from?

I think we take more time to think about what to do nowadays, rather than just doing whatever and whenever we like. We have learnt to value our time, and to understand how positive the idea of "just being" is. Not necessarily doing anything or going anywhere, but just being together at home enjoying family time. Hearing, seeing and acknowledging each other, fully.


Weight Loss #3 Part 3

Here is an update on how things are going with my WW path. No, I'm not talking about "World Wars" but I'm talking about 'Weight Watchers' with a á la Cathy "twist". Here are my previous posts on 1) the sudden drop of weight in 2 weeks HERE and why this is my 3rd weight loss in 6 years HERE.

No major weight loss change has taken place, but the pounds are dropping for sure, slowly but surely. My clothes definitely feel a lot looser and I can see it in my face that my weight is shifting. On top is another not so good photo of me. I'll update a better one later.

How am I feeling? Very hopeful indeed. I am well impressed with my food choices and I've well, been eating sushi a bit too often, I think? Some may say, you can NEVER O.D on sushi, ermmm... I'm on the fine line of, you just might.

I would like to plan some recipes which have more nuts and seeds in them, but they are a real "points killer" in WW, and I guess, they can wait or be reduced, until I'm off this diet. With my second weight loss, my "diet" was that I basically switched to 75% raw and live foods, and the meals were based on seeds and nuts. I dropped a lot of weight too. I suppose every diet is chemistry in it's own way. I just want to find BALANCE and be healthy, that's my main goal.

I'm still very excited about the weight loss, however sometimes when I weigh in, the scale doesn't "please" me. This is why it is so very important to weigh in max once a week. I have to remind myself that the scale might not always show what the real deal is (taking in consideration salty meals, dehydration etc) and that loose fitting clothes and mirror images show the true result of the week's hard work. Easier said than done, I know.

Theme of the week (don't remember who told me this but it's stuck with me ever since):

..."Don't listen to your heart, but rather talk to your heart"...

I could go into depth more, but if you get it, you GET it. 

The other thing that I feel like I am going through, is the way I self observe. After having three kids, my stomach obviously is not as "tight" as it used to be. For so long, I didn't get it. In my pitiful head, I always sought after my pre pregnancy belly, spending copious amounts of thought and planning on how I can get it back just the way it used to be. How I could reduce the scarring with, for example, Derma Rolling, what exercises and creams would tone it up, what "belly fat" blast diet could I use to shed the last stubborn pounds etc. On top of that, thinking that after we were "done" having kids, I would celebrate it by getting the tummy tuck finale. Just writing about it sounds so depressing, embarrassing- but true! I KNOW that I am not the only one. 

Well, just a few months ago, I feel that God showed me more. It's not rocket science really, I mean look at a mother dog or a cat with their "sagging pouches". Most mothers have a pouch. A lot mothers have open abs and won't close, regardless of how skinny they are. That's OK. It's a lot of work AWAY from LIFE to go after flat bellies. I am okay with my belly pouch. I'm not kidding! I won't be flashing my body to anyone else but my husband ;) and I really don't care what people think of my marks and stretched belly. It has been stretched 3 times with our babes (from 10lbs -11 lbs), so what do you expect? Babies, MY body was part of baby making, which MY body grew and carried, which MY body delivered, and which MY body is nursing - MY baby. NOW, That's AMAZING! Not what your belly ought to look like according to the most superficial shallow western world.

Who is my belly for anyway? Who am I comparing to, and why? What will I lose if I go after the perfect belly? Why does my belly have my attention? What will I gain if I go after a flat belly? Where have I got the urge from? What are my motives? These are important questions. List these answers and just weigh them up.

I say, eat well, exercise well and ENJOY life. Spend the time well and focus on what matters most and what is eternal.

What is your time taker, attention grabber in your own life?


My Testimony

Check out my Post Baptism Testimony (18years late) on the top left. Hope it encourages many! 

...can't see the top left? Okay, here is the link to the top left...



Eucharisteo -Thanksgiving

A few weeks ago, I came across this study on "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. 'Eucharisteo'. Eucharisteo, meaning grace, joy and thanksgiving. Living where we are at. Counting our gifts and blessings. Stopping to see, to live fully, seeing God's grace regardless of our circumstances. 

I took the challenge. I am counting one thousand gifts. This has been life changing for me. The things that drive me most crazy, are the things I am most thankful about.

12. small hands, small nails, painted pink. Covered in dirt... <3 br="">
13. smiles, cheeky faces...
14."I love yous" daily...

a week goes by...

131. Joshua's serving heart
132. Avocado
133. Cucumber on rye bread

another week goes by...

212. When holidays lasted "forever" as a kid, when I knew how to live here and now, fully.
213. Unconditional love
214. Jesus

and another

382. Lucy busy ripping through a "Leisure Guide" paper, focused...
383. Waiting for a letter, the excitement!
384. Shades of lipstick, pink, red...

and more

452. That bad habits CAN be broken...
453. and that good habits created...
454. As we walk home and Kayleigh is holding the hem of my dress...

Still going...

Will you take the challenge? Please visit http://www.aholyexperience.com/ and be prepared to be changed forever, for the good.

Living a Life of Thanks


A Yummy Light Lunch Raw or Cooked!

Hello Darlings! Here is a yummy light recipe for you guys! x


2 small zucchinis/courgettes halved
2 tsp pesto
4-6 cherry tomatoes halved
10-20 pearl mozzarella balls
basil for ganish

Brush the pesto onto the zucchini halves. Garnish with tomato, mozzarella and basil. Season. Grill under the broil (HI) untill cheese has melted and looks cooked. Approx. 10-15 minutes. For raw foodists, don't cook and omit the cheese!



Full Quiver - Large Family

This post is about marital intimacy. I recommend that you do not read it, if you are not engaged to be married soon or married.

People around us often ask whether we are "done" with having kids. They ask this especially after they find out that we are parents of 3. To some folks, 3 is a lot, to others, it's not. We are living amongst the "a lot" kind of people... I'm generalising here, bare with me.

I could copy and paste great articles from "large family" blogs and explain why we are open for more kids but that would be copy and pasting, and not in my very OWN words. And there is MORE to it.

So here is our story, how we eventually ended up "wanting" more children after thinking 2-3 was a good number.

Before I begin with our brief summarised story about us, finding freedom after years of bondage in this area, here are some good questions and interesting comments we've got from family, friends and strangers. Please keep in mind, I am sharing our perspective, values and beliefs and I am not trying to impose this on other people. I hope you find encouragement and peace by reading our story. Comments are welcome.

  1. Having kids is expensive! There is "research" and even books (holy moly) on how having children is expensive. I disagree, entirely. We believe that God has a set "bank account" for each child you have. This doesn't necessarily mean GAP clothes and all the hobbies one child and parent desire, but this for us means (and we have also lived to see) that ALL is provided for and we truly lack nothing. The provision came AFTER having each child. Looking back we can see how our income increased after each child was born. Not before, but after. God has asked us to trust Him in this area and we have not been disappointed! There are certain "luxuries" we don't have, such as owning a car and being able to shop for new clothes each month, but these are minor, very minor to what we have been blessed with. Our children. There are endless ways to cut costs if one is worried about the financial aspect of having kids. From cloth diapers to breastfeeding well, to living on primarily hand me down clothes. It all depends on what you feel is important to have, what are your priorities and values?
  2. You won't get your life back if you keep having more kids. I am assuming that we are talking about the "life before kids" part. We never thought that having kids was just a side track or a rest zone for us away from our career. Or should I say, my career. As a stay at home mum and a homeschooler, I can't see myself returning to what I did prior to my kids. I was a stay-at-home mum, had 3 jobs and even studied Nutritional Therapy all at the same time, amongst other events which I led and participated in. However, THIS is my life now, for this SEASON of my life and I am looking forward to the new things, which this phase of my life brings. I am a mother. This is far more important to me than pursuing my career. I don't want to linger in the same season and place my whole life. This is my calling and I know that the things I used to do, I can do again, when the right time comes up. And IF I want to.
  3. You won't be able to travel. Our family is scattered around the world, so it's important for us to be able to travel, often enough. Like I sort of mentioned previously, God IS our provider. He has and will provide for another plane fare. God knows our situation, our desires, needs and wants. He is quite generous, His economy is something else and I am not worried. We live on one average income for a family of 5 and are currently saving up for a trip to Cambodia. I want to encourage you to pray, trust and give this area to God. You won't be dissapointed.
  4. We won't be able to accommodate you all when you visit, if you keep growing. That's okay, we'll book a hotel;-)! 
  5. Your kids will be deprived. 1) emotionally and then 2) materially. 1) Yes the larger the family grows the less of one on one time we'll get. I believe that planning ahead and prioritising everyday will help in this area. We value family time, togetherness. I just have to make sure that each kid gets kisses and cuddles throughout the day and acknowledge them often. I'm not perfect and I have my bad days. However, the good, the miracles, the LIFE that is created and the good days out weigh the bad, hands down. God knows how many kids we can handle, I have to put my trust in Him. The kids do not stay young forever, they grow and we grow. Our life changes a bit to accommodate the next blessing we receive. That's normal. I do certain things differently with 3 kids than I did with 2, and that's okay. I still have to cook every day, so the fact is, whether it's a 1 litre pan I use or a 5 litre pan, it doesn't make a difference to me. 2) This is a matter of what each of us finds important and believes is important for our kids. It's not important for us that our kids get driven to one hobby after the other, and that they get the next trendy toy or snickers on the market. We value quality time and feeding their imagination, which can be playing sports together with friends and making kites out of plastic bags. Our two oldest do have hobbies, but to be honest, I might have to find hobbies in which all of our kids can attend at the same time, when and if we are blessed with more. And if it is suitable for us. I'm not worried and neither are they. What brings more to ones life, is it a soccer practise each week during childhood or is it a brother or sister for life? I believe that they'll be blessed in which ever direction they are called to go and if my eldest wants to be a professional Cricket player, so be it.
  6. The world is over populated as it is. This is a myth, yes you read this correctly. A myth. ..."In fact, the entire population of the world could live in the state of Texas, in single-family dwellings with front and back yards"... Here is a great link to Family Planning 10 Great Reasons - some liberating insight! There's truth in it! 
  7. You'll have 19 kids before you know it. Not everybody who is open for having as many children, get 19 kids. We know about the Duggars and the Bates with 19 kids each, but realistically how many families who are open to having more kids, have 19? Not many. I know several families who are open to let God decide their family size and they ended up having 6. Some have 5, some 10, some 12, some 16... who knows. Some have 1 and some couples find it very hard to conceive. We are all different. 
  8. "I grew up in a large family and it was difficult!" Everybody has a different story, we are not all from the same mould.
Life is precious. Life is a miracle. Amazing...

Our Story

I am happy that both sets of my grandparents didn't stop having kids after 1, because if that would have been the case, I wouldn't have been here, neither my mother, or father and more amazing people, including my precious gifts -my children. Life is a gift, a precious gift. 

My husband and I decided once our first was born that 2 was a good number. I suffered from Hyper Emesis during my first pregnancy, so I was really O.K with that idea. Being pregnant was torture for me. We were on contraception and in "control". We lacked a "connection" in our love making and it wasn't until after our 3rd child was born that we realised what that lack was caused by. We discovered it in tears. More on that in a bit.

We decided that it would be a good time to start trying for our second child when our first was 2 years old. I suffered from Hyper Emesis again, but had a pretty good supportive network and managed through it, like I always do. After our second child was born, we were convicted in this area of marital intimacy, to let go of contraception (link to truth about birth-control), by my husband reading a great book on marital intimacy the way God intended it to be (Theology of the Body here by, Christopher West) and we then began with the Natural Family Planning method (NFP link here). 

Just before our second child turned 2, I went through a long burning desire to conceive. However, we chose not to pursue our 3rd pregnancy until our major move to another continent was complete. For some reason, we pretended to be able to foresee the future and what it would be like if I would've been pregnant during that move, prior and post. We assumed to know. We conceived soon after our move and we were expecting our 3rd. The pregnancy was terrible and hard to cope with. My husband having a new job and without the most compassionate boss, we really went through a rough patch. It must've been the second hardest pregnancy so far, unbelievable. During my final weeks of that pregnancy, my husband got promoted (and a new boss!) and we moved into a rental house, which took off enormous amounts of stress and worry. God provided. The birth once again, was a reminder of why we put ourselves through that "torture". The miracle child, the blessing, the gift in our arms, amazing! So worth it. I would go through that "torture" again and again, because the life that comes from it, is worth bearing. Of course, it's different to say it and to live it. It's hard, it really is. During my worst, I'm thinking I'm stupid to put myself through this again, how bonkers am I!? I am thankful for friends and remedies. 

Visit www.mymorningsickness.com for encouragement and ways to dodge morning sickness or to take the edge off. 

Right after the birth of our 3rd, my heart longed for this not to be "it". This amazing precious gem, in my arms, this sweet child of mine... I began to wonder, how many more of these little miracles could there be? When will my womb close? Will we ever regret  not having more kids...? Why is there a set time for child bearing and Who has the ultimate say? Not only that, but back to the "lack of connection" in our love making had a root, and thankfully a solution. 

Before, there was no freedom in our love making. There was some sort of barrier, there was pursuing self gratification and no openness to possibility of conception. I personally, as well as my husband, suffered from baggage from our past that we had brought into our marriage. I felt then, that marital love making was not much different from outside of marriage, but had to trust that it was "blessed", nevertheless because we were married. 

It was a really depressing time in my life and I felt very alone in my struggles, especially within the church. It seemed that since it was prayed over, and we were declared free from our past sin, we should've been able to go home and nooky-nooky with joy, as simple as that. I began to doubt my faith. We went through years of prayer, crying out to God, marriage counselling, and personal counselling to figure this thing out and get healing once and for all. How come I was ashamed, still, as a wife, blessed by God to make love to my husband? My husband is eye candy to me, don't get me wrong, I am so in love with him, I find him very attractive. But I couldn't engage with him in the bedroom. For years, I thought the problem was ME or MY history, or MY weight... but it was US. How come I wasn't healed from this, after so long? I even got comments from people close to me, on how I shouldn't dwell in the past sin, because I am new in Christ. Absolutely, but then why is there still a void? Intellectually I knew what was true, but my heart did not follow. Something was missing. 

Eventually, We decided to abstain from coming together for long periods of time, until proper healing took place. It wasn't easy, and a very difficult journey to commit to, but there was healing in that time which needed to take place before we could come together again. I longed for intimacy that was truly blessed by God. We knew that something wasn't right, if this is truly good, then how come it feels bad, and wrong? Where are we going wrong? 

Before coming to Christ, I lived a very promiscuous life. I met my husband during the final stages of my old self. But throughout our marriage, I really wanted to know what intimacy looked like, the way God designed it to be. We brought sex as we knew it from living in the world, before Christ, into our marriage, and then as new believers we realised it wasn't working. The way we unfortunately learned about sex, in the world, is NOT the way God intended it to be. Do you see the pieces coming together?

In the world, the focus is on one self. On self gratification, it's very lustful and just pursuing self pleasure. My prayer for the first 6 years of our marriage, was "God show me what love is meant to be, between him and I" It wasn't until the birth of our 3rd, when we realised that for me to be at ease and feel loved was by letting go of the "control". For us to have pure love making, meant that we needed to stop making it all about "me" or "us". Essentially, sex is very selfish. I get what I want, you get what you want and when we want it. The when I want it idea, especially comes in to play when thinking about conception. We had given up the idea of contraception which meant the chances of getting pregnant were high so therefor I felt pressured almost to be intimate when non fertile and just forget it when fertile. This made me feel even more used. There was no freedom to love each other freely. How can you, when all you are thinking about is yourself? What this often leads to is one or the other feeling like an object rather than desired or special. Where is the sacrifice, the submission, the love?

What we had realised therefor, is that to enjoy a blessed, pure and enjoyable intimacy, we needed to give up our control and really give ourselves to the other person. In the giving of ourselves to one another, we can experience the real meaning of the word 'love' in lovemaking. The other part to this is in giving up control, we are fully open to new life. Imagine making love that is free from everything.



Gardening 2013 Part 1

It's here, finally! Growing vegetables and herbs of my own, organic, with love! Below are a few pictures of what's going on and ideas and advice to share with you guys.

 Our little strawberry patch. We used lime to keep the slugs out and also sprinkled eggshells around the plants.

 Little ones. Hope they produce lots! 

 Crushed bay leaves repel ants...

 My oregano. How beautiful, even if I say so myself...

 Chives. They always remind me of my Mummo (Gramma)... Miss you so much! 

 Hubby toiling the soil. He does the hard labour and I do the detailing of the garden... Thank God! 

It's hard work! Catching his breath! And burning...

Getting ready for zucchini and cucumber plants.

I want to share with you a few ideas which we've applied into our growing vegetables and herbs this year.

  1. Egg shells. We collect, crush and sprinkle them on the soil beds and garden for "slow release fertilizer" (brings flavour and sweetness to your berries, especially!) and to keep away slugs. Apparently, they repel slugs!
  2. Basil and Tomatoes are buddies! Planting them side by side enhance the flavours of your toms, yum yum!
  3. Plant Tarragon and Marigolds freely around your vegetables. Smart and pretty pest control.
  4. Strawberries like "sandy" soil. This I have witnessed with my own eyes. They went from floppy-droopy to "OH HELLO!" in 10minutes after transplanting them.
  5. Create a ring around your garden with lime (alkaline) to keep slugs and snails away, completely.
  6. Make a wasp trap out of water, sugar and rice wine vinegar. For how to, click (HERE)
That's all for Gardening 2013 Part 1

Weight Loss #3 part 2

I found a new picture at my beginning weight. 

I was 205 lbs.
 I am currently 193,5 lbs. 
=11,5lbs weight loss in 2 weeks!!

In my last weight loss post (here) I wrote about how I use my points wisely. ..."Also, I'm doing weight watchers with a clean eating twist. I am not using my points by eating muffins or cake or heavy carb meals. I am using them by eating clean, eating vegetables, lean meat, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, pulses etc"...

Let me rephrase that. ..."I am not using I sometimes but rarely, use my points by eating muffins or cake or heavy carb meals"...

Please forgive me, I do actually happen to have a weak spot, an unhealthy one and it is an iced hazelnut decaf coffee. 2 points which I would like to point out are that 1, generally coffee is bad for you and 2, especially bad for you, the way I enjoy it on my (cheat) treat days. I am not cheating the system of WeightWatchers, I am just being as smart as I can with my flaws, with my points. I am feeding my body the healthy stuff and then once a week, I treat myself to some craved treats which I still keep within my points and within the healthy zone.

I want to encourage you, if you're going through weight loss or are thinking about losing weight, you can still enjoy your favourite treats and comfort foods, but within your points. 

The best advice, this week, I can give you is to PLAN. Everything works well, better and best when planned. I had a few days last week where I kind of just went with the flow without meal planning and I ended up going to bed hungry and grumpy. I had used my calories unwisely and ended up crunching on a few carrots to take the edge off. The best planned days are when, in the evening, the kids have gone to sleep and I realize I have enough unused points left to eat something special :) and enjoy it!

I usually begin my mornings with a 1 egg and 3 egg whites omelet or 1 cup of oatmeal, or... both! I add vegg and berries whenever I can. I add berries in my porridge and spinach in my omelet for example.

At bible study the other day, we had a table full of baked goods to share amongst the other women. This week I walked by and wasn't even tempted. Praise God. After all, it's about the fellowship and not about the muffins! I know that soon enough, I can enjoy them both and I will. But for now, I know what I need to do to get there. Like I said before, I still remember what junk food tastes like... I don't need reminding. At least not today;-)

I'm still meditating on what I want from this weight loss and what I can give. I still look forward to feeling good in my own skin and owning a healthy body, truly. Well as healthy as I can, because ultimately, God has the final say in everything my body does. I have to be careful here that this diet and achievement in waiting doesn't take first prize in my life. Where is my focus? Well, the human mind that I have, often wanders... but I do check in and focus as well, as often as I can. I pray for guidance and focus. Easily, my mind wanders on to the feelings and emotions that come when I am down to a healthy weight. I day dream about loose fitting clothes, seeing my collar bones, wearing heels without worry, running around with my kids and so on. I see myself jogging with ease, no pain...

I have a jogging route I do, it's about 5k long, nothing big but I feel a slight ache in my ankles when I run it. I am looking forward to the flow that comes via weight loss and then picking up my speed and lengthening my distance.

Days shouldn't be revolved around food but around relationships. Relationships with firstly, you and Christ and then the rest follows. It's about quality time with your loved ones, taking the time to be, to see and to hear them. To love them, to teach, to lead and to follow... to share. We were made to live. It's not about stuffing foods down our throat, foods that do not benefit us but rob us from life.

I want to create a new habit and by doing that I need to repeat every healthy move I do. By researching new recipes, by substituting with healthier options, by adding more vegetables and herbs in our daily meals, by opening up Ancient Scripture and dwelling in it, by meditating in prayer, by serving others, by eating less and moving more... and so on.

I mean well, I usually fluctuate but I keep a steady increase and getting healthier and wiser each week. I do fail, I do eat stuff that robs me, I carry guilt, I try better next time. I know I will eat junk again, I kind of want to, for sure, there will be the random craving. This is why it is so very, very important to eat mega healthy during the times you are not putting crap down your throat, because two steps forward and one back is better than a random step forward and the rest back.

I also want to share with you a simple, quick lunch idea:


100g cooked lean ground beef/chicken/turkey/salmon
1 cup of cooked whole weat pasta or millet in chicken broth (low sodium)
2tbsp salsa (SPICY!)
1 cup of shredded lettuce
½ cup diced cucumber
few slices of  pickles
and any other vegg you like.
mix and serve with salsa on top!
Season it anyway you like. I like it spicy.



Things That Help Me Through a Cold

I want to share with you the things that help me ride out the colds I get.

If I have not been smart enough to take the time and repell them, then this is what I come to. You can read my post on (here) about how to repel the bug!

Let me list them. (For a minor cold)

  1. (I swear by this) Neti Pot. I use this 2-3x a day to rinse out my sinuses, and find extreme relief from it. Once you get the hang of it, you won't feel any discomfort whatsoever. I would use this on my kids too, that's how safe it is! More on Neti Pots (here). However, I prefer the Finnish Design best, called the "Sarvikuono" (Rhino).
  2. Vitamin- C. I pretty much "O.D" on this. I dissolve the tablets or empty the capsules into my drinking water. I use about 4000-7000 mg a day, untill the cold has passed and then I go down to 1000-2000 a day.
  3. Water. Drink a ton of it. 2-4 liters a day. I flush out the toxins and help my cells to work better. Keeping hydrated is important for fighting the bug and keeping the cold short.
  4. Peppermint Oil. I usually get "head colds". They affect my top sinuses and give me headaches. I don't like taking Tylenol unless I "have to". I find that peppermint oil rubbed on aching areas help 100%!
  5. Hydro-Therapy. Take a hot bath or shower untill you feel sweat pearls on your forhead. While you are in the shower/bath, have cotton socks soaking in COLD water. Come out of the bath, drain the socks and put them on. (Yes, feels awful but bare with me). Put wool socks over your feet. Get dressed into "heavy clothes" such as a sweater, and comfortable trousers. Get into bed, cover your self with warm blankets and go to sleep. You have now kick started your kidneys and liver into super mode and will sweat loads during the night. Your body produces heat to dry the cold wet socks. Do not remove your blanket even if you feel uncomfortable with the heat. You'll feel a hundred times better in the morning.
  6. A balloon. Apparently playing with a balloon makes you forget you have a cold, according to my 9month old daughter.

 For a heavy cold, add these as well as the ones above:

  1. Ginger. Juice fresh ginger and gurgle with honey and swallow. Ginger is potent, and can  will cause a burning sensation. It is very good for soar throats as it works well for mucus membranes. It is antiviral, antibacterial and anti-imflammatory. One piece of ginger root juiced is enough for a day or two. It's that potent!
  2. Garlic. Cut cloves into swallowable pieces. Throughout the day swallow 4-6 cloves of garlic (cut!) with water. Garlic cleans out your blood and has all the above properties as ginger does.
  3. Tea. Keep sipping tea! Boil water, add sage, let it simmer and drink it throughout the day. You can add raw unpasteurized honey only after it cools down a bit, else it doesn't add positively to your healing.
  4. Become vegetarian and don't eat much cooked food. Putting cooked food down your throat gives your body extra work, especially if it's meat. Your poor body has to give up it's disease fighting enzymes to chop down food that it doesn't need at that time. All the energy goes into healing your body. Pretty smart body you got! Fresh veggies and fruit have their own enzymes and don't take much if any energy away from the healing process.
  5. Echinacea and other medicinal herbs. Go to your local health food shop and buy them all! You WILL find great relief from them and add to your health for the future. My personal favourites are

Last but NOT least: PRAYER and SLEEEEEEEEEEP! Go to your Creator and ask Him to give you the strength to persevere and quick healing. Sweet dreams!

Hope this helps!


Weight Loss #3 Part 1

Before I begin writing about my weight loss #3, let me fill the new readers in a bit.

I am going through my 3rd major weight loss. I gain 50-70lbs (25-35kg) during my pregnancies. No doctor has ever found out why, even putting me through the same monitoring and tests each time. I don't eat any different, less maybe since I suffer from Hyper Emesis during pregnancies.

After each pregnancy I am faced with the hard work to shed the pounds. I also fall into the "unlucky" category where I don't lose pounds while nursing, quite the opposite, I lose them once I stop.

The best weight loss advice I can give, is to move more and eat less clean. Pretty old school, I know.

This time around I am doing things a bit different. After my 1st pregnancy, I lost my weight from 102kg to 80kg (-22kg!!), by moving more and jogging. My diet didn't change much. So I shall add,

"If you kinda sorta eat right, you kinda sorta get results"

After my second pregnancy, I lost the weight from 106kg to 73 (-33kg!!) by jogging, lifting weights and eating VERY clean. My weight loss compared to the first, worked way better and faster.

This time around, 9months after my baby's birth, my weight has not really shifted, since I am still nursing. I have left some feedings out and given her solids, so I feel comfortable starting a different method. I have actually been on it for a week and a half and have lost 8lbs so far. What is it you may wonder?

Weight Watchers. Now, how old school is that! But, do note, this comes in second.

The number one biggest impact is working out. I know, reading that sucks, everyone wishes that there would be a far easier ways to do it, but there is not. There is not. 

Also, I'm doing weight watchers with a clean eating twist. I am not using my points by eating muffins or cake or heavy carb meals. I am using them by eating clean, eating vegetables, lean meat, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, pulses etc. I still get to enjoy the sweet side of life, but hey, at least I remember what they taste like and I can eat them later... (after my weight loss). Suck it up princess!

Another method I am adding is daily checking and meditating on why I am wanting to shed this weight. That's important. Are my reasons selfless and good? Are they to benefit my health and to improve quality time with my family? If my weight loss makes me more vain and selfish, I pray that my weight stays above my desires. I never want to go back to what I was and how I lived before I met my husband. It only brought heartache and sorrow into my life and the lives of others. I will meditate on how I will feel and what I want to do when I am thin again. The images that come to mind are, playing with my kids, getting down in the mud, rolling around with ease. I don't want to see my clothes imprinting on my skin after I undress. I don't want to feel my back fat rolls stick together. I want to run 10km races with ease again and aim to run a half marathon. I want to feel light in my husbands arms. And also, Lord willing if and when we have more kids and I do put on that weight again, I don't want to add more weight on top of the left over weight.

My starting point last week was 205lbs. Today I am 196,5lbs. My goal is to be 145lbs (my pre pregnancy weight) and that is if I dont get pregnant before it.

Let me finish this with a very vague and corny quote by Kate Moss:

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

Time passes, so whether you begin your diet or not, time flies. Better to just do the work and be a little lighter in a few months.

and something to think about : 

 "Most people in the world walk miles to find food. Most Westerners walk miles to digest food"

Let me add that our bodies are holy temples and we are living sacrifices to the Lord. Let us keep good care of our bodies, as best we can. 

Here is the latest picture of (half of) me and what 205lbs looks like.