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My Weight Loss Journal 2013- 2014 (In between my 3rd and 4th pregnancy)


Weight Loss #3 Part 1

Before I begin writing about my weight loss #3, let me fill the new readers in a bit.
I am going through my 3rd major weight loss. I gain 50-70lbs (25-35kg) during my pregnancies. No doctor has ever found out why, even putting me through the same monitoring and tests each time. I don't eat any different, less maybe since I suffer from Hyper Emesis during pregnancies.
After each pregnancy I am faced with the hard work to shed the pounds. I also fall into the "unlucky" category where I don't lose pounds while nursing, quite the opposite, I lose them once I stop.
The best weight loss advice I can give, is to move more and eat less clean. Pretty old school, I know.
This time around I am doing things a bit different. After my 1st pregnancy, I lost my weight from 102kg to 80kg (-22kg!!), by moving more and jogging. My diet didn't change much. So I shall add,
"If you kinda sorta eat right, you kinda sorta get results"
After my second pregnancy, I lost the weight from 106kg to 73 (-33kg!!) by jogging, lifting weights and eating VERY clean. My weight loss compared to the first, worked way better and faster.
This time around, 9months after my baby's birth, my weight has not really shifted, since I am still nursing. I have left some feedings out and given her solids, so I feel comfortable starting a different method. I have actually been on it for a week and a half and have lost 8lbs so far. What is it you may wonder?
Weight Watchers. Now, how old school is that! But, do note, this comes in second.

The number one biggest impact is working out. I know, reading that sucks, everyone wishes that there would be a far easier ways to do it, but there is not. There is not. 
Also, I'm doing weight watchers with a clean eating twist. I am not using my points by eating muffins or cake or heavy carb meals. I am using them by eating clean, eating vegetables, lean meat, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, pulses etc. I still get to enjoy the sweet side of life, but hey, at least I remember what they taste like and I can eat them later... (after my weight loss). Suck it up princess!
Another method I am adding is daily checking and meditating on why I am wanting to shed this weight. That's important. Are my reasons selfless and good? Are they to benefit my health and to improve quality time with my family? If my weight loss makes me more vain and selfish, I pray that my weight stays above my desires. I never want to go back to what I was and how I lived before I met my husband. It only brought heartache and sorrow into my life and the lives of others. I will meditate on how I will feel and what I want to do when I am thin again. The images that come to mind are, playing with my kids, getting down in the mud, rolling around with ease. I don't want to see my clothes imprinting on my skin after I undress. I don't want to feel my back fat rolls stick together. I want to run 10km races with ease again and aim to run a half marathon. I want to feel light in my husbands arms. And also, Lord willing if and when we have more kids and I do put on that weight again, I don't want to add more weight on top of the left over weight.
My starting point last week was 205lbs. Today I am 196,5lbs. My goal is to be 145lbs (my pre pregnancy weight) and that is if I dont get pregnant before it.
Let me finish this with a very vague and corny quote by Kate Moss:
"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"
Time passes, so whether you begin your diet or not, time flies. Better to just do the work and be a little lighter in a few months.
and something to think about : 
 "Most people in the world walk miles to find food. Most Westerners walk miles to digest food"
Let me add that our bodies are holy temples and we are living sacrifices to the Lord. Let us keep good care of our bodies, as best we can. 
Here is the latest picture of (half of) me and what 205lbs looks like.


Weight Loss #3 part 2

I found a new picture at my beginning weight. 

I was 205 lbs.
 I am currently 193,5 lbs. 
=11,5lbs weight loss in 2 weeks!!
In my last weight loss post (here) I wrote about how I use my points wisely. ..."Also, I'm doing weight watchers with a clean eating twist. I am not using my points by eating muffins or cake or heavy carb meals. I am using them by eating clean, eating vegetables, lean meat, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, pulses etc"...
Let me rephrase that. ..."I am not using I sometimes but rarely, use my points by eating muffins or cake or heavy carb meals"...
Please forgive me, I do actually happen to have a weak spot, an unhealthy one and it is an iced hazelnut decaf coffee. 2 points which I would like to point out are that 1, generally coffee is bad for you and 2, especially bad for you, the way I enjoy it on my (cheat) treat days. I am not cheating the system of WeightWatchers, I am just being as smart as I can with my flaws, with my points. I am feeding my body the healthy stuff and then once a week, I treat myself to some craved treats which I still keep within my points and within the healthy zone.
I want to encourage you, if you're going through weight loss or are thinking about losing weight, you can still enjoy your favourite treats and comfort foods, but within your points. 
The best advice, this week, I can give you is to PLAN. Everything works well, better and best when planned. I had a few days last week where I kind of just went with the flow without meal planning and I ended up going to bed hungry and grumpy. I had used my calories unwisely and ended up crunching on a few carrots to take the edge off. The best planned days are when, in the evening, the kids have gone to sleep and I realize I have enough unused points left to eat something special :) and enjoy it!
I usually begin my mornings with a 1 egg and 3 egg whites omelet or 1 cup of oatmeal, or... both! I add vegg and berries whenever I can. I add berries in my porridge and spinach in my omelet for example.
At bible study the other day, we had a table full of baked goods to share amongst the other women. This week I walked by and wasn't even tempted. Praise God. After all, it's about the fellowship and not about the muffins! I know that soon enough, I can enjoy them both and I will. But for now, I know what I need to do to get there. Like I said before, I still remember what junk food tastes like... I don't need reminding. At least not today;-)
I'm still meditating on what I want from this weight loss and what I can give. I still look forward to feeling good in my own skin and owning a healthy body, truly. Well as healthy as I can, because ultimately, God has the final say in everything my body does. I have to be careful here that this diet and achievement in waiting doesn't take first prize in my life. Where is my focus? Well, the human mind that I have, often wanders... but I do check in and focus as well, as often as I can. I pray for guidance and focus. Easily, my mind wanders on to the feelings and emotions that come when I am down to a healthy weight. I day dream about loose fitting clothes, seeing my collar bones, wearing heels without worry, running around with my kids and so on. I see myself jogging with ease, no pain...

I have a jogging route I do, it's about 5k long, nothing big but I feel a slight ache in my ankles when I run it. I am looking forward to the flow that comes via weight loss and then picking up my speed and lengthening my distance.

Days shouldn't be revolved around food but around relationships. Relationships with firstly, you and Christ and then the rest follows. It's about quality time with your loved ones, taking the time to be, to see and to hear them. To love them, to teach, to lead and to follow... to share. We were made to live. It's not about stuffing foods down our throat, foods that do not benefit us but rob us from life.

I want to create a new habit and by doing that I need to repeat every healthy move I do. By researching new recipes, by substituting with healthier options, by adding more vegetables and herbs in our daily meals, by opening up Ancient Scripture and dwelling in it, by meditating in prayer, by serving others, by eating less and moving more... and so on.

I mean well, I usually fluctuate but I keep a steady increase and getting healthier and wiser each week. I do fail, I do eat stuff that robs me, I carry guilt, I try better next time. I know I will eat junk again, I kind of want to, for sure, there will be the random craving. This is why it is so very, very important to eat mega healthy during the times you are not putting crap down your throat, because two steps forward and one back is better than a random step forward and the rest back.

I also want to share with you a simple, quick lunch idea:
100g cooked lean ground beef/chicken/turkey/salmon
1 cup of cooked whole weat pasta or millet in chicken broth (low sodium)
2tbsp salsa (SPICY!)
1 cup of shredded lettuce
½ cup diced cucumber
few slices of  pickles
and any other vegg you like.
mix and serve with salsa on top!
Season it anyway you like. I like it spicy.


Weight Loss #3 Part 3

Here is an update on how things are going with my WW path. No, I'm not talking about "World Wars" but I'm talking about 'Weight Watchers' with a á la Cathy "twist". Here are my previous posts on 1) the sudden drop of weight in 2 weeks HERE and why this is my 3rd weight loss in 6 years HERE.
No major weight loss change has taken place, but the pounds are dropping for sure, slowly but surely. My clothes definitely feel a lot looser and I can see it in my face that my weight is shifting. On top is another not so good photo of me. I'll update a better one later.
How am I feeling? Very hopeful indeed. I am well impressed with my food choices and I've well, been eating sushi a bit too often, I think? Some may say, you can NEVER O.D on sushi, ermmm... I'm on the fine line of, you just might.
I would like to plan some recipes which have more nuts and seeds in them, but they are a real "points killer" in WW, and I guess, they can wait or be reduced, until I'm off this diet. With my second weight loss, my "diet" was that I basically switched to 75% raw and live foods, and the meals were based on seeds and nuts. I dropped a lot of weight too. I suppose every diet is chemistry in it's own way. I just want to find BALANCE and be healthy, that's my main goal.

I'm still very excited about the weight loss, however sometimes when I weigh in, the scale doesn't "please" me. This is why it is so very important to weigh in max once a week. I have to remind myself that the scale might not always show what the real deal is (taking in consideration salty meals, dehydration etc) and that loose fitting clothes and mirror images show the true result of the week's hard work. Easier said than done, I know.
Theme of the week (don't remember who told me this but it's stuck with me ever since):
..."Don't listen to your heart, but rather talk to your heart"...
I could go into depth more, but if you get it, you GET it. 
The other thing that I feel like I am going through, is the way I self observe. After having three kids, my stomach obviously is not as "tight" as it used to be. For so long, I didn't get it. In my pitiful head, I always sought after my pre pregnancy belly, spending copious amounts of thought and planning on how I can get it back just the way it used to be. How I could reduce the scarring with, for example, Derma Rolling, what exercises and creams would tone it up, what "belly fat" blast diet could I use to shed the last stubborn pounds etc. On top of that, thinking that after we were "done" having kids, I would celebrate it by getting the tummy tuck finale. Just writing about it sounds so depressing, embarrassing- but true! I KNOW that I am not the only one. 
Well, just a few months ago, I feel that God showed me more. It's not rocket science really, I mean look at a mother dog or a cat with their "sagging pouches". Most mothers have a pouch. A lot mothers have open abs and won't close, regardless of how skinny they are. That's OK. It's a lot of work AWAY from LIFE to go after flat bellies. I am okay with my belly pouch. I'm not kidding! I won't be flashing my body to anyone else but my husband ;) and I really don't care what people think of my marks and stretched belly. It has been stretched 3 times with our babes (from 10lbs -11 lbs), so what do you expect? Babies, MY body was part of baby making, which MY body grew and carried, which MY body delivered, and which MY body is nursing - MY baby. NOW, That's AMAZING! Not what your belly ought to look like according to the most superficial shallow western world.
Who is my belly for anyway? Who am I comparing to, and why? What will I lose if I go after the perfect belly? Why does my belly have my attention? What will I gain if I go after a flat belly? Where have I got the urge from? What are my motives? These are important questions. List these answers and just weigh them up.
I say, eat well, exercise well and ENJOY life. Spend the time well and focus on what matters most and what is eternal.

What is your time taker, attention grabber in your own life?


Weight Loss #3 Part 4

Weekly weigh in

Was 205 lbs...  and am now 191,5 lbs....
-13,5 lbs!!!

I looked like

I look like

I am feeling impatient. People around me can see my weight loss, but I feel like I can't. I know it's happening, I just wish it would happen faster. I am losing weight the healthy way, but as silly humans that we are, that I am, I am tired of carrying this weight around and I want it gone. Gone, gone, gone.

It just doesn't and shouldn't come off that way. I know, I know! Besides, I am still nursing my 10 month old and I am not in a hurry to quit. So, radical, hardcore diets wouldn't be the answer for me right now, or actually, ever.

My advice for you this week would be, to keep on top of planning, prepping and meditating. I can definitely see how important it is to plan, prep and meditate during weight loss. It's so easy to get side tracked by minor things, which are followed by heart ache. Keep strong, keep going, the weight is coming off.

The recipes for this week are 1 and 2 point power smoothies! These smoothies keep me full when I feel like "munching" and I am happy that I could incorporate the seeds and nuts - which I so missed - into my diet somehow.

1 point Smoothie
  • a handful of baby spinach
  • 1 banana, either fresh or frozen
  • 1C of frozen berries
  • 1-2t of soaked chia seeds
  • 1t of ground flax seeds
  • 2 chewable vitamin C tablets (500mg-1000mg)
  • water as needed for consistancy  

Blend well, enjoy!

2 point Smoothie
  • 1C almond milk, unsweetened
  • 1T peanut butter, sugar free
  • handful of spinach
  • 1C frozen strawberries
  • half a banana
Blend well, enjoy!



Weight Loss #3 Part 5

..."You do not have to taste everything everyone else has. You do NOT have to taste everything that is on the table. Have you forgotten what chocolate cake tastes like? Is it worth losing your points? "Think skinny".... "think skinny!"... My typical convos with myself during bbq parties or any other get togethers, which involve tons of good food, mouth drooling flavours etc... sigh
THINK ABOUT IT. Not too long and you'll be where you want to be. Don't give up.
Today I enjoyed everything, well almost everything, that was on the hamburger table. I swapped my buns for lettuce and skipped the brownies altogether. I ate so many cherries that I felt full and enjoyed just hanging out with the people visiting.
My picture last week..the week before?
Not the most flattering picture, but still. I am wearing the same trousers and I find them to be a lot looser around the waist today than I did last week.

                                       My picture TODAY

I am excited! Results always give the boost and motivation to keep going. Yay!
Here is a FAB recipe for y'all to try, TEXAS style! 
BBQ Hamburgers in Lettuce
  • 500g minced meat
  • 1/4 C BBQ sauce, your choice
  • iceberg lettuce
  • onions, fried
  • condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish etc)
  • cheddar cheese (singles)
  • mushrooms, fried
Mix minced meat and BBQ sauce together, form patties and let it sit in the fridge for 30minutes. Grill them thoroughly. Wrap in lettuce and garnish with ALL, YUMMY!


Weight Loss #3 Part 6

-16 lbs!
I started at 205 lbs, and now I weigh 189 lbs. Getting there! But actually, after Lucy's birth I did weigh 2011. However, at the start of WW, I weighed 205. So technically, I've lost 22 lbs! 
Today, I nearly tripped over a temptation. Chocolate chip cookies. Oh yah. I'm glad that I found the strength to walk away, after I had offered everyone else one -with a smile-, and then forget about them. I realized that it takes a couple of minutes to overcome the strong urge to devour a whole box... I'm so happy, I stayed away. Really. Because NOW, I am at that "so NOT worth it!" mind set again.

We still have visitors over, so the amount of temptations are through the roof. Everyday, throughout the day, someone is tasting this or that, finger lickin' good food, and I feel like I am fighting against a giant. I find it hard, honestly. But, I know it's going to be so worth it and I know, that this is NOT forever. Time is going to go by, whether or not I am on a diet. So, I choose to be a little (lot) lighter at the end of this season. 
The scale went something like this...
189 ...
It's slow, but it motivates me. It WILL motivate you when you see those numbers drop! My problem has been that I weigh in every morning. You really should weigh in only once a week.

 Picture update!



My favourite sis-in-law and I.
My brother and his family have been visiting us from Cambodia. Him and his wife, are both very active and it's been lots of fun gymming it together. She and I enjoy the same group exercises, STEP and BODY PUMP and we also all have running in common. My husband and my brothers' wife are the "marathoners" though, as for my brother and I... we aren't that "ambitious"... yet.


Weight Loss #3 Part 7

Okay, before I tell you about how much I've lost so far, I want to share with you my two top lunches that I love, and about my new -old -thing, which I have taken more seriously than ever! Keep reading...
Here are my top two favorite lunches. 
Recipe one
Serving(s) 1
Weight Watchers points 7
1/2 C quinoa, cooked and chilled
1/2 cucumber, deseeded and cut in chunks
1 tomato, deseeded and diced
1 T fat free Ranch dressing
100g extra lean ground beef, fried and seasoned.
Recipe two
Serving(s) 1
Weight Watchers points 9
1 whole wheat tortilla
1 slice of cheddar cheese (wrap)
100g extra lean ground beef, fried and seasoned (preferably with taco spice)
handful of shredded lettuce
1t death sauce, or any other spicy hot sauce (speed up that metabolism!!!)
1T salsa, hot
And now, the updates.
Last week I pulled my back for the second time in a few months. This is not good. Obviously, I have been so focused on weight loss and exersice that I have lost focus on well-being within, meaning the core. Well-being for me, is STOTT Pilates. I, as an instructor, should know that it's the best way to heal the body, especially the core. Not only does the body get stronger and leaner, it actually sculpts the body as well. No other exercise has been as fast as STOTT in losing inches around the waist. It's incredible. I suffered years of back ache, neck ache and so on, had to quit my job as a hairdresser 2005 because of it. Ever since I started doing STOTT Pilates in 2009, the pain and aches went away.  Hence the reason I became an instructor.
Back to the story, so yes, I pulled my back for the second time! This is because since giving birth to our 3rd, I haven't done any STOTT whatsoever. Why? I don't know how to answer that, I don't know why. I guess the people or places you associate with weekly rub off, a certain way of thinking, especially when it comes to health and fitness. No, I'm not putting the blame on them, I am keeping the blame on myself, myself only. I had attended group ex body pump and so on without strengthening the core at the same time. This is a big mistake. I won't even blame the group ex pump for my bad back. The pump did amazing stuff for the rest of my body, but focusing on the superficial muscles, made my problems worsen. Since I pulled my back, after my back felt a bit better, I've been on the mat again and after one session of STOTT Pilates, the difference is amazing. I feel way better and feel like I'm on the road to recovery and well-being. I won't quit lifting weights, however, it's not my priority. It's high up there on my priority list, but STOTT Pilates is for sure #1 at this moment.
Then for some picture updates... tam-tam-taa! 

was 205 lbs
I found that top which I am wearing in the top picture, to show you the difference in how it fits me today. On top, it's tight. Below, not so much!
Yes, I'm being silly.
Now I am  185 lbs!!! Yay!
This means, I have lost -20 lbs!

I have give or take 40 lbs to go!!!
Here is my Diastasis Recti -Seperation of the abs. I am doing STOTT Pilates to help my body to bring it closer together and give my lower spine the support it deserves! I'll keep posting updates on that side of things as well.


Weight Loss #3 Mid Update

Hi huns!

Okay, I really had to post this out to you guys now. I have been battling frustration for a good week  and I just want to let you know, if you're on the journey of losing weight, that you are NOT alone.
I have been counting points to the dot, and my weight loss is slow. It has a trend, and it is going down, but it's fluctuating downward and when it fluctuates, it's depressing.

I'm in a hurry, my body is doing it right. But while living in a shallow world, sometimes the shallow mindset rubs off on you. I begin to hurry. Then the mindset is all wrong, then I get discouraged and disappointed and shallow. I'm thinking not good enough, not enough, not good enough.
I lost my focus. I lost my more important reason for this weight loss.
Also, I took 3 days off. Yes, you read this right... it just happened. One morning I postponed tracking my points on my app and before I knew it, I was munching away for 3 days. I could've stopped and picked up from where I left, but I kept postponing that too. No worries though, at least this is how I feel like because, I was munching on nuts, seeds, fruit, kashi bars and so on. So, anyhow, back on track! Like I said, this diet, won't last forever. I just badly need to get back to a healthy size and become fit, build stamina, help my heart!
Next week I will update on my weight, hopefully it'll be more dramatic:) Stay tuned!!!!


I'm Alive and Well!

It has been quite the month! It's still quite the month. I find myself in a crazy state and I can't quite put my finger on it. I found myself swallowing back tears today, while sitting in a massage chair, studying lesson 19, in my Mandarin Chinese course. Maybe it is all rolled into one:
My mum's visiting. What is about mother-daughter relationships!? Why are they so bizarre?? Time flies, I wish we lived a bit closer. I wish I had more time with her. One day.
The school year has started and I am homeschooling my kids, grade 2 and preschool with a toddler running around my feet. This will be a challenge, but a challenge I am ready to take. It feels a bit overwhelming, but not hopeless. I am hopeful.
I'm missing my friends. Longing for bosom friend(s).
My weight has gone down, but I haven't hit the gym in a month and my eating has not gone to plan due to a tonsillectomy, which I still have not fully recovered from. Depressing.
I was 205 lbs
I am 173 lbs
-32 lbs, 
and 28 lbs to go! Yay! 

Excuse the tired eyes.


Weight Loss #3 Part 8

I have GAINED 7lbs!!!

Yes, it's true!

After and during my tonsillectomy and a visit from my mother, my whole dieting took a pause. My working out took a pause too.

At one point my mind couldn't even focus on my WW app or even getting us to the gym and back.

I have continued walking. I've randomly attended Yin Yoga, which is the lighter version of the exercise. I keep my cross with me.

I am preparing for a speech, come lecture, on nutrition for the mother child group at C- Alliance Church.

I am making my herbal medicine to sell (remedies) at a Christmas market, soon.

I am planning a Christmas party.

I am homeschooling.

I am hosting a visitor (3 weeks).

I am doing what I need to do to keep this home afloat.

I am attending a Bible Study.

I'm feeling good!

I've hiked Grouse Mt.

I've hiked the Chief, in Squamish. Peak 1 and 2!

I have not taken this gain as a discouraging thing at all. I'm still on my way, to feeling healthy and fit!

MY Favourite Recipes this week :

Lima Bean Salad

Lima beans, soaked over night and boiled soft.


Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Himalayan salt
ground pepper

Quinoa and Pinto Beans 

Prepare the quinoa as instructed on package. Cook it in broth, makes it taste yummy!
Pre boil pinto beans (1-2 C, depending on the servings)
1T Curry powder
1/2T dried thyme
1 t garlic powder
oxo cube
tinned tomato
olive oil

Chop half an onion and fry it until soft in olive oil. Add the tinned tomatoes and fry for about 15-20minutes until the tomatoes form a paste. Mix in the spices and pre-boiled beans. Add the water and oxo cube. . let simmer until oil reaches the top. Season with cilantro. Enjoy with quinoa! YUMMMMMMMY!


Weight Loss #3 Part 9

I was 205 lbs
I am 172 lbs
I have lost -33 lbs !!


I'm a loser!!!
See, I'm back on track!!!
I haven't stressed about it too much and the loss is slow-ish, but I'm still losing...
So what do I do? I don't use the WW method anymore, but rather eating more raw and natural.

  • For example, I snack on apples, sugar free organic peanut butter and hemp hearts.
  • I try having 50% of my plate raw, each meal.
  • I put cucumber on everything.
  • My bread is rye, usually rye crackers.
  • I drink herbal tea.
  • I have my coffee black.
  • I eat frozen cherries when I crave for a late evening snack.
  • I try to stay away from sugar and wheat, but don't beat myself up for having some.
  • I've juiced: cleansed my system and "kick started" my liver and kidneys. 
  • I've said "no" to treats. Not because I can't have them, but because I know I can, but I choose not to.
  • I've weekly menu planned.
  • I've eaten  sushi on a regular basis.
  • I've enjoyed Korean Hot Pot, on a regular basis.


Weight Loss Update #10

For Pete's Sake!

And her weight is up again (+7lbs)! Can I blame it on Christmas? On the turkey? On my surgery a month ago? On the recovery?

Nope, just me... sigh.
Have I lost hope? No.
Am I frustrated? No.
Am I motivated? Again? Oh yes!

What went wrong, you ask?

This is what went wrong.
  1. Sugar intake
  2. Skipping workouts
  3. Dehydration
  4. Late night snacking
  5. Lack of sleep
How can I fix it?
  1. Meal plan and prep -this is crucial. If all the meals are planned and prepped for, what can go wrong?
  2. Finding new and motivating workouts. Mixing it up a bit. Challenging myself. (I used new machines today. Machines I've always stayed away from:)
  3. Drinking more water. Filling up a gallon sized jug of water in the morning, (this lets the water to oxygenate and become chlorine free -google it!) and making sure I bloomin' well drink it throughout the day!
  4. Stop eating past 7 p.m -we all know this one... unfortunately, don't we??
  5. Going to bed on time. Lack of sleep is one major causes of weight gain. It's all hormones. Google it.
Here is a link to a super idea for a healthy breakfast! I'm so going to give it a try! 
Do you have any advice to give me? I'm still a ways away.


Weight Loss #3 Part 11

-9lb!!! In a week and a half!!!! Woohooo!!!!
Here's what's been going on, hence the silence. I'll share my workout and then my diet. The results are incredible. My thighs are toning up so fast, my strength has increased by a lot and I've rediscovered my posture. I have incredible energy and I feel really good. I've been on a fat burning, muscle toning diet for a week and I've lost 7lb already. I'm on this particular diet for another week or two. Then I'll alter it according to my needs. The weight training is just great, in all ways. I have never seen or gotten faster results before. This is the way.

I lift heavy, my body responds well and I get results fast. My strength has sky rocketed. I love it! I workout 4-5 times a week. So,

My workout

Workout  1

20 minutes of stair master. Each week I rev it up by a level. I started at 3, and I'm nearly at 7.

1.      Squats with weights 10 x 4
2.      Leg Extension single legs 10 x 4 each leg
3.      Cross Step-ups on a Bench (with weights)
10 x 4

4.   Hammy curls 10x 4


Workout  2

20 minutes of stair master

1.      Shoulder Press
10 reps per weight for 4 sets
2.      Lateral Raise
10 reps per weight for 4 sets
3.      Rear Deltoids Row: (no drop set on this one)
8-10 reps per weight for 4 sets
4.      Front Shoulder Press
10 reps per weight for 4 sets
5.      Assisted Pull-ups 4 grips: (wide, regular, close, underhand)
15-20 reps per weight each for 4 sets
6.      Bent-Over Row
10 reps per weight for 4 sets

Workout 3

20 minutes of stair master

1.      Lunge with Bicep Curls: (alternate leg-long distance) 15 pounds per hand with dumbbells
30 steps per leg for 4 sets
2.      Biceps Curl
10 reps per weight for 4 sets
3.      Overhead Triceps Extension
10 reps per weight for 4 sets
4.      Dumbbell Triceps Punch Outs: 15 pounds in each hand
20 reps for 4 sets
5.      Hammer Curls:
6 reps per weight 4 sets
workout 4

20 minutes of stairmaster

1.      Push -up Burn Outs: (as many as you can)
4 sets
2.      Circle Chest Flyes: (lying down back on bench)
10 reps for 4 sets
3.      Rest of the Day: Core

The Diet

During this 2 weeks, avoid people,  parties etc. I even have a hard time following the diet when I have people over for coffee or I go out. Too many temptations.
Prep everything. Weigh, bag and freeze. Easy way to pull the exact amount when needed. Especially when hungry!
Keep yourself busy. Stay away from cooking shows. Drink plenty of water.
Eat every 3h. This is key!

Breakfast :
2x omega capsules.
45g quick oats boiled in water,  100g of fat free cottage cheese/or 4 egg whites and 100g frozen berries or
Blend one egg white, water and 45g oats together. Pinch of salt and baking soda. Fry as a large single pancake (using no oil or butter!) and serve with 3 egg whites fried or boiled . Sprinkle with cinnamon, serve with 100g of berries.
You can sweeten with stevia or xylitol.

Lunch: 100g skinless lean chicken, beef or fish. Weigh before you fry.
200g vegetables, mushrooms etc. No peas,  corn, pumpkins or high starchy veggies
5 ml of quality oil either drizzled on top or fry with
25g fat free cottage cheese or 1 egg white
I usually slice my meat very thin when it's thawing. This way,  I get many pieces of meat and it feels like I have a lot... It lasts!
Any spices are fine,  use little salt. Garlic is yummy! And a pinch of taco spice seasoning... Mmmmmmm
Either 6 egg whites with 100g frozen berries (I make a berry, stevia and water smoothie)  or
fat free Greek yoghurt 250g with 100g of frozen berries. You can use stevia or xylitol to sweeten. Don't use artificial sweetener because they prevent the fat loss hormone from working. 

same as lunch but add 40g dry/80g cooked of pasta/rice/Quinoa. Or one potato/sweet potato about 150g. Weigh the grains before you cook them. They usually double in weight but either way... 
Evening snack:
10g wheat bran with 250g Greek yoghurt and 100g frozen berries or
6 egg whites and drink the wheat bran with water and berries(make into a smoothie)
+2 omega capsules 
Drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day. You can drink herbal tea too
Don't be tempted to eat a few Fries or popcorn here or there,  because this is chemistry and it will stop the whole burning process  - and it will just be all in vain. Remove every temptation and find an escape in thoughts or activities

I think you will lose quite a bit of fat in these two-4 weeks...depends how long you want to do this,  4 weeks is max. Time passes anyway,  you might as well... 
I weighed and bagged two 100g bags X 14 days of meat (LEAN!) in to the freezer
And two 200g bags X 14 days of mushrooms, veggies into the freezer. I am a big fan of mushrooms, broccoli and runner beans. Or you can eat cucumber and tomato fresh... I like my beans though.. Fresh lettuce weighs little if you are looking for quantity...

What else? I use a lot of cayenne pepper as it also boosts the metabolism... And encourages water consumption hahaha! 
I don't fry with the oil,  I Drizzle it on my food because I need it more than the frying pan does :) 1ts is like 5g
Print out this blog post and stick it onto your fridge!
I did this diet when my second child was born and whatever I lost which was -a lot,  did not come back because I didn't sacrifice my fat burning muscles 
Example day:
8am breakfast
11am lunch
2pm snack
5pm dinner
8pm evening snack


Mid Update - Weight Loss etc.

First of all, take your time right now to wipe down your keyboard and screen. This makes a big difference on your "screen time". Trust me, just do it! 
My Weight Loss:
Secondly, I want to share with you about what impact evening snacking has on your body. In just 3 days, as I left the evening snacking out, (read here) I dropped 3 lbs. This is no diet. This is common sense. Our bodies do not need the energy we so forcefully (I mean gladly) give it late at night. Unless, we're hitting the gym or we've just come back from a 2h hike. I say supress the habit! Which is why,
TODAY, I told my husband that we need to limit our movie nights (at home) to once a week, or even twice a month! Why? Unless I'm on a strict short term "jump start diet", my brain is just coded in a way where watching a movie and putting popcorn in my mouth go hand in hand. Unfortunately. So, to kill that unhealthy -repetitive habit, I must limit the temptations until, my brain is recoded. Makes sense? I'll keep your posted on that!

What I'm learning about:
I am in love (don't take it too literally) with weights! I am so happy to see how my body is changing in such a short time. I'm seeing strength, muscle definition, less back pain, more energy and better nights sleep. I am amazed at the body that God has designed, and how our bodies were made to move, how they can adjust/change-given the opportunity, and how physical activity also affects us emotionally, chemically and last but NOT least, spiritually. 
The only way I know how to describe what I am going through is this image. Fully, as a family, giving to God what is God's. Ourselves.  I see myself, in some ways taken out of what I know to be "normal" or the way we should live, to another path that may be somewhat foreign but serene. I see my family fixed on His will, living to glorify Him, taking the time to hike, bike, run, roll around, jump, laugh... to eat the fruits and the vegg, and the sweets that He has given us. Share about the true love by being what He has called us to be, no more, no less. Thriving to grow in him, thriving to do our best and knowing GRACE in the midst of the good and the bad. 
What I am struggling with: 

Seeing unhealthiness in everything. I carry guilt, a lot. I know this is not from the Lord. I'm on a path. I know that wisdom and knowledge can sometimes feel like a burden. I see that in some ways "ignorance is a bliss". I'm just learning to balance it all, by His strength, according to His word. This is where Grace comes in!
When I open up a yoghurt pot for my little ones, I cannot help but read the labels and wonder what damage some of the ingredients may do to us. I don't believe I should ignore it, since once knowledge has been given to you, you should use it wisely. I'm in a little bit of limbo here. I allow my children to have sweets at times, I prepare their favorite meals at times (which aren't very "healthy"),... then I put hemp hearts and oats into their yoghurt pots to add a little more healthiness to them. I dread giving them cooked vegg, because I know that the vitamins have halved and the enzymes are no longer there. But I still do at times.... So, just if you keep me in your prayers, I know that being a mother isn't easy, and the added guilt, can be very destroying.
Letting go:
I'm still half way of de-itemizing (read all about it HERE), and I'm still motivated, determined and anxious -in a good way, what the outcome might look like. I have day dreams about the finale, the finished project. I want it to be finished already but, I know that there is a lot of personal growth that needs to ntake place before I can take the next major step. In His time.

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