My top 10 #3

It's January. It's rainy, rainy, rainy..... ugh. Well at least you don't have to shovel it. But I miss the snow at times, for the kids' sake really.

Here are my top 10

  1. Keurig K-Cup coffee maker. 
    I got this for our anniversary present. I have been drinking so much coffee (I'm honeymooning it with this machine), I had to switch to decaf K-cups.
  2. OvuView App for android -for natural family planning (I'm sure they have that for iphones too)
  3. The Stair Master - mother of all cardio equipment. Don't bother with the rest. I dare YOU, give it a try!
  4. Scheduling like so,
  5. Budgeting like so,
  6. Savings plan like so,
  7. Early morning (before the kids wake up) bible study with my husband and bible "circle time" as a family before bed time. I am just LOVIN' it!
  8. Vitamin-C 1000mg - during this cold season, I have been making sure that my family and I stay on top accumulating this vitamin. During a cold (or any other sickness), we go up to thousands of mg dosages, and it really fights off any bug swiftly. Excess vitamin C, which your body cannot use, will be disposed of through your urine. So, it's important to keep this vitamin at full! (a little article on Vitamin -C healing around the world, HERE)
  9. Pumpernickel/Rye bread -since we unfortunately cannot get the REAL kind of rye bread here in North America, we will just have to settle with the German kinds. It's still healthy, yummy and gives plenty of healthy fiber. The kids love it, I don't complain!
  10. Weight Training - helps increase metabolism, maintains you muscle health, prevents osteoporosis, increases strength, and reduces risks of muscle tears and damage as you get older. We often concentrate on our spiritual well being so much that we completely neglect the physical aspect. After all, it's amazingly created, masterminded and given to us. Our HOLYTEMPLE.
What are your top 3-10, currently? 

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