Diastasis Recti


It means abdominal separation. In pregnancy, diastasis recti is caused by the stretching of the rectus abdominis by the enlarging womb. It’s more common in women who have had more pregnancies, due to repeated episodes of stretching. Basically the left and right sides of your abs (rectus abdominis) aren't joined together anymore.

This is what it looks like,

Like I would be 5 months pregnant, always. (11months since our 3rd child was born and do note, she was 11lb when she came out!)

Is it "curable"?

There are a few different methods to deal with it, two which I know of and recommend if need be, are one, surgery and two, STOTT Pilates. Surgery maybe for those who have it "severe", and STOTT Pilates for everybody! 

I pulled my back for the 2nd time since our 3rd baby was born yesterday and today someone asked me if we were expecting our 4th. Oh man, it's time to tackle my core and get some support, literally.

As a STOTT Pilates instructor, I'm going to go the STOTT Pilates route and, I will be blogging updates with pictures!!  Stay tuned!

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Homeschooling DIY Stepping Stones

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I have nothing to hide, motherhood is rough! Wifehood rougher -have a look, take a moment, comment if you like - I'm just like you, figuring this stuff out with my hubby and our 5 homeschooled children. -Cathrine
DIY Stepping Stones

You'll need
  • bag of cement
  • anything non sharp, that looks pretty :) such as bottle caps, stones, broken tiles, rhinestones, etc.
  • empty cereal boxes or pie plates lined with cling film
Prepare the cement according to the instructions on your bag. Pour the cement carefully into your molds and wait a few minutes before gently placing your "treasures" on top. Let it dry and peel off.



Check this out! How to make your own wall decor, step by step guide!



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Weight Loss #3 Part 6

-16 lbs!

I started at 205 lbs, and now I weigh 189 lbs. Getting there! But actually, after Lucy's birth I did weigh 2011. However, at the start of WW, I weighed 205. So technically, I've lost 22 lbs! 

Today, I nearly tripped over a temptation. Chocolate chip cookies. Oh yah. I'm glad that I found the strength to walk away, after I had offered everyone else one -with a smile-, and then forget about them. I realized that it takes a couple of minutes to overcome the strong urge to devour a whole box... I'm so happy, I stayed away. Really. Because NOW, I am at that "so NOT worth it!" mind set again.

We still have visitors over, so the amount of temptations are through the roof. Everyday, throughout the day, someone is tasting this or that, finger lickin' good food, and I feel like I am fighting against a giant. I find it hard, honestly. But, I know it's going to be so worth it and I know, that this is NOT forever. Time is going to go by, whether or not I am on a diet. So, I choose to be a little (lot) lighter at the end of this season. 

The scale went something like this...

189 ...

It's slow, but it motivates me. It WILL motivate you when you see those numbers drop! My problem has been that I weigh in every morning. You really should weigh in only once a week.

 Picture update!



My favourite sis-in-law and I.
My brother and his family have been visiting us from Cambodia. Him and his wife, are both very active and it's been lots of fun gymming it together. She and I enjoy the same group exercises, STEP and BODY PUMP and we also all have running in common. My husband and my brothers' wife are the "marathoners" though, as for my brother and I... we aren't that "ambitious"... yet.


Gardening 2013 Part 2

My Garden "Highs and Lows". 

Some of my seedlings didn't survive the transplanting, even though I had hardened them prior. So, I lost some plants, some altogether, but some are thriving, thankfully!

The plants that I will start growing again and more of, are watermelon, giant pumpkins, grass pampas', cabbage, cilantro etc.

The plants which are thriving are, methi (fenugreek), dill, broccoli, strawberries, raspberries, courgettes, cucumbers, radish, spinach, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, carrots etc. Also, all of my herbs and chili peppers are doing well.

I have neglected the weeding and pruning for a few weeks now and, I can really see consequences in doing so. After the rain stops, I will start my weeding-blast and hopefully, I will stay on top of it. It needs prioritizing in my weekly tasks. I'm still learning!

I collect eggshells throughout the weeks and grind them small enough for plant protection (against slugs) and, also I use them as good fertilizer.

I'm waiting for my plants to really blossom lusciously, so I can take a whole garden shot and post it here. I'm thinking mid July, IF our summer is anything like last year's. Hot and sunny, perfect for my vegg!

You may want to read more about us growing our own food this year and the year before. Click on the link! http://holytempleunderrenovation.blogspot.ca/search/label/Growing%20vegetables%20and%20herbs

What are you growing this year? How is your crop coming along?


Homeschooling Physics Experiment DIY Balloon Fountain

Okay, here it is! It's quick, it's fun, it's just a really cool project to do with your kids! It covers arts & crafts, science and physics!

DIY Balloon Fountain

You'll need
  • blue/white tack
  • cling film
  • a straw
  • an empty bottle
  • a balloon
  • knife
  • duck tape, J.I.C
  • food coloring
Using the knife, carefully, create a small entry way for the straw mid bottle. Cling film around the bottle for it to be leak proof and insert the straw through the film. You can either use the tack or tape to prevent leakage. Fill the bottle 3/4 full with water (colour it, if you like) and blow up the balloon (do not tie it!). With the next step, you'll need to be quick! Cover the opening of the bottle by pulling the balloon over it. This should be a tight fit, if not, use a bigger bottle.

Tadaa!!! How cool is that!

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Weight Loss #3 Part 5

..."You do not have to taste everything everyone else has. You do NOT have to taste everything that is on the table. Have you forgotten what chocolate cake tastes like? Is it worth losing your points? "Think skinny".... "think skinny!"... My typical convos with myself during bbq parties or any other get togethers, which involve tons of good food, mouth drooling flavours etc... sigh

THINK ABOUT IT. Not too long and you'll be where you want to be. Don't give up.

Today I enjoyed everything, well almost everything, that was on the hamburger table. I swapped my buns for lettuce and skipped the brownies altogether. I ate so many cherries that I felt full and enjoyed just hanging out with the people visiting.

My picture last week..the week before?

Not the most flattering picture, but still. I am wearing the same trousers and I find them to be a lot looser around the waist today than I did last week.

                                       My picture TODAY

I am excited! Results always give the boost and motivation to keep going. Yay!

Here is a FAB recipe for y'all to try, TEXAS style! 

BBQ Hamburgers in Lettuce


  • 500g minced meat
  • 1/4 C BBQ sauce, your choice
  • iceberg lettuce
  • onions, fried
  • condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish etc)
  • cheddar cheese (singles)
  • mushrooms, fried
Mix minced meat and BBQ sauce together, form patties and let it sit in the fridge for 30minutes. Grill them thoroughly. Wrap in lettuce and garnish with ALL, YUMMY!


Senere Chaos and Other Updates

Well hello! It has been a very busy week with family visiting. How does one stay focused on blogging and a rhythm when so much extra and new buzzes are happening around you? I guess you just don't.

Anyway, my past week in weight loss has hit a plateau. I think I know what the reason may be and it will be fixed asap. NOT enough water! T'is true. I think?

I will put it to the test and let you know.

One thing I have learned this week, is that you DON'T have to taste everything everyone else is having. The second thing I have learned is that menu planning is still crucial and that there has to be a plan B, on what to eat, when you find yourself out and about and need to eat out. Be mentally prepared! I haven't been...

This week my weight has been the same but my clothes still keep getting looser, so, I think that it's just water retention.

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Also, coming up I will share with all of you homeschoolers and fun mums about the coolest science/physics experiment, ever! Well, at least for this week!