Why I'm Scrapping Scrapbooking

I am quitting scrapbooking for good. 

Why? Well here are a few reasons why I have FINALLY decided to scrap it.

  • Can't keep up with filing life
  • Carrying too much guilt
  • Not finding the time to scrapbook
  • It won't last
  • Going back to basics
I just don't have the time or the desire anymore to record every single thing in my or my kids' lives. It take a lot of time and in some ways, like FB, it is "unnatural" to do so. In my opinion.

I carry a lot of guilt from not completing the 1st years, nevermind the pregnancy albums, of my first two kids and now we have 3 kids and I am like 7 years behind in scrapbooking our life. I free myself from the dissolution of needing to scrapbook our life. I'm free.

I don't have the time to scrapbook. I homeschool, I'm a full time stay at home (super busy!!!) mom. I don't have the time to take my stuff out, lay them out and give my time to it. I just don't.

This too, is a trend. This too, will pass.

What happened to the good old photo albums? Or simple black albums using adhesive photo corner stickers? Why does each picture deserve a decorative page? I'm going back to old school. I still enjoy looking at pictures without the "parade".

I am FREE of guilt that unfortunately ScrapBooking has given me. Now, to all my scrapbooking friends, you know who you are! I still love you dearly and enjoyed every second of scrapbooking with you. If it's a way of meditation and a fun hobby for you, don't quit. This is personal.


My Top 10

  1. Financial Freedom Seminar by Embassy Institute. My husband and I have taken this seminar as an annual thing to go through as a couple. I have learned a lot, again. We feel focused once again. We're going through it as we speak and share the experience with some friends of ours. We're planning on getting together weekly to discuss it.
  2. Anger Resolution Seminar, by Embassy Institute. I went through this 20h seminar on my own, each night once the kids went down for the night. I discovered a lot and to put this in simple yet powerful words, it changed my life as I know it!
  3. Uno card game. I enjoy playing Uno with my son. It's a great way to come together and have a laugh as well as talk.
  4. Pinterest Food Recipes. I've stacked baking and cooking recipes to try out with my kiddos.
  5. Menu Planning, deal hunting... we're going through a "dry spell" and I have learned to stretch the pennies.
  6. Bear Grylls -survivor NetFlix episodes. Can't get enough.
  7. Bored Shorts TV Kid Snippets via YouTube. Quite funny. I haven't laughed that hard, ever! Too funny!
  8. My workout and diet regime HERE. Going good.
  9. Letting go of OvuView App. Again. Old habits die hard.
  10. Teaching STOTT Pilates again, after a few years break.


Mid Update - Weight Loss etc.

First of all, take your time right now to wipe down your keyboard and screen. This makes a big difference on your "screen time". Trust me, just do it! 

My Weight Loss:

Secondly, I want to share with you about what impact evening snacking has on your body. In just 3 days, as I left the evening snacking out, (read here) I dropped 3 lbs. This is no diet. This is common sense. Our bodies do not need the energy we so forcefully (I mean gladly) give it late at night. Unless, we're hitting the gym or we've just come back from a 2h hike. I say supress the habit! Which is why,

TODAY, I told my husband that we need to limit our movie nights (at home) to once a week, or even twice a month! Why? Unless I'm on a strict short term "jump start diet", my brain is just coded in a way where watching a movie and putting popcorn in my mouth go hand in hand. Unfortunately. So, to kill that unhealthy -repetitive habit, I must limit the temptations until, my brain is recoded. Makes sense? I'll keep your posted on that!

What I'm learning about:

I am in love (don't take it too literally) with weights! I am so happy to see how my body is changing in such a short time. I'm seeing strength, muscle definition, less back pain, more energy and better nights sleep. I am amazed at the body that God has designed, and how our bodies were made to move, how they can adjust/change-given the opportunity, and how physical activity also affects us emotionally, chemically and last but NOT least, spiritually. 

The only way I know how to describe what I am going through is this image. Fully, as a family, giving to God what is God's. Ourselves.  I see myself, in some ways taken out of what I know to be "normal" or the way we should live, to another path that may be somewhat foreign but serene. I see my family fixed on His will, living to glorify Him, taking the time to hike, bike, run, roll around, jump, laugh... to eat the fruits and the vegg, and the sweets that He has given us. Share about the true love by being what He has called us to be, no more, no less. Thriving to grow in him, thriving to do our best and knowing GRACE in the midst of the good and the bad. 

What I am struggling with: 

Seeing unhealthiness in everything. I carry guilt, a lot. I know this is not from the Lord. I'm on a path. I know that wisdom and knowledge can sometimes feel like a burden. I see that in some ways "ignorance is a bliss". I'm just learning to balance it all, by His strength, according to His word. This is where Grace comes in!

When I open up a yoghurt pot for my little ones, I cannot help but read the labels and wonder what damage some of the ingredients may do to us. I don't believe I should ignore it, since once knowledge has been given to you, you should use it wisely. I'm in a little bit of limbo here. I allow my children to have sweets at times, I prepare their favorite meals at times (which aren't very "healthy"),... then I put hemp hearts and oats into their yoghurt pots to add a little more healthiness to them. I dread giving them cooked vegg, because I know that the vitamins have halved and the enzymes are no longer there. But I still do at times.... So, just if you keep me in your prayers, I know that being a mother isn't easy, and the added guilt, can be very destroying.

Letting go:

I'm still half way of de-itemizing (read all about it HERE), and I'm still motivated, determined and anxious -in a good way, what the outcome might look like. I have day dreams about the finale, the finished project. I want it to be finished already but, I know that there is a lot of personal growth that needs to ntake place before I can take the next major step. In His time.

Weight Loss #3 Part 11

-9lb!!! In a week and a half!!!! Woohooo!!!!

Here's what's been going on, hence the silence. I'll share my workout and then my diet. The results are incredible. My thighs are toning up so fast, my strength has increased by a lot and I've rediscovered my posture. I have incredible energy and I feel really good. I've been on a fat burning, muscle toning diet for a week and I've lost 7lb already. I'm on this particular diet for another week or two. Then I'll alter it according to my needs. The weight training is just great, in all ways. I have never seen or gotten faster results before. This is the way.

I lift heavy, my body responds well and I get results fast. My strength has sky rocketed. I love it! I workout 4-5 times a week. So,

My workout

Workout  1

20 minutes of stair master. Each week I rev it up by a level. I started at 3, and I'm nearly at 7.

1.      Squats with weights 10 x 4
2.      Leg Extension single legs 10 x 4 each leg
3.      Cross Step-ups on a Bench (with weights)
10 x 4

4.   Hammy curls 10x 4


Workout  2

20 minutes of stair master

1.      Shoulder Press
10 reps per weight for 4 sets
2.      Lateral Raise
10 reps per weight for 4 sets
3.      Rear Deltoids Row: (no drop set on this one)
8-10 reps per weight for 4 sets
4.      Front Shoulder Press
10 reps per weight for 4 sets
5.      Assisted Pull-ups 4 grips: (wide, regular, close, underhand)
15-20 reps per weight each for 4 sets
6.      Bent-Over Row
10 reps per weight for 4 sets

Workout 3

20 minutes of stair master

1.      Lunge with Bicep Curls: (alternate leg-long distance) 15 pounds per hand with dumbbells
30 steps per leg for 4 sets
2.      Biceps Curl
10 reps per weight for 4 sets
3.      Overhead Triceps Extension
10 reps per weight for 4 sets
4.      Dumbbell Triceps Punch Outs: 15 pounds in each hand
20 reps for 4 sets
5.      Hammer Curls:
6 reps per weight 4 sets

workout 4

20 minutes of stairmaster

1.      Push -up Burn Outs: (as many as you can)
4 sets
2.      Circle Chest Flyes: (lying down back on bench)
10 reps for 4 sets
3.      Rest of the Day: Core

The Diet

During this 2 weeks, avoid people,  parties etc. I even have a hard time following the diet when I have people over for coffee or I go out. Too many temptations.

Prep everything. Weigh, bag and freeze. Easy way to pull the exact amount when needed. Especially when hungry!

Keep yourself busy. Stay away from cooking shows. Drink plenty of water.
Eat every 3h. This is key!

Breakfast :
2x omega capsules.
45g quick oats boiled in water,  100g of fat free cottage cheese/or 4 egg whites and 100g frozen berries or
Blend one egg white, water and 45g oats together. Pinch of salt and baking soda. Fry as a large single pancake (using no oil or butter!) and serve with 3 egg whites fried or boiled . Sprinkle with cinnamon, serve with 100g of berries.
You can sweeten with stevia or xylitol.

Lunch: 100g skinless lean chicken, beef or fish. Weigh before you fry.
200g vegetables, mushrooms etc. No peas,  corn, pumpkins or high starchy veggies
5 ml of quality oil either drizzled on top or fry with
25g fat free cottage cheese or 1 egg white
I usually slice my meat very thin when it's thawing. This way,  I get many pieces of meat and it feels like I have a lot... It lasts!
Any spices are fine,  use little salt. Garlic is yummy! And a pinch of taco spice seasoning... Mmmmmmm

Either 6 egg whites with 100g frozen berries (I make a berry, stevia and water smoothie)  or
fat free Greek yoghurt 250g with 100g of frozen berries. You can use stevia or xylitol to sweeten. Don't use artificial sweetener because they prevent the fat loss hormone from working. 

same as lunch but add 40g dry/80g cooked of pasta/rice/Quinoa. Or one potato/sweet potato about 150g. Weigh the grains before you cook them. They usually double in weight but either way... 

Evening snack:
10g wheat bran with 250g Greek yoghurt and 100g frozen berries or
6 egg whites and drink the wheat bran with water and berries(make into a smoothie)
+2 omega capsules 

Drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day. You can drink herbal tea too

Don't be tempted to eat a few Fries or popcorn here or there,  because this is chemistry and it will stop the whole burning process  - and it will just be all in vain. Remove every temptation and find an escape in thoughts or activities

I think you will lose quite a bit of fat in these two-4 weeks...depends how long you want to do this,  4 weeks is max. Time passes anyway,  you might as well... 

I weighed and bagged two 100g bags X 14 days of meat (LEAN!) in to the freezer
And two 200g bags X 14 days of mushrooms, veggies into the freezer. I am a big fan of mushrooms, broccoli and runner beans. Or you can eat cucumber and tomato fresh... I like my beans though.. Fresh lettuce weighs little if you are looking for quantity...

What else? I use a lot of cayenne pepper as it also boosts the metabolism... And encourages water consumption hahaha! 

I don't fry with the oil,  I Drizzle it on my food because I need it more than the frying pan does :) 1ts is like 5g

Print out this blog post and stick it onto your fridge!

I did this diet when my second child was born and whatever I lost which was -a lot,  did not come back because I didn't sacrifice my fat burning muscles 

Example day:
8am breakfast
11am lunch
2pm snack
5pm dinner
8pm evening snack