Pancakes "S" meal.

Yes, "S" meal.

The reason I came up with this recipe (incorporated a few recipes and mixed them to my liking), is because I want BUTTER and WHIP CREAM on my pancakes instead of "yoghurty- sour" toppings. My pallet isn't easily fooled and old habits die hard. I don't want my pancake topping habits to die at all, actually. 

When frying up these beauties remember,
Low (heat) and Slow. These do not cook as fast as regular wheat pancakes but the few extra minutes are so worth the wait!

I couldn't believe how yummy they tasted! I was upset that I forgot to add bacon bits to my last pancake. Oh well, lesson learned, I wont forget that next time! I also did not have any sugar free syrup in stock, so whip cream, berries and pulverized xylitol were more than enough to satisfy my Saturday morning sweet tooth :) Oh I can't wait for next Saturday!

Think of all the possibilities...blueberry pancakes, pumpkin spiced pancakes, cinnamon & xylitol pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, bacon pancakes... all while losing or maintaining a healthy weight! 

Pearl's and Serene's little instagram post re-worded to fit the occasion:

"I eat pancakes-galore for breakfast, why yes I am on a diet!" LOL 

I found these pancakes fry up well, flip well and satisfy well. I cannot complain. I usually make a mess of sweet THM bakings, even the "mugs", so this is victory for me. I feel encouraged:) Finally, on-plan treats don't have to taste dry and unsatisfying... I have a few ideas, recipes clicking a way as I type! But those will have to wait til tomorrow since it's late, and this momma is tired! Tired with a full belly. He he!

Makes 4 small pancakes (single serving)

  • 1 egg
  • 2 T eggwhites
  • 1 T 0% cottage cheese
  • 1 T 0% Greek yoghurt
  • 1 T psyllium husks
  • 2 T almond flour
  • 1/4 t baking powder
  • dash of salt
  • sachet of stevia
Whisk the ingredients together well and let stand for a few minutes, letting the husks soak up. 
  1. Heat the skillet on medium-high, brush skillet with a little butter or coconut oil. 
  2. Spoon 1/4c-ish batter onto skillet, and gently spread it evenly. 
  3. Turn down the heat to medium low and fry for a couple of minutes before checking. Once it easily maneuvers onto your spatula, its ready to flip. 
  4. Cook for another 3-5 minutes or until golden brown, and firm to the touch.
If you're using a Rival Grill - I had mine heating on 4 and then turned it down to 3 once I spooned my batter on the grill.

I truly hope that this recipe works in your kitchen! I truly hope that you are pleased with it.Let me know how it works out!

Your truly,

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thank you !!!!


My Top 10 - October

Dear blog readers, I'm so sorry I have been M.I.A! I can't even list the reasons why, I just haven't had the time.

However, I'm here now! And to pick up from where I left, here are My Top 10.

  1. De-Itemizing to the core! I am going through some rough growing pains and have taken de-itemizing to a whole new level. For those who don't know what de-itemizing is, read HERE. Stay tunes for what has happened and what is to come!
  2. Crock Pot- I can't live without these days. I am following the THM plan, mostly S's for my personal reasons (pregnancy related- and no we're not expecting -yet!) and I'm loving the recipes, and the hands free approach.
  3. Talking about the 'hands free'. I am reading this book AGAIN- can't memorize it enough! I put together a group of 10 mothers, who get together weekly at my home (with tea and cookies *wink*) and discuss each chapter, how it's affecting our lives. A life changing book. Check out the BLOG
  4. Sparkling water. Cans after cans... I would like a soda stream! Freedom from cans and freedom to create my own flavours. Sparkling vitamin water, anybody??
  5. Be Fruitful and Multiply - Nancy Campbell - a very educating eye opening book.
  6. Matthew 6:19-24 -look it up!
  7. Scentsy, I can't get enough of Scentsy! My home smells ever so good, especially now during autumn... *mmmmm*
  8. The Purpose of Christmas, -R.Warren. Yeah it may be early BUT, I'm reading it to my kids in the space of a month, early enough to focus on the real REASON for when Christmas does come around. I'm liking the conversations that follows after each chapter. I don't recommend reading it to kids younger than 6, however I do explain it simply as I read.
  9. Developing photos and going timeless. What ever happened to the time when a picture was enough without embellishments? I love scrapbooking and I love paper crafts... but right now, I love the fact that pictures themselves are enough and are in albums right away. They can be enjoyed right away.
  10. Trust and Obey -blog. Perhaps my favourite blog at the moment? Such an encouraging and information-full site for HG moms (and all moms!!) and homeschooling families walking in Christ. 
and this may be #11 but must add -Trim Healthy Mama for a complete clear complexion and more of scale and non scale victories! HERE