After 4 months..

Writer: Cathy.

Well it's been quite a summer with dieting and working out. All in all I weigh 78 kilos. That is a 28kilo loss from child birth. Not bad! I got 10+ kilos to go. We will see how things start progressing.

I did that 4 week diet and i think I lost 8 kilos first try. I didn't continue after 4 weeks since it was too unnatural for me to eat the same !*?& every day, every week... I love food and I believe that eating was also created for pleasure.

The only thing that I took from that diet that I am still doing, is my 1st thing in the morning shake which is
  • 40g diet mix protein powder
  • 800ml of cold water
I seem to have lost another 2kg just by replacing my breakfast with that shake. I eat lunch, a snack, dinner and sometimes even something in the evening. More about WHAT I am eating, later. It's going good.

I did run the Naisten 10 in May. I ran 10K in 1h 3minutes which was good for an over weight person. I am aiming to lose more weight and to run it in less than a hour NEXT TIME!

I bought myself a Excalibur Dehydrator and now finally I can use my Rainbow Live Food Cuisine Recipe Book and create a new eating plan for my family. I am really excited. Have a look by clicking on the links! At the moment I am making us coconut and garam masala crackers... this will be interesting!

Well that is for that now untill SOON! Keep on visiting our Blog and you will be posted and wiser!

God Bless.

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