Letting Go

A week ago, I started drinking DECAF. For a good week now (and on going), I have had long naps in the middle of the day, have gone to sleep early and haven't wanted to get out of bed the next morning. I still feel this way, perhaps not as severely, but I do feel very tired. I get it. I had tricked my body for months, believing that all was dandy, go go go! I wonder how much harm have I really done to it? I can barely cope with the tiredness. I truly owe my body rest and I plan to give it. If I require 8-10 hrs of sleep per night, then so be it! I have to fit that in and that's just how it needs to be. We were made to live, to work and to REST. Most inportantly, REST in Him.

I cannot be a good wife, mother and homeschooler if I am always dragging along the floors, doing and giving my minimum. 

If we need to eat or drink substances that give us false energy and rob us from our minerals, vitamins and... LIFE, we really should not be doing it. I truly believe that there are foods and natural drinks that give a natural pick-me-up effect with NO side effects.

I personally like the taste of coffee, I just don't need the caffeine to go with it. I am looking into giving up decaf too and swapping it to a coffee-red reishi brew. The red reishi eliminates 97% of the toxins and caffeine in the coffee and it becomes beneficial. This is awesome! More on that later!

Also, we all know how bad sodas are for us, but why do we "gladly" pour this "toxic drink" down our throats and think we can get away with it? We are so DUMB! We won't get away with it, our bodies don't know what to do with it!!!!! No wonder our hormones and bodies are out of whack! And out of whack isn't even the worst case... so sad. You oughta swap the ring pull or bottle cap to a spray nossle and sanitize the dirtiest corner in your house because it kills EVERYTHING.

Please include attribution to TermLifeInsurance.org with this graphic.

Harmful Effects of Soda on Your Body

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