Figs Figs Ev'rywhere!

I feel so blessed. Who would've known that the tree in our garden would produce so much fruit! Lip lickin', nectar drippin', super delicious figs! Didn't Jesus eat figs and dates? :)

Anyway, I feel so abundantly blessed. So I noticed we had some droopy looking figs on our branches, so after google'ing about them, I wasted no more time and picked as many as I could reach. My husband climbed the tree like a pro and picked the rest. The figs were oozing nectar and so sweet!

I am quite apprehensive about making jam (making it unhealthy) out of any vitamin and antioxidant rich fruits and berries, so I chose to dehydrate and freeze them. I even made fruit leather! If my mom was here, I would ask her to make me a small batch of jam to go with my cheese addiction!

and by dehydrating them, I save room... tadaa! Flat as a pancake.
When needed, I'll soak them for about 15minutes before using them in my Super Bar recipe. Which I'll post soon.

Here is a fantastic recipe for you guys to try out! You won't want to miss this opportunity to taste heaven!!

FIG-Banana Ice cream. 
((You don't need an ice cream machine to make this!))

If you don't have access to figs, then double the amount of bananas, it's just as good!


  • 1 tin/can of coconut cream/milk, chilled prior (6h in fridge)
  • 2 frozen bananas (peel and chop before freezing them)
  • 2-4 frozen figs (dice them into fours before freezing them)
  • dash of salt
  • honey
In a blender, blend all, but honey, into a smooth ice cream like texture and (place into the fridge for 15minutes if it is too runny) drizzle with honey. Oh heavenly YUMMYness!

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Tell me, how do you like your figs?

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  1. Sounds like a great ice cream recipe.
    I have some time now made home-made ice cream too. My favourite so far is banana- white chocolate.

    I mash one banana. Mix it with one cup of white-chocolate whey powder. Then I mix an eggwhite with it and into the ice cream maker to be stirred. Can also be put in a cup in the freezer and stir it every 5minutes for about an hour maybe.