My Trim Healthy Mama Non Scale Victories -So Far!

I have hyped about the THM (Trim Healthy Mama) plan so much on here, here and here.... and I'm about to hype about it again! LOL 

To those who do not know what the THM plan is, go here! But in summary, it's a "diet" (more like a plan for life) that apparently "doesn't deprive you of anything but excess body fat". No calorie counting. Everything is on plan. Yes, fat as well and in abundance! You can eat a 3 course meal in every sitting, including desserts and yes, you will shed off pounds. You can do this while pregnant and while nursing and the plan is suitable for all ages and gender. It makes sense. 

Okay, so I facebooked about my NSV (non scale victory) a while ago regarding my complexion. The past 10 years I have had quite the story with "adult acne" and quite the journey with trying to heal from it. For some years my complexion has just been brutal and other years mending really well. Never a dull moment I guess, either ups or downs. 

This year has been one of the medium-crazy-kind-of-acne-battles for me. I couldn't shake off the zits and the inflammation. I was very, very close to signing up for a continuous skin care regime, that was going to cost me lots of $$. For several reasons it never eventually happened, I didn't sign up as a consultant and I was frowning at the idea of having to go forward without it. 

I had just started my THM journey and I didn't think of it as a tool for healthy skin, but more as for losing weight, so I just basically continued on and focused on being a better mom for my 4 kiddos and wife for my hubby. My weight will shift! Won't it...?

I'm one of those lucky women who really doesn't lose the weight while nursing, but only afterwards after the baby/toddler has weened themselves off. I was still getting a bit discouraged because I was the "tortoise" rather than the "hare" in losing weight. So, one day I took my phone and took a selfie of my face. Surely something positive was happening in my body after I eliminated sugar and processed wheat out of my diet?? And sure enough, I was in awe.

As you can see, I was not wearing any make up on either photo. This was the "NSV" that everyone on THM facebook groups took turns posting about! Finally it was my turn! And you know what else, it did not stop there.

Here are my NonScaleVictories so far!

  1. I've had to buy smaller clothes
  2. People have noticed my weight loss
  3. I can see my collar bones
  4. I can feel my hip bones
  5. My libido is coming back...
  6. My skin is doing so so much better, no pimples, no inflammation and no soreness! 
  7. My hair is thicker and shinier
  8. I feel more energetic, not relying on caffeine anymore
  9. I have been off caffeine for over a month now
  10. I sleep better, even while still night nursing my 1 year old
  11. I've returned to the gym with more motivation and energy.
  12. No more embarrassing and painful "trapped gas scenarios", hoping visitors would leave soon! LOL
  13. No more bloating, no more stomach pain
  14. No more midnight snacking, regular blood sugar levels
  15. And I am far less flaky than I was, he he! I am not so forgetful!
The list goes on...

This complexion change happened in a month for me. Your body doesn't need much to get back on the right track. Everything we eat, communicated to our bodies at a cellular level. Isn't that amazing?!

I'm less worried about whether I will see my abs or not, but more focused on how I am nourishing myself and my family. Truthfully, this isn't a diet but a life long plan.

I've had to make some adjustments to some recipes on our weekly menus but I've not switched out a single dish, so my family is still enjoying their favourite meals. I've learned how to bake again, make desserts in a different way, but that is not a big job or a sacrifice considering that these desserts are "fat stripping"! 

These don't look like depriving dishes, do they?

In summary, THM is an answer to my husband's and my "pleasure that is undermining our happiness". Pleasure and Happiness aren't the same thing. Our pleasure, which was eating at late hours, and eating the wrong kinds of foods were undermining our happiness. There is no happiness in painful joints, knees, ankles and hips from excess weight. There is no happiness in having health problems, PCOS, or adult acne in my case. There is no happiness in losing your libido, and never being in the mood for your husband. There is no happiness in being too tired to run around with your kids, and always sitting at the side lines when you truthfully would want to be in the midst of all the fun. There is no happiness in a raised heart rate when you walk up a few stairs. And the list goes on... Fill in the blanks.

In my case my pleasure was robbing me of true happiness. This is where THM stepped in for me. Balance. Balance just as God intended, or as close as we can have it in today's world.

Want to start your journey with THM and put your calorie mindset at rest once and for all? Click HERE

Thank you for letting me share!


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  1. Loved! This! Great work! I am so amazed at what I have learned over the past few years about diet and health. We tend to think, “Oh, I need a drug for problem X” but often it can really be “I can fix this by fixing my diet.” You have done amazing work!

    1. Aw thanks Diana! I initially hopped on THM to see if it would spare me from future HG's... Only time will tell, hey?! It'll be interesting to see.

    2. I would be very interested re the HG. My daughter had 2 HG pregnancies and won't attempt another bc of how horrific they were. Feel free to ask for my email address and let me know. God bless.

  2. Thank you for the recipes, inspiration
    And encouragement just wondering how you've fared in the healing of your diastis recti ?

    1. Aw, I'm happy that I had that impact! Regarding the diastasis recti, I had a six finger gap for one of my widest part,(my overall gap ranged from 2 fingers to 6 fingers wide). Now last time I checked, my 6 finger gap area was nearly closed! I should post about that soon-ish... :) I didn't think this was possible after having 4 kids, but I guess with the proper nutrition and core exercise, MutuSystem and C210k in my case, it's very possible!

      thank you for leaving a comment! Blessings

  3. Thank you for your response. I will research your method, so far all i've looked into is the julie tuplar. Did you belly bind? How long did it take? What is ct210k? I will check in with you later, my nook will only let me post by anonymous. Sorry for all the questions, recently learned that I have it and I wasn't sure if it was cureable.

    1. I've not heard of Julie Tuplar, but then again, I stopped at MutuSystem, because I was in a hurry... (desperate lol) I didn't belly bind,.. I tried using the belly wrap in the beginning, but I found it really uncomfortable,.. it was a waste of money in my case. I've heard both good and bad with belly binding, but I have no experience to say. Mutu System was a quick basic core exercises each day that did the trick for me. I also thing C210K (Couch to 10km) app, was also very good for engaging the core. Having proper nutrition, Trim Healthy Mama is vital as well. How can our bodies recover if they do not have enough to work on :) Hope that helps!!! Thanks for asking! Let me know how things go for you! :)

  4. Hi, is there a reason when you click on your picture where you say your acne is healed that it goes to THM website? Are there certain products of theirs you are using to have success with the acne, or is it just eating the THM way that is doing it?

    1. Only the way I have been eating made that change. However, I did stumble during the holidays, boo - went off plan, and immediately started having problems again. So I'm pretty sure that's it's all down to my diet. I use collagen in my diet a lot. I'm off sugar and all "white food". Basically eating clean, increasing water, apple cider vinegar, collagen, sunflower lecithin etc I think did it for me. :)

    2. Only the way I have been eating made that change. However, I did stumble during the holidays, boo - went off plan, and immediately started having problems again. So I'm pretty sure that's it's all down to my diet. I use collagen in my diet a lot. I'm off sugar and all "white food". Basically eating clean, increasing water, apple cider vinegar, collagen, sunflower lecithin etc I think did it for me. :)