My THM (Trim Healthy Mama) Non Scale Victories 2

I listed 15 NSV's HERE, and here are a few more... How exciting, this never gets old!!!
(pulled Chicken, spinach, Nando's hot sauce on Wonder Wraps and cilantro)
1) Yearly check up at the dentist. Zero cavities. Nada. Zip. Wow. That saves money, now doesn't it?? I'm wondering if all that ACV did the trick? Any thoughts?

2) Feeling really good about the "bedroom" and hubby :) As another fellow THM buddy puts it "BOW CHICKA WOW WOW!" He he 
(Ezekiel Sandwiches)
3) My skin, especially on my heels are not dry, or cracked. This time of year... -weird! 
(My E-day breakfast: Collagen loaded creamy oats, GGMS and a stirred MCT oil collagen coffee)
4) I can think more clearly, and prepping and planning are running a lot smoother than before. Homeschooling has come up from its "lul" and we're on the way up again. Thankfully, I am motivated and inspired again. I think more clearly and not overwhelmed with 4 kids, homeschool, house work, me time, hubby and me time, outdoors time, and every other errand that you can think of. I feel like I have it "under control". This is BIG for me. I'm sure that my brain is being fed good omegas, proper nutrition, the lot. I am happy.
(fuel cycle week 2)
5) More energy than before. I have been working out at home during the days, and feeling energized and positive. I am currently doing the 12 week MUTUSystem online. It's so so so worth it. I am hyped up about it :)
(Chicken-Avocado on "troodles")
6) Lost 7 lb last week. Oh yeah. Fuel cycle week 1 took me down 7 lb. I am 6 days away from finishing week 2. I am wondering if I will enter the 180's. Last week I went down from 201 to 194. My over all starting weight was 245/250, for those who do not know. My desire would be 140-150 lb. But who knows what I'll end up weighing. I am just enjoying all these NSV's along the way :) So motivating and inspiring! 
(Fuel Pull-day lunch: Wonder Wrap Tacos)
I found an ethical grass fed, beef farm that delivers, and a local organic, free range egg dealer lol YAY! I will be making a grass fed, cheese order next payday. I can't wait!!I have been very much convicted of the way our meat and animal products are raised and produced. I believe with all my heart that if we move towards ethical and organic produce, that God WILL provide. He loves to provide. We were called to be good stewards of everything He has given us. Let's not turn a blind eye to how the meat industry is treating our animals and what chemicals are being sprayed onto our produce. I know that the THM plan approves all foods, but I am convicted not to let ill-treated foods hit my plate, or my family's plate. Anyone else feel this way??
(I still can't get over this)
7) Besides my skin looking amazing, besides one little pimple -my body is changing shape, my hair is shiny and my mood is a lot better. Here's to 2016, "the year of change" in all ways possible!
(My favourite breakfast these days)
Let me know what your NSV's are, if you're on the THM plan? I would love to hear more! 

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  1. Hurray! Good for you! Love reading about this.

    I am sorta-kinda doing a bit of THM (started about 5 days ago). The VLC diet I try to do is basically S-only, but it was driving me crazy, so I've started adding one E meal every other day. I'm going to see if that will allow me to lose the weight that's otherwise not going anywhere. I'll post results eventually!

    Have a wonderful day!!

    1. Lovely!!! I look forward seeing your posts!! :) xx