Financial Freedom

We recently went through an online seminar on the topic of financial freedom. There are 20 individual lectures. This 7 biblical principle based seminar unveils God's purposes for money in our lives. As we watched each of the video seminars, we were more and more convicted in various areas of our finances. The most impacting of all, was on the topic of debt or should I say, no debt. Jim Sammons, the speaker gave a number of scriptual reasons for living debt free and gave some amazing real life examples of how this was and can be done. Bare in mind that this seminar is somewhat "dated" from around the mid to late 80's. However, the underlying principles are still very relevant today. 

We have decided to pursue a debt free life style and have purposed to clear off any debt in our lives. Yes this means NO mortagages, NO car loans or financing, NO maxed out credit cards etc.

Here is the link to the seminar. -- Embassy Institute --To watch all of the seminar, you need to register. We highly recommend everybody to do it and at only a minimal cost of 9 bucks.


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