Sleep On It -Curlers!

I've been wanting a perm for so long. This desire goes against everything I thought- I thought about "good" hairdressing. I've never been a fan on perms! Since my 3rd child was 3 months old, my hair has been falling out. This isn't new, happens after each pregnancy and I am not very keen on my thin, droopy looking hair. I went to a "perm expert" for a consultation but I wasn't sold. I said "God, there has to be a cheaper and better way to get natural looking curls/body for my hair??" So I googled, and on my first try I came across this blog with this CLICK HERE method.

HOWEVER, as a hairdresser and the knowledge I have, I realised that there was a faster method to achieve curls. There is actually no need to wet your hair completely and then wait 18 hours for super sweet curls. You can do it that way if you find it easier, and really there is no RIGHT way to go about it, but there IS a more time-saving approach!

I'm glad I came across the blog, since it's a good one! Families with many kids or families wanting to have many kids can really get good advice from this blog.

Okay back to the curls, in the evening before bed time is the best time to curl your hair.
  • Cut 1" x 8" cotton fabric strips (20-30 depending on the thickness of the hair)
  • Wet the strips in warm water and squeeze the excess water out
  • Optional! You can spritz each section of hair with a styling spray before rolling up your hair
               around the pencil which has the strip of fabric running along its length.. 

    • after rolling all the way up, tie a not, pull pen out and complete the not.   
      **BETTER & PERFECT instructions for rolling your hair are on her blog!**

    • cover the head with a shower cap/hair cover/ etc
    • sleep on it! And voilá!

     I "combed" it through with my fingers...

    ...here is K's version below.

    I first tried this on myself, then on my daughter K. We love them! They last and wave out eventually (after a few days). 

    I am sold! Thanks Erika Shupe for this!

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