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Here they are! DIY Create-a-Meal Fridge Magnets, by Cathy Rose! The coolest thing ever! :) What a great way to be creative, meal plan, and teach your kids how to create healthy wholesome meals. This is how I made them.

You'll need
  • scissors
  • card stock
  • small magnets (elmer's)
  • sharpie, colours
  • creativity and inspiration (you ALL got some!)
  • laminating sheets and a laminator (borrow one!)
  • double sided tape
  • a fridge :)

1. I  made a list of the foods we eat. I kept it as healthy as I could, this way we automatically plan good nutritious meals for the whole family. I just started drawing, nothing fancy, just plain lines and even gave my veg faces!

No rush with the drawings. You can't think of the meals all at once, take your time, even days.

2. Name them and colour them in. And again, let your kids do the colouring, no stress.

3. Cut out the pictures and laminate.

4. Cut out the pictures. Stick the pictures and magnets together by using double sided tape.

Teach your kids how to create healthy meals, using a correct food pyramid. 

(I.P stands for "ILTAPALA" which means evening snack/bite in Finnish)


Need help in creating healthy meals? Check out my recipes here!

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