My Top 10 Now Are

Here are my top 10 interests, in use! Enjoy
1. Beehive products. Propolis for treating colds and building immunity, beeswax in candles for cleaning the air and in lipbalm, royal jelly for longevity and treating skin problems, pollen for the amino acids and for good health, RAW honey for sweetness etc...

2. PhytoFUEL

3. Nutribullet. This crafty little machine is amazing! It extracts any type of seeds you put in it (even strawberry!) and makes even smoothies in seconds. It's quiet and just so, so convenient!!

4. My correspondent box. I love my little "letter box" I got from Nancy for my birthday. It goes so well with my fountain pen. The paper and envelopes are so "Jane Austen" and it makes letter writing so enjoyable and pretty.

5. Scent and taste free coconut oil. I love the health that coconut oil adds to our lives but I don't always fancy eating coconut flavoured foods.

6. Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. In my drinking water, in my bath water...

7. Dried eucalyptus. I'm growing my own plants and then I'll dry them in my dehydrator. I love the scent that they give. It reminds me of being in a country home, next to pottery and beeswax candles... Soul comforting..

8. Glass containers. Economical, endurable, always shiny, non-toxic...

9. Weight Watchers app. Keeps me on track, always!

10. The gym. My outlet. Just so convenient.

What are your top 10 this summer?

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