Weight Loss #3 Part 9

I was 205 lbs
I am 172 lbs
I have lost -33 lbs !!



I'm a loser!!!

See, I'm back on track!!!

I haven't stressed about it too much and the loss is slow-ish, but I'm still losing...

So what do I do? I don't use the WW method anymore, but rather eating more raw and natural.

  • For example, I snack on apples, sugar free organic peanut butter and hemp hearts.
  • I try having 50% of my plate raw, each meal.
  • I put cucumber on everything.
  • My bread is rye, usually rye crackers.
  • I drink herbal tea.
  • I have my coffee black.
  • I eat frozen cherries when I crave for a late evening snack.
  • I try to stay away from sugar and wheat, but don't beat myself up for having some.
  • I've juiced: cleansed my system and "kick started" my liver and kidneys. 
  • I've said "no" to treats. Not because I can't have them, but because I know I can, but I choose not to.
  • I've weekly menu planned.
  • I've eaten  sushi on a regular basis.
  • I've enjoyed Korean Hot Pot, on a regular basis.
What are your favourite healthy snacks?
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