My Top 10 #2

  1. Shellac nail polish. I really like this stuff! I can't really afford or manage acrylic nails, so this technique really gives me a lasting polish, SHINE and it keeps my nails strong.
  2. Frozen Cherries (COSTCO). I love eating these sweet delicious cherries, especially when I start craving for sweeties at night, or late in the evening.
  3. Woolly socks. It's autumn, rainy, cold...
  4. Juicer. After watching THIS with my hubby, we both went on a two weeks cleanse. We took this time to fast and break the unhealthy eating habits we had created. This was a great way to "kick start" our liver and kidneys and clean our tubes. We give our cars a good service once a year, why not our bodies?
  5. The Shelter of God's Promises, Bible Study by Sheila Walsh
  6. Hemp Hearts, the nutty omegas! On my salads, in my porridge, on my fruit and veg, in my smoothies...
  7. Liver Sausage. Reminiscing my childhood and Finland. I'm home sick.
  8. Herbal Medicine and Remedies, from my kitchen! I have been a busy bee, in my kitchen making "arthritis"salves, lip balms, herbal body scrubs, fruity body scrubs, "tummy-soothing" tea, nursing tea, "hot flushes and night sweats" tea, varicose vein gels, and cold feet oil. I am attending Christmas markets to sell.
  9. Genesis 1:29 and 2:9 " Through a testimony of life change and challenges, Nutritional Therapist and mother of 3, Cathy Rose will talk about how to improve your health and vitality through better food choices, and deeper nutritional knowledge. In addition, Cathy will help you build a tool box of recipes, ideas and tips in order to expand your understanding and enhance your health for not only you, but for your children and whole family.
    Cathy will discuss topics such as:
    - raw food and other remedies
    - benefits of organic
    - vitamins and enzymes in food
    - food choices today
    "                                                                                                                            I gave a talk on this and I'm looking forward to many more coming my way. All glory to God!
  10. Women's Ministry. I'm really enjoying this season of life right now, where I am able to attend a few Bible studies and ladies events at church. It's soul food. I'm blessed! 
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