Weight Loss Update #10

For Pete's Sake!

And her weight is up again (+7lbs)! Can I blame it on Christmas? On the turkey? On my surgery a month ago? On the recovery?

Nope, just me... sigh.

Have I lost hope? No.

Am I frustrated? No.

Am I motivated? Again? Oh yes!

What went wrong, you ask?

This is what went wrong.

  1. Sugar intake
  2. Skipping workouts
  3. Dehydration
  4. Late night snacking
  5. Lack of sleep
How can I fix it?

  1. Meal plan and prep -this is crucial. If all the meals are planned and prepped for, what can go wrong?
  2. Finding new and motivating workouts. Mixing it up a bit. Challenging myself. (I used new machines today. Machines I've always stayed away from:)
  3. Drinking more water. Filling up a gallon sized jug of water in the morning, (this lets the water to oxygenate and become chlorine free -google it!) and making sure I bloomin' well drink it throughout the day!
  4. Stop eating past 7 p.m -we all know this one... unfortunately, don't we??
  5. Going to bed on time. Lack of sleep is one major causes of weight gain. It's all hormones. Google it.
Here is a link to a super idea for a healthy breakfast! I'm so going to give it a try! 

Do you have any advice to give me? I'm still a ways away. 

Check out more on my weight loss HERE.

Would love to hear your thoughts, please comment away!

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