Weight Loss #4 Week 3

Unfortunately, I have to put my weight loss on a break. I have been "swimming upstream" for the past week and I NOW know why.

I am on Domperidone. One of its side effects is WEIGHT GAIN. Yup.

During Christmas my family and I suffered a horrific cold. My milk took a dip and I tried everything to get it going again. I fortunately have a wonderful support group on FB called the 'Crunchy Families' and got several tips on how to increase my milk supply. 

I did as much as skin to skin as possible with baby, including drinking dark ale, mother's milk teas, eating oatmeal after oatmeal, drinking enough fluids, pumping... you name it and without success. I met up with a La Leche League trainer and fb friend who pointed out some "anatomy issues" regarding my struggle to feed baby well.

Now wiser and smarter I went to see my Dr. and she prescribed Domperidone 2 pills 4 x a day. Within like 4 days I filled out! I was carrying stones.... ouch! I went down to 2 pills 2-3 x a day and I feel better. Yesterday, I upped my placenta capsules too, to 2 capsules 2x a day. I'm hoping for a good balance.

So, because of the silly vanity I still seem to have within me I "Dr.Googled" weight loss with Domperidone, thinking that since it was producing milk on "overdrive", I must be losing weight faster, I hoped... BUT to my disappointment, it is the exact OPPOSITE!! 

Apparently hundreds of women suffer weight gain while nursing on Domperidone. Bummer.

Well, so until I stop taking Domperidone, I will stop weighing myself, I will accept that I probably won't lose any and might even pile some pounds on and will just focus on loving me the way I am right now. I will eat healthy, I will keep hydrated, I will do Pilates and Yoga... I will enjoy every day that's been given to me. 

I will keep posting recipes and my thoughts. Stay tuned!

As I type I have a 

Greek Yoghurt & Honey Mask on...


1T Greek Yoghurt
1t honey

Mix well, and spread avoiding your eyes, let it soothe for 15minutes + and wash.

Have you been on Domperidone? What was your experience like?

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  1. I wish you the best!
    Sometimes, as a parent, doing what is best for your child isn't the "best" for you.
    I took Reglan for milk stimulation with two of mine, even though it seriously gives me anxiety and paranoid tendencies, neither of which I usually have. Both times, dh and my midwife and I had a serious conversation about the pros and cons. Both times the true need for milk won out over my "need" to be mentally well. (for the short term!) Blessings on you and your baby!