I couldn't Pump

When I had my first baby, everything related to nursing was like a crash course. Right after the birth of my first born, I was very blessed to have an experienced midwife (back in Finland) to really emphasize the importance of nursing, and how valuable mother's milk is. I took everything she said to heart and delivered "creamy-cream" to my infant. He grew and he grew fast!

My son must've been a few months old when I decided to attend a women's meeting at church, without him. If I would've known then what I know and believe now, I would've taken him with me. However, I was a newbie and most likely pressured by other moms to leave him home and to go enjoy "my own time". All I had to do is pump a little milk into a bottle and my husband would be more than okay to take care of him while I was gone.

Well, things did not go as planned. The electric and manual breast pumps that I purchased for times like these, did not work on me. I sat there for a good hour, maybe in 15 to 30minute sessions, sore-nippled, defeated, feeling guilty and disappointed in my own body for not producing "liquid gold" for my precious baby. After all, all the moms I knew could express a full bottle in no time. I remember one friend donating her breast milk away, because she was literally flowing milk into those manual pumps and could easily fill up a bottle in less than 5 minutes.

Not me. I tried everything! Heat pads, nursing baby while I pumped, looking at my baby intensely with warm mothering nurturing feelings....I squinted and focused my very best but, nada. I may have expressed a drop that dried up before it even hit the bottom of the bottle.

Thankfully not very long after that incident, our child-care clinic nurse told me about these amazing "milk-catchers". They're like little saucers that you place in your bra, and while you're nursing your baby, it catches what you leak from your other nipple. I used to fill these bad boys up! We would collect throughout the day into the fridge and bag up and freeze before we hit the sack. I had a good stash of "liquid gold" tucked in my freezer for the times that I was away.

And guess what happened 11 years later?! Keep reading...

Throughout the 11 years with my other babies, I tried all kinds of breast pumps. I was certain that there was a brand out there that would work for me. I tried every brand I could get my hands on. I'm just thankful that I had been smart about it and borrowed/rented them instead of purchasing them, so I didn't lose too much money! 

After 5 babies, I discovered this silicone breast pump. 

What do you think happened? I gave it a go and it worked! Not only did it catch my leaking milk, but it encouraged it out in streams!? This is huge guys! HUGE! I couldn't believe it, my husband was in shock too! I was like "honey, look!!! Look! I got 30ml, just in a few minutes!" Needless to say, I was super stoked but also, so encouraged and empowered! I have a stash! Hello date-nights!

So what happened next? I stand behind these amazing products that we went ahead and sourced high quality food grade collectors and pumps to sell on Amazon as a home business. You all deserve to give these a try, and I'm pretty sure that these will be a huge blessing to your mothering years of breastfeeding your little miracles.

So, here I am a homeschooling mama of 5 with a "side hussle" that benefits us women. Go check these out, my two new products on Amazon and tell me what's YOUR story?!

Do you struggle with pumping?

Here's my #5 in a "milk coma". Stay little, my precious little man.

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