My Top #10 - oops 11! February 2018

  1. Baobab fruit powder. I have yet to get sick this year (Fall 2017- Spring 2018). I don't know whether it is because I have been religiously getting Meyer's Cocktails (IV vitamin therapy), or whether it's because I have been adding Baobab powder to my daily sippers? Or a combination? Whatever the case is, I dare not go a day without 1T of Baobab powder. This my friends, is the REAL deal. 
  2. True Lime and True Lemon sachets. I love these! water enhancers sweetened with stevia. My favourite sipper is one of these true lemon/lime sachets, 1T Baobab, 1T ACV (apple cider vinegar), and 1/4 gallon of water. Sometimes, I add ground ginger and freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  3. Grocery shopping over the border. I have been doing this for about 2 years now. Every so often, I will hop over the border (not illegally of course!) to do some grocery shopping. I posted my recent "grocery haul"on YouTube (Click Here!), go check it out! Why do I shop in the US? Well firstly, it takes around 20 to 30minutes to drive to the border, and usually we've been really lucky with the border lines. Secondly, the food I need fits better with our budget and household size (larger quantities). Thirdly, I get stuff I cannot get from Canada (just some stuff are novelties!). And fourthly, it's always fun to do a mini road trip with your "besties" and on top of that, visit our favourite restaurant! 
  4. Cat Nip -ha ha ha! No, but for real it is ridiculously cute to watch the cats go wild. We got 3 kittens last year. I almost crossed the "crazy cat lady" line.
  5. Dark roast decaf. I gave up caffeine a while ago, but not coffee. I love coffee. I love dark roast and Italian. I realized that drinking coffee really affected my night sleep, even if I could fall asleep without any problems. Also, since I'm nursing baby Alistair, he seems to be sleeping a little bit better too.
  6. Trim Healthy Mama. I'm so back on the THM plan. I have lost around 25lb so far. My post birth weight was around 231 to 233lb, my current weight is 207.2 and my goal weight is around 135 to 150lb. I am aiming to be there sometime in 2019. I cannot believe the "food freedom" THM provides you! It is incredible! If you haven't looked into it yet, I suggest you do! Do not go another day without reading about it and giving it a go! You can follow my journey on Instagram (CLICK HERE!) and see what I eat, how I feel, read about my "non-scale-victories" and more! Check out Trim Healthy Mama by clicking here.
  7. Created To Be His Help Meet by, Debi Pearl. What can I say about this book? I had several women warn me about this book. Some threw "book reviews" my way, and of course these reviews were advocating for women NOT to read this book. Well, I'm one of those gals that likes to make her "own reviews" and I'm so glad I did. I was so close to putting this book down and continuing on with my life, but there was something that really intrigued me, "why is this book rubbing so many the wrong way?" Geez Louise, mama bear! This is hardcore stuff! Sure, there was stuff that I didn't agree with in particular, but I'm really glad I didn't throw the baby out with the bath water, if you know what I mean! Our marriage has experienced tremendous healing through this book and I am grateful for that! I'm talking about 12 years of a certain thorn in our side, gone! You might not want to pick up this book, but if you decide not to, please don't let it be because of some nasty book review. 
  8. The Excellent Wife by, Martha Peace. This book is a notch down from Debi Pearls book. Ha!
  9. Above Rubies. What can I say? I stumbled across this magazine (ministry) almost 12 years ago in Finland. Above Rubies has carried me so far in my motherhood journey than any other mother support group-ladies weekly Bible study- mother or in law support- combined or imagined! The hope and strength that I possess as a mother today, is because of the Above Rubies Ministry. I have gained so much knowledge, so much wisdom, so much hope and encouragement, joy...the list goes on! Above Rubies has pointed me to the Cross, the Truth in regards to what "mothering" is all about. I cannot thank AR enough. Check them out! (Click Here)
  10. Instagram -is where I've been active recently. More than Facebook. If you want to know what's going on with me on a regular basis, check there first!
  11. Holy Temple Health products on Amazon Empty Gelatin CapsulesSilicone Breast Pump and Breast Milk Collectors. So this is exciting!!!! We've launched our own business! Who knew we would be selling pregnancy, baby and health related (my personally favourite products ever) goodies on Amazon?! We do not believe in debt so we launched our little business initially with only $500 that hubby got as a bonus last year. Starting out small and Lord willing, this will grow. Keep us in your prayers!
Whats up with you guys? Missed you!


  1. Cathy, I love this! You and I always think alike!

    You convinced me to try the Baobob powder. I found some at Walmart, so I've ordered some for this week!!

    (I'm so bummed that Azure Standard has stopped carrying THM products - hoping they pick them back up soon!!)

    Did you give up caffeinated coffee as part of your morning sickness prevention protocol? I've been thinking about it recently.

    I have baby weight to lose too, and am trying to get into THM to do it - the VLC is just too hard, which is a bummer. My problem is that I allow too many cross-overs!! :)

    I love Created to Be His Helpmeet - sure, there are things I don't agree with, but it is hands-down the best marriage book out there. Love it.

    And Above Rubies is, again hands-down, the best family/motherhood ministry out there. I LOVE their stuff. It's one of the only magazines I keep!!

    Let's email soon! Have a wonderful night!!

    P.S. My Canadian family is down here this weekend having a family reunion in California! :)

    1. Hi Diana! I'm always so excited to read your latest blog posts and hear from you! What a treat!

      I am in love with Baobab powder. It really is a super food. I have not been sick this year and I really think it has made a huge difference in our family's immunity. Positively.

      It' really hard for me to get THM products without spending an arm and a leg. I have come up with my own version of the "baking blend" and it's so good I'm considering patenting it! LOL j/k No, but seriously. Email me if you want the recipe.

      I love the THM plan for preventing HG. I have been incorporating more lacto fermented foods however. I have noticed that keeping xo's to the bare minimum and snacking on FP's help.

      I agree, Debi Pearl's book is hands down, the best marriage book out there.

      I have so much to share, I might just email you shortly!


      p.s We're going to the ATI Family Conference, Sacramento in July!!!

    2. Hi, Cathy!! Yes, let's email! So much to talk about!!

      I would love to see your baking blend recipe! I have one that I use (Sheri's Baking Blend, I think it's called?), and I would love to compare. I also just started using the "Frugal Flour" mix that they recommend in the Table cookbook - half flax and half coconut. So simple, and it works just fine! I agree, the baking blend is expensive, so I'm all about finding look-alike recipes.

      I am getting my baobob powder this afternoon, and I'm so excited to try it!!

      Oh, an ATI conference! I bet it will be awesome!!! And in Sacramento - we can wave across a couple of states! :)

      We'll talk soon!