Writer: Cathy

Current weight :76kg/ 167lbs

Weight lost: 30kg/66lbs

Well! It's a happy day! I have completed my STOTT Pilates IMP Course 2 weeks ago and I have begun teaching already! This is great because not only is teaching a job, but it's a way of learning in this field. I'm loving it and so are my clients who are seeing results!

I have been experimenting on myself and my family with new recipes (RAW/LIVE FOODS) and Pilates (I've left the kids alone!). Simon and I still go to the gym but now we know it's not about superficial muscles, sure they look pretty - BUT it's about the SOUL, MIND and BODY! And the deeper muscles;-)

Soul Food for example... there's truth in that. And I'm not just talking about 'food'.

How does STOTT Pilates differ from Regular Pilates? click HERE

Private and Semi Private lessons available. Inc.Postural Analysis and Program

Nutrition advice available. Inc. Analysis and Program

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