Order in a chaotic home (mind), finally!

Eccleciasted 3:1
1 There is a time for everything,
   and a season for every activity under the heavens:

I found something that helped me tremendously back in Finland. A WEEKLY FRIDGE  PLANNER! How I forgot about this, I do not know? My guess is that I have been so overwhelmed with moving continents, taking care of the kids (mostly alone) and being pregnant and sick. However, I have found it; re-wrote it; it's neither here nor there; not perfect, but at least it's giving me a direction. I feel less stressed just by creating it. Calm.

We do not follow it to the letter, or the minute, all of the time, but we believe that if we aim for the stars, we at least hit the tree tops- which is good enough for us! Also, it gives Simon and I plenty of together time which we have lacked since our move. Instead of having to 'pick up the pieces' at night, we can now cuddle and study the Word or watch movies together- Bliss!

Be blessed!

P.S email me if you want the excel sheet to create your own. It's colour coded because the kids memorize it that way:) they like to know what is going on:)

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  1. Its been ages since you posted here.
    I looked on this blog like a week ago or so, thinking about you and such. Glad you posted again!!