Home Made Yogurt Recipe

This is a Yogurt recipe I found after we moved to Canada. I bought a dehydrator from Excalibur and the "cook" book came with it. We couldn't believe how expensive yogurt was over here! Coming from a Nordic country, where dairy products are eaten far too much , we had already given up milk along time ago and replaced it with almond and soy milk. The soy yogurts over here are not as good as we are accustomed to, so we therefore make our own yogurt from dairy. This recipe can be made without a dehydrator, if one can find a suitably warm place for the pots. In Finland a sauna room would be ideal, or a slightly OPEN, low temperature oven. My grandmother would have had it setting on her kitchen table, because her kitchen was warm enough due to being a wood heated house. This yogurt contains no sugar, preservatives etc and you can make lots for a lot less than you are paying right now. I will be experimenting on soy milk too! Keep you posted on that later!


Excalibur Preserve it Naturally "Cook" Book

4 C milk                                                              Metric measurement: 1C=2.4dl
½C instant powdered milk
2T Plain Yogurt (with culture)
1t vanilla, almond or other essence (optional)

Add powdered milk and essence to the milk and bring to the boil for a few seconds. Cool to 120*F/49*C. Add plain yogurt to a 1/4 C of the boiled milk to make a thick sauce. Stir into remainder of the boiled milk, mixing well. Empty the mixture into clean glass or plastic jars/containers with lids (I use 8 small plastic Glade containers) and place on the bottom of the dehydrator. Set temperature at 115*F/46*C. After 3 hours, check to see if yogurt is set. if so, cool (in the fridge). If not set, check every 15 minutes until it is set. Do note: Do not check by mixing it or shaking it, it will ruin the process.

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