DIY Citrus Cleaner

A few weeks ago my friend Heidi (blogger of House Wife University) gave me this link for DIY Citrus Cleaner. I am a big fan of non-toxic homecare, and not only does it save our pennies but it saves the planet too. Come to think of it, if my kids happened to drink it, I wouldn't have to call 911. Chemical based cleaning products today are extremely toxic and cause all sorts of illnesses from asthma to migraines.

It's tough on grime, tough on scum, antibacterial and has a pleasent smell. Very easy to make! 


a mason jar or container with tight fitting lid
orange or any citrus peel
quart of white vinegar
spray bottle (for later use)

After eating a few oranges, save the peels and place them into the jar/container with the vinegar. Close it tightly and leave to sit for 2 weeks. Two weeks later, discard the peels and fill a spray bottle with half of the vinegar solution and half water.

Excellent! Give it a go!

I am going to try this with lavender, lime, mint, cinnamon sticks, and whatever I can come up with that is antibacterial and has a pleasent smell.

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