Mid Update - Weight Loss etc.

First of all, take your time right now to wipe down your keyboard and screen. This makes a big difference on your "screen time". Trust me, just do it! 

My Weight Loss:

Secondly, I want to share with you about what impact evening snacking has on your body. In just 3 days, as I left the evening snacking out, (read here) I dropped 3 lbs. This is no diet. This is common sense. Our bodies do not need the energy we so forcefully (I mean gladly) give it late at night. Unless, we're hitting the gym or we've just come back from a 2h hike. I say supress the habit! Which is why,

TODAY, I told my husband that we need to limit our movie nights (at home) to once a week, or even twice a month! Why? Unless I'm on a strict short term "jump start diet", my brain is just coded in a way where watching a movie and putting popcorn in my mouth go hand in hand. Unfortunately. So, to kill that unhealthy -repetitive habit, I must limit the temptations until, my brain is recoded. Makes sense? I'll keep your posted on that!

What I'm learning about:

I am in love (don't take it too literally) with weights! I am so happy to see how my body is changing in such a short time. I'm seeing strength, muscle definition, less back pain, more energy and better nights sleep. I am amazed at the body that God has designed, and how our bodies were made to move, how they can adjust/change-given the opportunity, and how physical activity also affects us emotionally, chemically and last but NOT least, spiritually. 

The only way I know how to describe what I am going through is this image. Fully, as a family, giving to God what is God's. Ourselves.  I see myself, in some ways taken out of what I know to be "normal" or the way we should live, to another path that may be somewhat foreign but serene. I see my family fixed on His will, living to glorify Him, taking the time to hike, bike, run, roll around, jump, laugh... to eat the fruits and the vegg, and the sweets that He has given us. Share about the true love by being what He has called us to be, no more, no less. Thriving to grow in him, thriving to do our best and knowing GRACE in the midst of the good and the bad. 

What I am struggling with: 

Seeing unhealthiness in everything. I carry guilt, a lot. I know this is not from the Lord. I'm on a path. I know that wisdom and knowledge can sometimes feel like a burden. I see that in some ways "ignorance is a bliss". I'm just learning to balance it all, by His strength, according to His word. This is where Grace comes in!

When I open up a yoghurt pot for my little ones, I cannot help but read the labels and wonder what damage some of the ingredients may do to us. I don't believe I should ignore it, since once knowledge has been given to you, you should use it wisely. I'm in a little bit of limbo here. I allow my children to have sweets at times, I prepare their favorite meals at times (which aren't very "healthy"),... then I put hemp hearts and oats into their yoghurt pots to add a little more healthiness to them. I dread giving them cooked vegg, because I know that the vitamins have halved and the enzymes are no longer there. But I still do at times.... So, just if you keep me in your prayers, I know that being a mother isn't easy, and the added guilt, can be very destroying.

Letting go:

I'm still half way of de-itemizing (read all about it HERE), and I'm still motivated, determined and anxious -in a good way, what the outcome might look like. I have day dreams about the finale, the finished project. I want it to be finished already but, I know that there is a lot of personal growth that needs to ntake place before I can take the next major step. In His time.

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