My Top 10

  1. Financial Freedom Seminar by Embassy Institute. My husband and I have taken this seminar as an annual thing to go through as a couple. I have learned a lot, again. We feel focused once again. We're going through it as we speak and share the experience with some friends of ours. We're planning on getting together weekly to discuss it.
  2. Anger Resolution Seminar, by Embassy Institute. I went through this 20h seminar on my own, each night once the kids went down for the night. I discovered a lot and to put this in simple yet powerful words, it changed my life as I know it!
  3. Uno card game. I enjoy playing Uno with my son. It's a great way to come together and have a laugh as well as talk.
  4. Pinterest Food Recipes. I've stacked baking and cooking recipes to try out with my kiddos.
  5. Menu Planning, deal hunting... we're going through a "dry spell" and I have learned to stretch the pennies.
  6. Bear Grylls -survivor NetFlix episodes. Can't get enough.
  7. Bored Shorts TV Kid Snippets via YouTube. Quite funny. I haven't laughed that hard, ever! Too funny!
  8. My workout and diet regime HERE. Going good.
  9. Letting go of OvuView App. Again. Old habits die hard.
  10. Teaching STOTT Pilates again, after a few years break.

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