Why I'm Scrapping Scrapbooking

I am quitting scrapbooking for good. 

Why? Well here are a few reasons why I have FINALLY decided to scrap it.

  • Can't keep up with filing life
  • Carrying too much guilt
  • Not finding the time to scrapbook
  • It won't last
  • Going back to basics
I just don't have the time or the desire anymore to record every single thing in my or my kids' lives. It take a lot of time and in some ways, like FB, it is "unnatural" to do so. In my opinion.

I carry a lot of guilt from not completing the 1st years, nevermind the pregnancy albums, of my first two kids and now we have 3 kids and I am like 7 years behind in scrapbooking our life. I free myself from the dissolution of needing to scrapbook our life. I'm free.

I don't have the time to scrapbook. I homeschool, I'm a full time stay at home (super busy!!!) mom. I don't have the time to take my stuff out, lay them out and give my time to it. I just don't.

This too, is a trend. This too, will pass.

What happened to the good old photo albums? Or simple black albums using adhesive photo corner stickers? Why does each picture deserve a decorative page? I'm going back to old school. I still enjoy looking at pictures without the "parade".

I am FREE of guilt that unfortunately ScrapBooking has given me. Now, to all my scrapbooking friends, you know who you are! I still love you dearly and enjoyed every second of scrapbooking with you. If it's a way of meditation and a fun hobby for you, don't quit. This is personal.

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  1. ¨If it's a way of meditation and a fun hobby for you, don't quit. This is personal.¨

    Thanks! I will continue. I am ok with not Scrapping EVERYTHING. I do not have every-tooth-out-date for all four children, and I am ok with that! Glad you are real with yourself and are evaluating eternal things (I feel the same way about Christmas cards...lot of guilt, so I do not do them. tee-hee).