Crying Out to God

One Sunday, a few months ago I had been convicted through a seminar that I was going through at the time. I told my husband to take the kids and leave me to meet my Creator in peace. He was kind enough to not question anything and take the kids swimming. Soon after they left, I fell on the bed, on my face and cried out to God. Literally, cried out, yelled out, sobbed and poured out my heart to my heavenly Father. All of my doubts and fears was layed out, infront of Him, as I clenched onto the covers and whimpered everything to Him.

"God you know my fears, my struggles, my pain... I choose to follow You, live out my convictions, have mercy on me!"

One thing in particular was on the top of my list,


Such a difficult and nauseous time for me. Nothing sweet about my pregnancies, just torture. 

"Oh God, if we are to leave the number of the children we have, up to you, would you please take the burden of my pregnancies??"

Well here I am TODAY, 7 weeks pregnant. We're expecting again. Our #4 :)

Do I feel nauseous? -YES! But nothing, nothing and once again nothing, compares to what I had to endure 3 pregnancies before. I have been lifted up, my cry has been heard and I am "standing" by His strength only.

I'm going to blog about this pregnancy. How I am coping, what I am learning, eating and doing. Stay tuned! 
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  1. Happy Happy joy joy! I am so happy for you!

  2. Congrats you guys! :)