Daily Lists

I have a tendency to make lists upon lists, of some which I might forget about and some that I carry with me at all times. I make lists on what lists I should make. I make grocery lists, garden planning lists, menu lists, to do lists, some day to do lists, summer activity lists, monthly lists, book lists, homeschool lists, diy lists, you name it. Oh and blog about lists!

I haven't completed our new master schedule as of yet, but I have worked on a fraction of it. It's a quick over view list of Mon-Fri, of what needs to get done, or maybe of what we aim to get done. I might plan a quick menu on the side, which to be honest, rarely goes to plan, and I might add a few must do tasks that come to mind as the week progresses.

Let me warn you, it's not pretty -but it works! It's just to map out the day for me, I'm a very visual person and I like to see things on paper :) 

Here it is. Oh, right, one of my kids stuck stickers on it to make it more attractive....

 I check things off and usually cross them out as a double check. I know, it's silly.

So basically, I write down the homework that needs covering and also the amount of time I want them to invest in it. I have a timer on my phone, on silent (only for me to see), so that I can decide whether we need to work on a topic a few more minutes or such. I have the errands needing to be done listed afterwards, the menu for the day on the side and a few "wishes" that would be nice, if it got done.

This is my little crazy list, simple yet keeps me and my household "on track". Of course, I am working on a simple binder which will be visible to me at all times and as well looks pretty, won't be as easily misplaced.

What are your lists like?

Do share!!!

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  1. I use an app on my iPad for all my lists. It's called Paperless and I LOVE it. It's great for lists that I might use again, like if I wanted to have the same list every Monday. At the end of the day, I just hit a button and it unchecks them all, ready for next Monday.
    I also can have unlimited lists without a bazillion papers...

  2. Krystal, I tried using an app on my phone and it didn't get used or checked off. I like to handwrite my lists:) when it comes to schedules, they are usually on paper too.