Making Butter -Fun and Useful

Wanna do something super fun with your kids that is educational and delicious?! Well guess what!

-We made butter today!
J is in second grade, and for Bible we studied about the "olden ways" of grinding grains and making butter. Back then it was hard work, but today, it's only a few minute process. J and K both enjoyed watching the whole process, but most of all, they enjoyed the taste testing afterwards.

I bought regular whipping cream out on a whim, but next time we'll definitely invest in good quality heavy cream from a local dairy farm. 

So this is what we did!

First we over whipped the cream until it separated and produced butter curd. 

Then we drained off the butter milk from the butter itself -easy peasy!

 Using a spatula, we pressed the excess butter milk, and what was left, was creamy butter!

 We have a bowl of butter milk for our next recipe -Buttermilk BREAD!!! Stay tuned! And a container full of home made, delicious, finger licking and creamy butter. Yum!

 Keeps in the fridge for about a month.

Buttermilk -not a waste, no indeed!But a side product! Buttermilk Bread, heavenly bread! Recipe coming later!

It makes me wonder, a few Christmas' ago, Finland had news galore about their empty butter shelves, in all the grocery shops throughout the country. Knowing what I know now, every household could've over whipped a bit of cream and finished off their Christmas recipes, no problem!

Have you tried making butter? I wanna hear all about it:)

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