Managing Your Home Part 1

Since having more than one kid, fourth one on the way, I feel like I need to invest in training my children to be proactive and contribute a bit more to this household.

Lately I have been quite overwhelmed with keeping this home in a semi clean state, while homeschooling and living the basic daily life, you know, needed grocery shopping, meal making, diaper changing, nose wiping, hobby driving- life. Something needed to be done.

I ordered the Managers of Their Homes book, to get me organized once and for all. I have not gone through the whole book yet, but needless to say, I have picked up some valuable jewels along the way. I cannot, cannot, cannot, do everything in this home without sacrificing the relationships that matter the most to me, So, I have taken the very first steps to being more wise about the 24h we have been given each day.

There is freedom in structure, in scheduling, in rhythm. Yes there is. I've only tested a fraction of our new possible "master schedule" for the last few days, and we have spent more time reading, playing games, spending time together in general, while our home has kept afloat. *BIG SMILE* The house has not fallen apart! Which, to be honest, it usually does -one or the other suffers.

Sooooo, I'm so excited!!!! What are the few new (old but new) changes we have made?

Training the kids to be proactive.

Bathroom Training - Keeping the bathroom clean! No toys, no books and no toilet paper strewn all over the floor. No smudged toothpaste in the sink and no semi rinsed tooth brushes left out. 

First we tell them. Then we demonstrate. Then we supervise.....Then we remind them. 

I left a pack of wipes under the sink for the kids to give the sink a daily wipe if they see smudges. The bag of toilet paper is out of sight, so if the roll on the wall has run out (which they will learn how to change themselves) they need to ask for help. Otherwise, seriously, there will be several rolls and pieces strewn all over the floor. 

I wrote a temporary reminder on the wall saying,

"Bathroom Rules-

Keep it mess free! -No toys, no books, no papers...

Wash your hands with WARM water and soap. (My kids tend to be lazy with the tap and use cold only)

Turn off the lights, and close the door.

The Dinner Table Training - 
  1. No play No messing around, no toys on the table etc
  2. Clean up after yourself Bring your dishes to the sink or dishwasher, wipe up after yourself and if needed sweep under the table.
  3. Ruoka Rauha (direct translation food peace = dinner peace) 


I purchased some pull out drawers for the cupboard next to our dishwasher, so that our kids could easily empty the dishwasher in the mornings. Usually it's been quite the hassle for them, since our plates and cups were directly on top of the washer and they had to get on and off the kitchen chair to manage the task. So for a while, it has been Simon and I doing the dishes. Well, after purchasing and after Simon installing the mesh drawers, the kids have easily been able to do this morning chore without frustration. This "small" chore has given me the chance to focus on getting breakfast done and changing baby Lucy's morning nappy, on top of other bits and bobs, that would usually leave me rushing around.

We have a long way to go yet, with finishing up a chore list for each family member, a daily schedule, a meal planner and making sure everyone gets enough one on one time with each other. We want to make sure, everyone -including the parents, get enough sleep each night, we want to plan and prep for healthy meals, we want to live a more stress free-rush free life, we want to teach the kids responsibility, we want to build relationships between family members and so on.

There is a pioneer family of 11, who inspired us to get this book. Have a look at her website! www.largefamiliesonpurpose.com

What are your ways of keeping your family afloat?

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