My trim Healthy Mama SCALE Victory So Far.

SO, I've posted about my NSV's (non scale victories) quite a bit. The reason I have not posted about my SCALE victories is because I have had the hardest time finding any before photos of myself at my heaviest. I look at the pictures from last year and it seems that any picture that I'm in, I'm either hiding behind something or someone and my camera angle is deceiving. Understandably, I'm guessing! I didn't want to be "seen".

These "before" pictures are not from when I was my heaviest, but they're "up" there, so they'll have to do.

My starting weight was around 245 lb 2015

My current weight is 192 lb

(Do note: I'm 5'8/ 171cm tall)

These photos were taken late August 2015

And now the photos from today...

Sorry for the extremely dirty mirror. Oh what joy is it to have little sticky hands, a.k.a CHILDREN!

I have a long way to go, but I'm midpoint! Another 20 to 50 lb, I'll take whatever :)

My top 10 THM products that I can't live without.
The link below is my affiliate link. If you choose to order through it, thank you a million! If you do not, no worries! However, I do encourage you to try the Trim Healthy Mama plan out, regardless of whether you can purchase the brand name products or not. There are many other brands at your local health food/Walmart even, that sell them.

  1. Collagen. Integral Collagen is a pure protein powder for health and beauty as well as yummy food creations. From the grasslands of Argentina and Brazil, 
    bovine Integral Collagen is pork free and processed with integrity. It dissolves easily in liquid with no blending required and is completely tasteless
    . This makes it the perfect choice to swirl into Greek yogurt or pour into your hot tea for a nutritional overhaul.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's)
  3. Gentle Sweet. Having trouble adjusting to the taste of Stevia? Sweeten those “hard to get right” treats with Gentle Sweet and you can bank on the “yum!”  word passing your lips. The Trim Healthy Mama community fell in love with our pure Stevia extract and Super Sweet Blend, but some of you kept begging us for a sweetener that popped like pure sugar itself. Gentle Sweet blend has a cotton candy taste but won’t mess with your blood sugar.
  4. MCT Oil. This is the ultimate “trimmifying” oil, with 100% Medium Chain 
    Trglycerides that boost your metabolism life rocket fuel. MCT Oil has 
    become the delicious and multi-talented dietary BFF of Trim Healthy 
    Mamas all over the globe. Its succulent silky texture and neutral taste 
    make it perfect to whip into your morning coffees that we call 
    “Trimmies” and to drizzle over large leafy salads topped with protein. 
    It delivers a very fatty mouth feel but provides the fewest calories of 
    any oil!
  5. Miracle Noodles. Not-Naughty-Noodles contains 6g fiber, which is known to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels as a part of a healthy diet. They are made from Japanese Konjac Root which is one of the most alkalizing foods found in nature (even higher than green super foods). Konjac Root fiber is known as Glucomannan and is both a powerful colon cleanser and detox aid. Glucomannan is a healthy alternative to processed flours. Unlike other noodles that explode the fat cells, Not-Naughty-Noodles make fat scram. So twirl them on your fork and indulge heartily.
  6. Oolong Tea. Oolong tea is 100% natural, fat-free, calorie-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and preservative-free. So feel free to sip your way to increased vitality and better health. Keep on sipping for all the many benefits it offers. But above all… drink it because it’s delicious. Either in The Shrinker or just as an iced or hot tea. It harmonizes beautifully with a Doonk of Trim Healthy Mama Stevia Extract.
  7. Sunflower Lecithin. Lecithin is not a weird defangled man made substance. It is a powerful 
    brain food. Did you know that approximately 1/3 of your brain is made 
    from lecithin? When you include lecithin in your diet, you are 
    nourishing your brain and helping to support your nervous system. 
    Lecithin is a historical superfood that is making a comeback from the 
    source of sunflower seeds. Trim Healthy Mama Sunflower Lecithin is pure,
    soy-free and does not contain any GMO’s.
  8. Nutritional Yeast.
  9. Baking Blend. You can totally make this from scratch, like I do, but when I can afford it, I buy it. Finally a gluten-free, low glycemic baking mix that isn’t excessively loaded with fuel. Our blend also contains disease-fighting lignans and satisfies any hungry tummy with large amounts of insoluble fiber.
  10. Troodle, Noodle Maker. What on earth is a Troodle? It’s a magic little gadget that makes your 
    noodles trimming! Yup, this Mama toy can twist out trimming noodles in a
    couple of minutes. Waist whittling pasta can be twisted on your fork 
    tonight for dinner. Try it… it turns kitchen work into play. Say goodbye
    to fattening noodles and welcome Troodles into your life.
To order yours, go to Cathy's Affiliate Link.


  1. Congratulations!! How neat!

    After three weeks with THM, I'm finally seeing the scale budge a bit. This is extremely exciting!! I'm going to see where it goes in the next couple of weeks.

    I am slowly getting to know the THM products, and love them. I can't wait to try all of them. Do you have a good homemade THM baking mix recipe to recommend? I bought some last month, but it is a bit pricey!!

    Have a wonderful morning!!

    P.S. I totally blew it on the CS/turmeric protocol. First one thing, then another. I'm going to be trying again soon.

    1. That's great news!!! I have been struggling with my diet a little bit. I am really regretting it since I have new zits.

      I did really well with the colloidal silver, but I just used up one bottle, how long are we supposed to be on it??

      I do have a baking blend recipe to share with you! http://sherigraham.com/sheris-gluten-free-baking-mix

      I find it works well! :)

      Let's be in touch! Let me know how it goes!


    2. I think the protocol was just for 10 days - that's 30 teaspoons, or 5 ounces, so it would definitely use up a bottle!! I'm hoping to get started on it again this weekend. My goal is just to do that once a year. I take turmeric regularly anyway, but this kicks it up a notch, plus adding the CS and/or baking soda. :)

      I'll check out that recipe - thanks!! :)

      I'll definitely be in touch!


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  3. Deepakala! Thank you, I will blog soon xx

  4. Deepakala! Thank you, I will blog soon xx