Gardening 2013 Part 2

My Garden "Highs and Lows". 

Some of my seedlings didn't survive the transplanting, even though I had hardened them prior. So, I lost some plants, some altogether, but some are thriving, thankfully!

The plants that I will start growing again and more of, are watermelon, giant pumpkins, grass pampas', cabbage, cilantro etc.

The plants which are thriving are, methi (fenugreek), dill, broccoli, strawberries, raspberries, courgettes, cucumbers, radish, spinach, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, carrots etc. Also, all of my herbs and chili peppers are doing well.

I have neglected the weeding and pruning for a few weeks now and, I can really see consequences in doing so. After the rain stops, I will start my weeding-blast and hopefully, I will stay on top of it. It needs prioritizing in my weekly tasks. I'm still learning!

I collect eggshells throughout the weeks and grind them small enough for plant protection (against slugs) and, also I use them as good fertilizer.

I'm waiting for my plants to really blossom lusciously, so I can take a whole garden shot and post it here. I'm thinking mid July, IF our summer is anything like last year's. Hot and sunny, perfect for my vegg!

You may want to read more about us growing our own food this year and the year before. Click on the link! http://holytempleunderrenovation.blogspot.ca/search/label/Growing%20vegetables%20and%20herbs

What are you growing this year? How is your crop coming along?

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