Weight Loss #3 Part 6

-16 lbs!

I started at 205 lbs, and now I weigh 189 lbs. Getting there! But actually, after Lucy's birth I did weigh 2011. However, at the start of WW, I weighed 205. So technically, I've lost 22 lbs! 

Today, I nearly tripped over a temptation. Chocolate chip cookies. Oh yah. I'm glad that I found the strength to walk away, after I had offered everyone else one -with a smile-, and then forget about them. I realized that it takes a couple of minutes to overcome the strong urge to devour a whole box... I'm so happy, I stayed away. Really. Because NOW, I am at that "so NOT worth it!" mind set again.

We still have visitors over, so the amount of temptations are through the roof. Everyday, throughout the day, someone is tasting this or that, finger lickin' good food, and I feel like I am fighting against a giant. I find it hard, honestly. But, I know it's going to be so worth it and I know, that this is NOT forever. Time is going to go by, whether or not I am on a diet. So, I choose to be a little (lot) lighter at the end of this season. 

The scale went something like this...

189 ...

It's slow, but it motivates me. It WILL motivate you when you see those numbers drop! My problem has been that I weigh in every morning. You really should weigh in only once a week.

 Picture update!



My favourite sis-in-law and I.
My brother and his family have been visiting us from Cambodia. Him and his wife, are both very active and it's been lots of fun gymming it together. She and I enjoy the same group exercises, STEP and BODY PUMP and we also all have running in common. My husband and my brothers' wife are the "marathoners" though, as for my brother and I... we aren't that "ambitious"... yet.

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