Senere Chaos and Other Updates

Well hello! It has been a very busy week with family visiting. How does one stay focused on blogging and a rhythm when so much extra and new buzzes are happening around you? I guess you just don't.

Anyway, my past week in weight loss has hit a plateau. I think I know what the reason may be and it will be fixed asap. NOT enough water! T'is true. I think?

I will put it to the test and let you know.

One thing I have learned this week, is that you DON'T have to taste everything everyone else is having. The second thing I have learned is that menu planning is still crucial and that there has to be a plan B, on what to eat, when you find yourself out and about and need to eat out. Be mentally prepared! I haven't been...

This week my weight has been the same but my clothes still keep getting looser, so, I think that it's just water retention.

You may like to read more on my weight loss #3 journey here:

Also, coming up I will share with all of you homeschoolers and fun mums about the coolest science/physics experiment, ever! Well, at least for this week!

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