Preparing For Possible Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Okay, some of you know that through all of my 3 pregnancies, I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidadum, a.k.a "sick all of the time, vomiting all of the time". My "easiest" pregnancy was with my second child, which was very, very hard, but not so severe, did not need to go to the hospital for IV's and such.

My first was bad, hospitalized and to top it off, severe cystic acne (another story for later). But I must say, freshest in the memory is my third, it was the toughest. No preparation, no planning, no support group, it all makes a difference.We had just moved continents and even though she was planned, my husband landed a job sooner than expected (not complaining!!) and I found myself isolated with two kids under 5, severely sick and no support. We did manage though, praise God, but it was a really hard time and it shook us both to the core.

So as my husband and I are open for more children, we want to make sure now, that we plan and prep as far ahead of time as we can, and then leave the rest up to God. I want to share with you, who suffer from moderate to severe "morning" sickness, about the ways to alleviate and make your ride more manageable. 

Here is a site with loads of info and help for those who suffer badly. My Morning Sickness

I bought the E-book, printed it out, put it in a binder and have been mentally preparing myself for what is (or may not, -still living in hope!) to come. Only recently have I began to make a list of what needs to be done as soon as possible. You just never know. This is how I prepare for my pregnancies.

Before the positive pregnancy test:
  • Start eating healthy, and drinking plenty of water
  • Eat multivitamins and all the essential supplements for a good start
  • Exercise regularly
  • Make meals before hand and freeze them (20-30 meals pref)
  • Search for a second hand mini fridge - The times I feel so ill, that I cannot even sit up, this will come in handy. I can have all the ice and snacks right next to our bed.
  • Stock up on remedies, Nux Vomica (homeopathic), Milk Thistle, Sea(relief)Bands, Lemongrass Oil, Preggie Pops, Ice, Ice, and crushed Ice!
  • we don't just de-clutter but de-itemize our home
  • we home school, so I have to make easy to follow lesson plans
After the confirmation:
  • Pray, pray, pray! Keep your focus on Him!
  • Find a pregnancy support group online, and from church
  • Hubby will build a foot board for bed. Keeping my feet secured and anchored, keeps me semi stable. It works! Once my feet are off the ground or surface, I began feeling really queasy. I spend a lot of time in bed, so it's important to have this foot board available.
  • Make lemongrass and beeswax candles for aromatherapy
  • Buy chewable vitamins
  • make ice teas, and ice cubes from red raspberry leaf tea, lemon juice and nettle tea
During the (possible) rough ride:
  • hire a doula for extra support. It can be a very depressing and a discouraging beginning but having a doula makes all the difference, if you live in the Vancouver area,  I recommend Mother Nurture Doula Services
  • let your church women's ministry know and ask/accept the help.
  • Hire a babysitter for a few hours so you can rest, or you and your husband can just chill without leaving your home. This is money well spent.
  • Take this as a guilt free "quiet season". Don't feel bad if you cannot keep up with the things you used to do. 
  • Read Christ Centered Childbirth as many times as you can. I love this book! As bad as my pregnancies were, my births were bliss!! This book helped me to surrender my mind, heart and body and focus the right way and I, believe it or not, gave birth with ease. I really recommend this book!
Answer me this, and by doing so you have a chance to win the Christ Centered Childbirth OR My Morning Sickness Handbook! Q. what methods do you use to get through your pregnancy sickness? Comment with your answer and your preferred book. Your chance to win ends January 15th, 2014. Winner will be informed privately.

I hope this encourages you.

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  1. Thank you! Very practical and helpful. I think it was you who told me about coconut water. I made a huge pot of nettle and raspberry leaf and chilled it in a pitcher. I would then have something to sip on day.