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Placenta Encapsulation

For a few months now, I've been actively thinking about 'Placenta Encapsulation'. When our 3rd child  was born, I happened to meet a woman who specializes in placenta encapsulation. By then, the most I'd ever heard or read about the subject, was that it was the "tree hugger" trend, and even some celebrities ate their placenta, which was cooked by a hired chef. My thoughts were exactly what yours are "ew". I wasn't into that... I'm still not into that
Anyway, the lady gave me her business card and I kept it in a safe place, since I was intrigued and wanted to follow up on the subject. Now, nearly two years later, I visited her site HERE and like the method she uses, so that the clients can consume the "product" without a steak knife. Ha ha!
What is Placenta Encapsulation?
Placenta Encapsulations is to make this natural, nutrient-rich organ into a simple pill to support your postpartum recovery. Placenta is high in iron, protein, vitamins, minerals and of course, your own natural hormones.
Ingesting the placenta is not a new practice. Chinese have been using their placenta for over 5000 years.
Testimonials, HERE
The method she uses:
By dehydrating, powdering and placing it into capsules, it is perfectly "made for you, by you".
These are the benefits:
  • Increases energy
  • Decreases risk of baby blues and postpartum depression
  • Decreases bleeding
  • Enhances milk supply
  • Replenishes vitamins & minerals (specifically iron)
  • Brings hormones back into balance
  • Helps uterus return to pre-pregnancy size
  • Continued assistance for later use (when fatigued, stressed, depressed, menopause)
  • Choices to add ingredients (e.g. Chinese herbs) for extra nourishment
I think I will be testing this out once the baby arrives, I know -weird and exciting at the same time!
What are your thoughts on Placenta Encapsulation, and why?


  1. I planted mine by a tree! The week our first was born my mother offered to cook for us. She rummaged through out freezer and asked what one bag was. It was my placenta. Kind of shocked her, but made a good laugh! LOL