There's Always a Reason to Eat

There's always a reason to celebrate eat. You're thinking at 8-10 p.m, as you're biting into the chocolate bar "ah, I/we shouldn't be eating at this time"... and you or your spouse lists one of these reasons below,

  • It's Friday night, end of a long week!
  • It's our anniversary
  • Diet starts tomorrow
  • It's Saturday, start of the weekend
  • It's our cat's christening.... or another make up celebration
  • It's Sunday, back to work tomorrow
  • Ah, one bar won't kill us
  • It's been a rough day, I/we totally deserve this
I wonder why we're always making up excuses to glutton? And you know, I am not just talking about a chocolate bar. I'm talking about that Starbucks run, left overs, late night munchies, popcorn, etc. It can be healthy stuff too, like nuts and seeds /butter on home made crackers, fruit, and cheese, etc. 

This week we spent 3 days away from home. We ate out everyday. It's quite hard to eat out healthily, unless you have access to a fridge. I tried choosing better restaurants but it dawned on me, even the best and healthiest restaurants, basically serve things like, -sugar, salt, fat and wheat, and all in the bad form. It wasn't til our last day that we found a Mexican fast food joint, which served clean food. Gluten free, freshly milled wheat, organic meats/fish, and produce. Yummy! Next time, we'll know. Those "pearls" are so few and far between, but they're becoming more popular and with a little extra investigation, they're available! Forget, ABC's, IHOP's, Denny's, WhiteSpot and any other common restaurant with "home cooking" -it's all frozen!

So during our trip, while feeling mentally and physically totally robbed nutrition wise, I started menu planning, again. I decided that we would be eating more fish from now on. I love the 'meatless Monday' idea, and I'm still keen on not spending too much time cooking, so instead just throw stuff together, and voila! Dinner is serrrrrved. Also, the only thing that I thought worked out with my crockpot, is Chilli, so I won't be using that too much either. My oven is pretty high tech, so will be utilizing the options on it more. Baked fish, here we come!

Here is what I've been brainstorming to do:

  • Monday- vegetarian
  • Tuesday-Beef
  • Wednesday- Seafood
  • Thursday- Vegetarian
  • Friday-  Salmon
  • Saturday- Chicken
  • Sunday- Seafood 
I'm pretty excited about Chinese and Mexican influenced recipes, I like it how everything is fast and simple, and the greens are usually added at the very end of the recipes. 

I went to Costco today and bought, salmon and quinoa. I love quinoa! My kids are getting there, I'm not taking no for an answer. The salmon I get will be enough for two family servings. Some of you already know that we don't eat a lot of meat/fish when we do have them, meaning, we don't have a chicken breast each. I chop up 1-2 chicken breasts into a curry sauce/stir fry/meal and that feed us, a family of 5. That is enough protein for now. Here is a trick, if you thaw a chicken breast just a little before cutting it, it's easier to slice up a lot of thin slices.

What do our kids normally have for breakfast?

  • cereal
  • omelets
  • oats, hemp hearts and yoghurt
  • porridge
  • toast with cheese and cold cuts
  • breakfast burritos
  • Chinese pancakes (spring onion) 
+ a smoothie

 Baked Salmon. The kids devoured it, didn't manage to take an after oven pic :)

 Fried Tofu Sticks
(junk food)

  • shaoshang wine
  • dark soy
  • light soy
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • chili flakes (optional)
 Gone in seconds, glad I managed to take a picture.
When we lived in Finland, we never had bread or butter in our home. These days, we have both. Even to this day, I feel uncomfortable about it, but I've just let it go. I am not a big fan of yeast, I don't think eating "yeasty" foods daily is a good thing to the body. It's like up keeping an inflammation in the body, to me. However, I make my kids sandwiches for dinner 1-2 a week. I would like to cut back, but we are not allergic to gluten, or sensitive to gluten. The only thing I would like to cut back on is the yeast, therefor the bread, and swap it to whole wheat, stone milled, rich grain and seed tortillas. I don't want to take away the bread, because bread is yummy and nothing beats a fresh baked bread with butter on top, -and my kids know it!

Moving on...

There you have it, a little sneak peak to some of our family foods and also an honest, not so direct, confession on being a snacker and finding excuses for it. I'm still motivated and moving towards healthy eating while at the same time dodging all the food and diet trends... a.k.a paleo etc. Nothing lasts, nothing. Like I've said before, and I will say it again -the Bible has a lot of answers to what we should be eating and how. Really! Start from Genesis 1:29 and 2:9 and go from there... 

(These verses, totally prove that seedless cucumber from Walmart is from the devil! he he!)

Please share with me, what you feed your kids! Leave a comment!


  1. We just did salmon for the first time in ages, it just needed a simple lemon/garlic glaze. It made delicious salmon salad sandwiches the next day. We love oatmeal for breakfast, with browned butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. My daughter requests it often, and is disappointed if we don't follow through. Your stretching of 1-2 chicken breasts through sauce sounds like what we do too. We always add lots of veggies that may not normally be in there: butter chicken with sweet potato, eggplant, and parsnip? It usually turns out tasty, and I love easy leftover meals.

    And as someone who was just nipping into the homemade chocolate ice cream shortly after midnight, well. We only have so many hours of the day where we can have a treat without little mouths asking for their treat too.

  2. @ Mamimu, At first I thought you were my mom undercover, writing about "me" in the past... "porridge with butter, sugar and cinnamon, and the veggies.. and the guilt free chocolate midnight snacking"... That's pretty mich what I grew up on, salmon, roasted vegg, and porridge, Wow! I'm so impressed! Thank you for your comment, I love to learn more.

  3. Surprisingly our kids love Jillian Michael's Tuna rolls-wraps.

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