Pelvic Floor Update

Here is another cross post, a blog post written by me on my other pregnancy blog. I felt this is important to share with other mothers, especially if you've had multiple births, so please read!

Physio Update

A few weeks ago I wrote this 
..."I've been to see a physio, who specializes in women's pelvic floor (pre- and postnatal). I have homework I need to do daily to strengthen/maintain my pelvic floor during the rapid growth of the baby, help in birth and fast healing post birth. But mostly, I am doing them so I stop peeing myself every time a sneeze or have a coughing fit! I know, too much info, but I know -you know what I mean!

Daily Kegels workout:
30 x 5+sec squeezes with 10sec break in between. This takes about 8 minutes to do. 
30 x quick squeezes with 10sec break in between.

I've been trying to remember to do this everyday for two weeks, and so far I have already seen felt an improvement. I have got two more weeks to do these exercises until my next appointment.."...
Today I saw my physio for a quick follow up appointment, to see how things have progressed with my 'dilemma'.
Two weeks ago, I couldn't cough, sneeze or laugh (and at times with no reason) without "leakage". I was wearing a thin liner and had to change it 2-3 x a day. I know I was 22 weeks pregnant, but this was alarming and I needed to seek professional help. 
There was no way that I, age 31 (or ever) had to be in such a weak state, where there was no connection with my mind and body, in such a way. All I can say that I am happy that I went and paid that money to see the specialist physio.
Here is where I was
  • leakage, pad change 2-3 x a day
  • pregnancy week 22
  • waking up at night to visit the wc
  • couldn't laugh, sneeze, or cough without leakage
  • couldn't hold a kegel for more than 4 seconds
2 weeks later with these exercises
Here I am today
  • No leakage, haven't worn a pad for 1 1/2 weeks
  • pregnancy week 24
  • no night time bathroom visits
  • laughing, sneezing and coughing without leakage
  • I can hold a kegel for more than 10 seconds
I cannot believe how fast this change took place and that it's not rocket science, as my physio puts it! Simple, simple exercises that don't make you sweat, don't take up too much time, can be done anytime and anywhere -has done so much in such little time frame.
My exercises have moved on to new ones, which I will be doing throughout my pregnancy and also after birth. I have a follow up appointment 2 months after birth to see what needs doing regarding my pelvis alignment etc.
Ladies, I urge you! Get sorted before it's super hard or too late!
Mini testimonials welcome, leave a comment!

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