Collages -Homeschool Project

("God's People" by K)

This week the kids worked on collages of their own. We used the stack of National Geographic mags I've stored for too long. Now, I know how we will be using them. I fondly remember my own art lessons, especially making collages and the ideas are limitless!

Here are some ideas on Collages:
  • Seasons, weather
  • Celestial
  • Nature
  • Animals, polar, ocean, grassland, jungle etc
  • Healthy and unhealthy foods
  • Physical activity, sports
  • Feelings, moods, faces
  • Space, planets
  • Technology
  • Bible
  • Culture
  • Art
  • Words
  • Countries
  • Colour Map

 ("God's Creation" by J)

I already have a few collage themes planned out for this school year. Some of them will cover more than the subject 'art'.

Any more ideas on a theme? Let me know!

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