Gardening 2013 Part 1

It's here, finally! Growing vegetables and herbs of my own, organic, with love! Below are a few pictures of what's going on and ideas and advice to share with you guys.

 Our little strawberry patch. We used lime to keep the slugs out and also sprinkled eggshells around the plants.

 Little ones. Hope they produce lots! 

 Crushed bay leaves repel ants...

 My oregano. How beautiful, even if I say so myself...

 Chives. They always remind me of my Mummo (Gramma)... Miss you so much! 

 Hubby toiling the soil. He does the hard labour and I do the detailing of the garden... Thank God! 

It's hard work! Catching his breath! And burning...

Getting ready for zucchini and cucumber plants.

I want to share with you a few ideas which we've applied into our growing vegetables and herbs this year.

  1. Egg shells. We collect, crush and sprinkle them on the soil beds and garden for "slow release fertilizer" (brings flavour and sweetness to your berries, especially!) and to keep away slugs. Apparently, they repel slugs!
  2. Basil and Tomatoes are buddies! Planting them side by side enhance the flavours of your toms, yum yum!
  3. Plant Tarragon and Marigolds freely around your vegetables. Smart and pretty pest control.
  4. Strawberries like "sandy" soil. This I have witnessed with my own eyes. They went from floppy-droopy to "OH HELLO!" in 10minutes after transplanting them.
  5. Create a ring around your garden with lime (alkaline) to keep slugs and snails away, completely.
  6. Make a wasp trap out of water, sugar and rice wine vinegar. For how to, click (HERE)
That's all for Gardening 2013 Part 1

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