Weight Loss #3 part 2

I found a new picture at my beginning weight. 

I was 205 lbs.
 I am currently 193,5 lbs. 
=11,5lbs weight loss in 2 weeks!!

In my last weight loss post (here) I wrote about how I use my points wisely. ..."Also, I'm doing weight watchers with a clean eating twist. I am not using my points by eating muffins or cake or heavy carb meals. I am using them by eating clean, eating vegetables, lean meat, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, pulses etc"...

Let me rephrase that. ..."I am not using I sometimes but rarely, use my points by eating muffins or cake or heavy carb meals"...

Please forgive me, I do actually happen to have a weak spot, an unhealthy one and it is an iced hazelnut decaf coffee. 2 points which I would like to point out are that 1, generally coffee is bad for you and 2, especially bad for you, the way I enjoy it on my (cheat) treat days. I am not cheating the system of WeightWatchers, I am just being as smart as I can with my flaws, with my points. I am feeding my body the healthy stuff and then once a week, I treat myself to some craved treats which I still keep within my points and within the healthy zone.

I want to encourage you, if you're going through weight loss or are thinking about losing weight, you can still enjoy your favourite treats and comfort foods, but within your points. 

The best advice, this week, I can give you is to PLAN. Everything works well, better and best when planned. I had a few days last week where I kind of just went with the flow without meal planning and I ended up going to bed hungry and grumpy. I had used my calories unwisely and ended up crunching on a few carrots to take the edge off. The best planned days are when, in the evening, the kids have gone to sleep and I realize I have enough unused points left to eat something special :) and enjoy it!

I usually begin my mornings with a 1 egg and 3 egg whites omelet or 1 cup of oatmeal, or... both! I add vegg and berries whenever I can. I add berries in my porridge and spinach in my omelet for example.

At bible study the other day, we had a table full of baked goods to share amongst the other women. This week I walked by and wasn't even tempted. Praise God. After all, it's about the fellowship and not about the muffins! I know that soon enough, I can enjoy them both and I will. But for now, I know what I need to do to get there. Like I said before, I still remember what junk food tastes like... I don't need reminding. At least not today;-)

I'm still meditating on what I want from this weight loss and what I can give. I still look forward to feeling good in my own skin and owning a healthy body, truly. Well as healthy as I can, because ultimately, God has the final say in everything my body does. I have to be careful here that this diet and achievement in waiting doesn't take first prize in my life. Where is my focus? Well, the human mind that I have, often wanders... but I do check in and focus as well, as often as I can. I pray for guidance and focus. Easily, my mind wanders on to the feelings and emotions that come when I am down to a healthy weight. I day dream about loose fitting clothes, seeing my collar bones, wearing heels without worry, running around with my kids and so on. I see myself jogging with ease, no pain...

I have a jogging route I do, it's about 5k long, nothing big but I feel a slight ache in my ankles when I run it. I am looking forward to the flow that comes via weight loss and then picking up my speed and lengthening my distance.

Days shouldn't be revolved around food but around relationships. Relationships with firstly, you and Christ and then the rest follows. It's about quality time with your loved ones, taking the time to be, to see and to hear them. To love them, to teach, to lead and to follow... to share. We were made to live. It's not about stuffing foods down our throat, foods that do not benefit us but rob us from life.

I want to create a new habit and by doing that I need to repeat every healthy move I do. By researching new recipes, by substituting with healthier options, by adding more vegetables and herbs in our daily meals, by opening up Ancient Scripture and dwelling in it, by meditating in prayer, by serving others, by eating less and moving more... and so on.

I mean well, I usually fluctuate but I keep a steady increase and getting healthier and wiser each week. I do fail, I do eat stuff that robs me, I carry guilt, I try better next time. I know I will eat junk again, I kind of want to, for sure, there will be the random craving. This is why it is so very, very important to eat mega healthy during the times you are not putting crap down your throat, because two steps forward and one back is better than a random step forward and the rest back.

I also want to share with you a simple, quick lunch idea:


100g cooked lean ground beef/chicken/turkey/salmon
1 cup of cooked whole weat pasta or millet in chicken broth (low sodium)
2tbsp salsa (SPICY!)
1 cup of shredded lettuce
½ cup diced cucumber
few slices of  pickles
and any other vegg you like.
mix and serve with salsa on top!
Season it anyway you like. I like it spicy.


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  1. Good advice, Cathy. Your reached your goal before Lucy was born, you will do it again!