Weight Loss #3 Part 3

Here is an update on how things are going with my WW path. No, I'm not talking about "World Wars" but I'm talking about 'Weight Watchers' with a á la Cathy "twist". Here are my previous posts on 1) the sudden drop of weight in 2 weeks HERE and why this is my 3rd weight loss in 6 years HERE.

No major weight loss change has taken place, but the pounds are dropping for sure, slowly but surely. My clothes definitely feel a lot looser and I can see it in my face that my weight is shifting. On top is another not so good photo of me. I'll update a better one later.

How am I feeling? Very hopeful indeed. I am well impressed with my food choices and I've well, been eating sushi a bit too often, I think? Some may say, you can NEVER O.D on sushi, ermmm... I'm on the fine line of, you just might.

I would like to plan some recipes which have more nuts and seeds in them, but they are a real "points killer" in WW, and I guess, they can wait or be reduced, until I'm off this diet. With my second weight loss, my "diet" was that I basically switched to 75% raw and live foods, and the meals were based on seeds and nuts. I dropped a lot of weight too. I suppose every diet is chemistry in it's own way. I just want to find BALANCE and be healthy, that's my main goal.

I'm still very excited about the weight loss, however sometimes when I weigh in, the scale doesn't "please" me. This is why it is so very important to weigh in max once a week. I have to remind myself that the scale might not always show what the real deal is (taking in consideration salty meals, dehydration etc) and that loose fitting clothes and mirror images show the true result of the week's hard work. Easier said than done, I know.

Theme of the week (don't remember who told me this but it's stuck with me ever since):

..."Don't listen to your heart, but rather talk to your heart"...

I could go into depth more, but if you get it, you GET it. 

The other thing that I feel like I am going through, is the way I self observe. After having three kids, my stomach obviously is not as "tight" as it used to be. For so long, I didn't get it. In my pitiful head, I always sought after my pre pregnancy belly, spending copious amounts of thought and planning on how I can get it back just the way it used to be. How I could reduce the scarring with, for example, Derma Rolling, what exercises and creams would tone it up, what "belly fat" blast diet could I use to shed the last stubborn pounds etc. On top of that, thinking that after we were "done" having kids, I would celebrate it by getting the tummy tuck finale. Just writing about it sounds so depressing, embarrassing- but true! I KNOW that I am not the only one. 

Well, just a few months ago, I feel that God showed me more. It's not rocket science really, I mean look at a mother dog or a cat with their "sagging pouches". Most mothers have a pouch. A lot mothers have open abs and won't close, regardless of how skinny they are. That's OK. It's a lot of work AWAY from LIFE to go after flat bellies. I am okay with my belly pouch. I'm not kidding! I won't be flashing my body to anyone else but my husband ;) and I really don't care what people think of my marks and stretched belly. It has been stretched 3 times with our babes (from 10lbs -11 lbs), so what do you expect? Babies, MY body was part of baby making, which MY body grew and carried, which MY body delivered, and which MY body is nursing - MY baby. NOW, That's AMAZING! Not what your belly ought to look like according to the most superficial shallow western world.

Who is my belly for anyway? Who am I comparing to, and why? What will I lose if I go after the perfect belly? Why does my belly have my attention? What will I gain if I go after a flat belly? Where have I got the urge from? What are my motives? These are important questions. List these answers and just weigh them up.

I say, eat well, exercise well and ENJOY life. Spend the time well and focus on what matters most and what is eternal.

What is your time taker, attention grabber in your own life?

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