Weight Loss #3 Part 1

Before I begin writing about my weight loss #3, let me fill the new readers in a bit.

I am going through my 3rd major weight loss. I gain 50-70lbs (25-35kg) during my pregnancies. No doctor has ever found out why, even putting me through the same monitoring and tests each time. I don't eat any different, less maybe since I suffer from Hyper Emesis during pregnancies.

After each pregnancy I am faced with the hard work to shed the pounds. I also fall into the "unlucky" category where I don't lose pounds while nursing, quite the opposite, I lose them once I stop.

The best weight loss advice I can give, is to move more and eat less clean. Pretty old school, I know.

This time around I am doing things a bit different. After my 1st pregnancy, I lost my weight from 102kg to 80kg (-22kg!!), by moving more and jogging. My diet didn't change much. So I shall add,

"If you kinda sorta eat right, you kinda sorta get results"

After my second pregnancy, I lost the weight from 106kg to 73 (-33kg!!) by jogging, lifting weights and eating VERY clean. My weight loss compared to the first, worked way better and faster.

This time around, 9months after my baby's birth, my weight has not really shifted, since I am still nursing. I have left some feedings out and given her solids, so I feel comfortable starting a different method. I have actually been on it for a week and a half and have lost 8lbs so far. What is it you may wonder?

Weight Watchers. Now, how old school is that! But, do note, this comes in second.

The number one biggest impact is working out. I know, reading that sucks, everyone wishes that there would be a far easier ways to do it, but there is not. There is not. 

Also, I'm doing weight watchers with a clean eating twist. I am not using my points by eating muffins or cake or heavy carb meals. I am using them by eating clean, eating vegetables, lean meat, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, pulses etc. I still get to enjoy the sweet side of life, but hey, at least I remember what they taste like and I can eat them later... (after my weight loss). Suck it up princess!

Another method I am adding is daily checking and meditating on why I am wanting to shed this weight. That's important. Are my reasons selfless and good? Are they to benefit my health and to improve quality time with my family? If my weight loss makes me more vain and selfish, I pray that my weight stays above my desires. I never want to go back to what I was and how I lived before I met my husband. It only brought heartache and sorrow into my life and the lives of others. I will meditate on how I will feel and what I want to do when I am thin again. The images that come to mind are, playing with my kids, getting down in the mud, rolling around with ease. I don't want to see my clothes imprinting on my skin after I undress. I don't want to feel my back fat rolls stick together. I want to run 10km races with ease again and aim to run a half marathon. I want to feel light in my husbands arms. And also, Lord willing if and when we have more kids and I do put on that weight again, I don't want to add more weight on top of the left over weight.

My starting point last week was 205lbs. Today I am 196,5lbs. My goal is to be 145lbs (my pre pregnancy weight) and that is if I dont get pregnant before it.

Let me finish this with a very vague and corny quote by Kate Moss:

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

Time passes, so whether you begin your diet or not, time flies. Better to just do the work and be a little lighter in a few months.

and something to think about : 

 "Most people in the world walk miles to find food. Most Westerners walk miles to digest food"

Let me add that our bodies are holy temples and we are living sacrifices to the Lord. Let us keep good care of our bodies, as best we can. 

Here is the latest picture of (half of) me and what 205lbs looks like.


  1. U look good hon <3
    Vitsit kun päästäis treenaa yhdessä, se ois niin olsat pois meininkiä ;)

  2. Great writing and thoughts Cathy! I am with you 100% and maybe we could do the Sun Run together next year?

  3. You are a strong woman, Cathyshka! And BEAUTIFUL! You can do it! And I pray that God will give you His leading and His strength in this project! Big Hug! :)